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Money is going to CHANGE’ Bitcoin could pave way for NEW FINANCIAL ORDER, expert predicts

BITCOIN and other cryptocurrencies could be the catalyst for a new financial order that will topple existing systems, as the world cries out for far-reaching economic change, a cryptocurrency specialist has suggested.

Bitcoin marks 10 years

From its first evocation amid a global financial crisis, in a white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown pseudonym, bitcoin conveyed a political vision

Cryptocurrency Job market continues to grow

Glassdoor, a California-based company that runs a recruiting and employer-review website, has published a report by its economic research department that shows growing demand for talent in the cryptocurrency industry, with U.S. job openings soaring by 300 percent year on year.

Cryptocurrency Market To See “Institutional Herd” Arrive By Q1 2019

Since 2017 breathed its last breaths, Brian Kelly, the CEO of BKCM and an active CNBC commentator, analyst, and contributor, has been (arguably overly) bullish on the crypto industry, blockchain space, and digital asset market. While the current bearish market conditions have slightly deterred his outspoken advocacy for crypto assets, he recently took to CNBC’s “Power Lunch” segment to talk about this nascent industry for the umpteenth time.

One of India’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges has moved to Malta

Zebpay, one of India’s largest virtual currency exchanges before it shuttered last month, now has a registered office in Malta. It already has one in Singapore. Zebpay’s new exchange will be providing services to residents of about 20 countries, but not India, its website says.

China's Bitcoin Dominance Is Worrying Trump's White House

China is, by some distance, the undisputed world leader in bitcoin mining — with Chinese mining pools controlling more than 70% of the bitcoin network's collective hash rate, the measuring unit of the processing power of the bitcoin network.

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