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  • DEXswap Clone Script - To Create DeFi Based P2P Crypto Exchange Platform

DEXswap Clone Script - To Create DeFi Based P2P Crypto Exchange Platform

DEXswap Clone Script - To Create DeFi Based P2P Crypto Exchange Platform

DEXswap Clone Script

DEXswap clone script is the ready-to-deploy script of DEXswap that contains the exact features of the decentralized token trading with automated Peer2Peer (P2P) Cryptocurrency Trading platform. Though new features can be added, the inbuilt features of the DEXswap clone script cover the major aspects it is built over SWAP Protocol by AirSwap. 

Coinjoker offers DEXswap Clone Software which have fully customized trading functionalities, fees structure and security features can be append your p2p DeFi based cryptocurrency exchange platform. We are a team of blockchain developers, will design and successfully launch your automated decentralized p2p crypto trading platform with more features like such as gas-free limit orders, trading bots, and protocol analytics with dexswap clone script.

DEXswap Clone Software

DEXswap clone software builds you a next-generation decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) that embedded with technology based on ZRX protocol to allow the creation of tools for advanced trading, swapping, atomic swapping, and market-making for decentralized erc20 and erc721 white label solutions.

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DEXswap Overview 

DexSwap has a decentralized platform for exchange. It is created via AirSwap's SWAP Protocol. It is a decentralized marketplace for tokens. It provides automated trading of P2P cryptocurrency.

Customized Toolkit of DEXSwap Clone Script

  • Set decentralized stop/limits and private orders
  • Place leverage orders
  • Create an NFT collectible marketplace
  • Deploy arbitrage bots
  • Earn from arbitraged orders
  • Track 0x mesh liquidity

DEXSwap Aggregator

DEXSwap aggregator is nothing but the flagship offering from DEXKIT and advanced DeFi tools that can be beneficial for cryptocurrency investors. This DEXswap aggregator searches 13 DEXs simultaneously to determine the best price with the healthiest liquidity, using an intuitive interface. 

DEXswap Clone Script used for scaning various DeFi DEX protocols

DEXSwap scans the following DEXs in the background: Balancer, Bancor, 0x, DODO, Kyber, Curve, mStable, Oasis, Mooniswap, Sushiswap, Swerve, Shell, and Uniswap. 

Features of DEXswap clone script

Decentralized Token Trading

Decentral exchanges or DEXes aim at tackling issues that hinder centralized structures through the construction of peer-to-peer markets on the blockchain mainly Ethereum that enable traders to remain custodians of their resources. DEX trading is the latest trend in the crypto space because the trading is carried out without order books and with an automated market-making mechanism. 

Zero Fees

The existing DEXswap offers trading at zero fees. However, based on your demands, using our DEXswap clone script, you can set your desired clone script. 

Multiple Altcoins

30 plus altcoins are traded in the DEXswap. Similarly, multiple other coins can also be included in your decentralized exchange platform. 

  • Anonymous Trading 
  • Secure platform 
  • No fees for trading
  • Instant transaction
  • Decentralized system

Several addons of DEXswap Clone Script

  • Leverage trading
  • Permissionless token listing 
  • Decentralized limit/stop-limit orders
  • Trading history
  • Depth chart
  • Trading graphics
  • Free order cancellation and placement 
  • Order book composed with liquidity from several DEX
  • Advanced trading bots that can place 'smart' orders
  • Arbitrate between multiple exchanges

Benefits of DEXswap Clone Script:

Custody: Traders do not have to give up private key control to trade
Security: Most decentralised trade uses certain forms of distributed hosting, reducing infiltration risks and attacks.
Listing Diversity: Almost 2900 cryptocurrencies with several old coins are available only through decentralised exchanges at the time of writing.

How does Decentralized Token Trading work in DEXswap clone script? 

DEXswap is powered by the decentralized SWAP protocol for trading cryptocurrencies in the blockchain platform. As DEXswap is decentralized. It does not store any cryptocurrencies, and in a secure and automated environment, your users can directly trade with buyers and sellers. 

The four steps of DEXswap clone script process

  • The desired trade must be chosen. 
  • Order request must be placed. 
  • Placed order request has to be accepted. 
  • Corresponding crypto coins can be received. 

Why to deploy DEXswap Clone Script from Coinjoker? 

Coinjoker helps you deploy a DEXswap clone script with the finest decentralized token trading system without an order book to benefit the traders, market makers, benefit holders, and the treasury. 

Coinjoker as a leading Decentralized Finance (DeFi) development company are here to provide you with the most innovative and transparent DeFi solutions that various technology frameworks can offer. 

We build a defi platform and related defi solutions for your various financial business where your users can lend, borrow, and make investments in cryptocurrency using defi protocols like uniswap, sushiswap and pancakeswap absence of middlemen. All of that inside the secure and transparent space of blockchain.

With 5 years of experience in building decentralized applications for startups,business and entrepreneurs. As of now, We quickly adopt DeFi development solutions and giving result driven solutions

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