Bitstamp Clone Script Development

Searching for a secure Clone solution for Bitstamp? Coinjoker delivers you a high-end User-Friendly Cryptocurrency Trading solution.

What is Bitstamp Exchange?

Bitstamp is centralized Cryptocurrency Peer to Peer Trading solution with Fiat Currency transactions for Cryptocurrency Trading.

Benefits of Bitstamp:

1. Secure centralized Cryptocurrency Trading platform.
2. Supports both Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Currencies for the transaction.
3. Evaluatable high-end Trading graph.
4. Implementable API document for the Exchange (Trade API, Wallet API, etc).
5. Allowing common payment methods to accept Fiat Currency Transactions.

How Coinjoker helps you in implementing Bitstamp Clone script?

- Two Factor Authentication for the solution
- KYC verification for registered Users
- Secure Online Core Wallets for all the listed Cryptocurrencies
- Fiat currency integration
- Secure Payment Gateways for supporting all the Fiat currencies
- Liquidity integration to improve the user's flow
- Allows you to add any number of Cryptocurrencies &Tokens based on the market growth

Top Notch Features of Coinjoker:

  • Allow the Website Admin to list any number of Cryptocurrencies & Tokens based on the request.
  • The cryptocurrency or Token owner is allowed to select the trading currencies.
  • Admin can add the Tokens & trading pairs with a single click on the Admin Panel.
  • The external liquidity can be enabled and disabled with a simple toggle ON / OFF option.

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