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Utility Vs. Security Tokens: A False Debate

We may look back on this moment as a turning point for tokenized ecosystems. In an increasingly hostile regulatory environment, the latest point of contention centers on whether the industry will shift towards security tokens, or if utility tokens are here to stay. Yet this is largely a false debate. Companies looking to build and launch a blockchain project should not have to choose between security and utility tokens, as doing so could compromise the initial intent or design of the platforms and tokens. is now an Officially Licensed Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. or more commonly known as has received the exchange license to operate in Thailand as of today, January 8, 2019 from the Thai Ministry of Finance. The Thai Ministry of Finance is the official legal body recognizing eligible exchanges that can operate in Thailand.

ConsenSys and AMD Partner to Develop Blockchain Based Cloud Computing

Both AMD and ConsenSys have had what some would describe as a rough ride during the crypto bear market of 2018. The former has seen stock prices plunge 40% in the past four months while the latter has been shedding staff and downsizing.

Indian Crypto Exchange in 45 Countries Sees Strong Demand in Venezuela

An Indian cryptocurrency exchange, which is now live in 45 countries, reports that it is “seeing immense enthusiasm and buyer activity in Venezuela,” a spokesperson for the exchange told Compared to other countries, “Venezuelans are looking more at the longer-term yield of bitcoin.”

A Bitcoin Exchange Boss Thinks Jeff Bezos Will Trigger The Next Bull Run

But many bitcoin and crypto faithful are eagerly looking towards the next bitcoin price bull run, which they remain confident will come eventually. Now, the chief executive of major global bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, has said he expects Jeff Bezo's online retail giant Amazon to be the catalyst for the next bitcoin bull run.

UBER Founder Starting 2019 With Disruptive New No-Fee Crypto Exchange

Steve Ehrlich, Uber Founder and former CEO of E-Trade, is launching his own cryptocurrency exchange, Voyager in 2019. To help lure folks to use the new exchange in the ever-crowding crypto exchange space, Voyager is offering folks who register now $25 in Bitcoin.

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