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Linkswap Clone Script - To Build DeFi Based DEX Crypto Exchange

Linkswap Clone Script - To Build DeFi Based DEX Crypto Exchange

Linkswap Clone Script

Linkswap clone script is a community-governed decentralized exchange (DEX) script similar to linkswap which offers exclusive $LINK pairs, staking revenues from trading volume, unique security features, and direct fiat-to-crypto purchases.

Linkswap clone script allowers traders can now easily convert, trade, and earn fees by providing liquidity with native Dogecoin ($DOGE) along with support for Bitcoin ($BTC), Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) in your decentralized crypto exchange platform.

Coinjoker is a leading defi development company offers linkswap clone script which facilitates cryptocurrency exchanges in decentralized manner. Our team of blockchain experts build a reliable, multi tested and bug free readymade linkswap clone script which works similar to the linkswap exchange.

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Why Linkswap Clone Script for Decentralized Exchange Platform?

Linkswap clone script builds crypto exchange platform is packed with unique features aimed at addressing the pain points faced by second generation Automated Markets Makers — both for LINK holders, and for the DeFi community at large.

Linkswap are known to be some of the most battle-hardened, long-term hodlers of any project, without fear, even when facing the unknown.

Why linkholder is present in linkswap clone script for decentralized exchange?

Linkholder provides liquidity to a decentralized exchange or pool, and receiving owners share of transaction fees for enabling the liquid trading market (liquidity pool suppliers’ fees). The more trading, the higher the fees the Liquidity Providers earn in decentralized exchanges. Linkswap will implement continuous liquidity pools (CLPs) to reduce impermanent loss for liquidity providers. 

How linkswap clone script enhances your decentralized exchange platform?

Impermanent Loss Reduction

LinkSwap clone script is built with enriched features to reduce impermanent loss by implementing CLPs (continuous liquidity pools). Although liquidity mining yields via LINK will be less compared to traditional AMMs, at least liquid providers will not their tokens in on your DEX platform.

Scammer Protection

Scams are majorly occured in Decentralize finance projects and usually appear in the form of fake tokens traded against real assets or sudden removal of all liquidity by a listing pair creator, which is commonly called “rug pulling”.

LinkSwap clone script overcomes scammer protection by producing some friction that would avoid scammers from listing new/fake token pairs. In addition, a gamification scheme will also be introduced in the process of supplying liquidity to a new pair’s pool.

Why linkswap clone script is necessary for decentralized exchange?

Linkswap clone script protects users liquidity in the pool by utilizing Thor CLP Blackhole Swap technology. ThorChain redefines the incentivization mechanism of the liquidity pool.

Linkswap clone script also reels in the unique ability of BlackHoleSwap to neutralize the liquidity pool by balancing out the surplus and deficit. BlackHoleSwap takes excess supply from the lending side to offset the losses created by the borrowing side and brings a balance to the equation

Linkswap Clone Script : Listing Fee Structure

Linkswap clone script listing fees structure that need to be mandatorily paid similar to linkswap for entering the market to restrict scammers from entering the AMM.

Additionally, 90% of the listing fees will go towards the stake share of YFLink that is done on linkswap. The rest of 10% will be transferred to the YFLink treasury.

The second important aspect in linkswap clone script is built with the protection similar to the LINKSWAP is RugLock. A mechanism by which the seeders can opt for setting a lock-in period of time where they won't withdraw liquidity. The motive behind this optional setting is to realize a Proof of Trust in defi environment among the community.

How our linkswap clone script uses for decentralized exchange?

Coinjoker's linkswap clone script provides an interface is the best solutions to get an overview of token swaps, liquidity pool management, staking rewards and fiat-crypto purchase. As an admin you can also see traders token balances, share of the liquidity pools and current exchange rates, in addition to an in-house gas tracker, custom themes and translations.

Benefits of linkswap clone script

The package of Linkswap clone script will be adding support for native BTC, BCH, and ZEC in the coming weeks. This will allow users to exit or enter ETH liquidity from these other blockchains, essentially providing a one-stop-shop for all your cross-chain DEX needs.

Linkswap clone script ensures the security of its users is maintained at all times.

LinkSwap clone script eases the process of getting the minted Doge,

Linkswap clone script provides rewards is a liquidity mining service that enables LPs to earn rewards for providing liquidity in a participating pool

Linkswap clone script protects these yields from being offset by impermanent loss from asset price movements

Where to build linkswap clone script for decentralized exchange?

Coinjoker builds linkswap clone script will be the revenue-generating product that will take activity on the AMM from traders, market makers, benefit holders, and the treasury.

Linkswap clone script is a decentralized automated market maker, bringing powerful extra features to the DeFi space including native liquidity locking, impermanent loss reduction, live token prices, and more.

Our linkswap clone script allows traders will enjoy lower than average LP fees when trading in LINK, a further cost/benefit tradeoff for the everyday hodler of both LINK and other assets

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