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Build your own cryptocurrency exchange with Clone Script that offers a mobile trading application, payment and lending service, and a crypto credit card, and Explore Top Spot, Futures and Perpetual markets like clone script

A cryptocurrency exchange called offers services like trading, investment, staking, wallets, NFTs, and more. This exchange provides discounts for people who own a substantial position in Coin, more than 250+ different currencies, and affordable fees. For individuals wishing to accomplish a lot with their cryptocurrency, it might be a suitable option due to its ecosystem of cryptocurrency-related items.

A clone script is a cryptocurrency exchange script that aids in creating complete and exceptional online cryptocurrency exchange platforms like In the cryptocurrency industry, Coinjoker is a top-notch crypto exchange development company. Our team of programmers works hard to provide the greatest white-label clone script for companies at reasonable pricing. We deliver the ready made and white label crypto exchange solutions that can be customized according to your crypto trading functionalities.

Features of clone script

Security features of Clone Script

Two-step verification

Two-step verification

If it is, the user must enter a username and password and confirm their login via email, SMS, or Google Authenticator if they want to proceed.

Use of temporary passwords

Use of temporary passwords

These are one-time codes that the user can use to reset settings to a specific reference level, block the account for a predetermined amount of time to the possibility that his account has been hacked.

IP verification

IP verification

Another technique to enhance user account security on your crypto exchange is to keep a log of user authorization and then compare IP addresses to look for unusual activities.

Tracking dubious activity

Tracking dubious activity

It is advisable to communicate your findings with the developer rather than with your users. If this information is made public, it will be simple to get around the safeguards.

Managing the time to live

Managing the time to live

This technique entails troubleshooting account behavior and logging out routinely after a set period of inactivity, such as five or ten minutes.

Advantages of Clone Script


It is not necessary for users of decentralized exchanges to transfer their funds to a third party. Users are thereby guaranteed greater safety from hacking, fraud, or theft, and there is no chance that a corporation will be compromised.

Minimizing market manipulation

Cryptocurrency exchanges reduce market manipulation by just enabling peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading, shielding customers from false trading and wash trading.

Reduced censoring

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide users with privacy and anonymity by not requiring them to complete know-your-customer (KYC) forms.

Supporting multiple cryptocurrencies

Support for complex order types, futures trading, and more than 250 different currencies.

Fair and competitive pricing

Discounts are available, and provides affordable trading costs of up to 0.40%.

Advantages of Clone Script

Steps to create your own crypto exchange platform like

Finalizing a project

The development team will work on the exchange's concept, including any potential niches, target markets, designs, or functionalities. When you are ready to negotiate the specifics, time frames and cost, you will sign a contract.


Planning and designing

Then, after reviewing the terms of reference, our team uses them to create wireframes, prototypes, user flows, and information structures for the interface of your exchange clone.


The code for your platform is written on this phase by frontend, backend, blockchain, and mobile developers. One of the most challenging and time-consuming development steps is this one.



QA engineers start the procedure when the programmers are ready with the first code lines. In order to fix them, they look for flaws, problems, and other malfunctions.

Deployment and support

It's time to put the code when it has been written, tested, and deployed to the project's servers.


How much does it cost to develop your own crypto exchange?

Let's first look at how to create a cryptocurrency exchange similar to before talking about costs. Based on time restrictions and the cost of developing a crypto exchange, let's compare these two choices. There are two ways to create a cryptocurrency exchange:

Employ a development team to create anything from scratch.
Choose a pre-written script that has been tailored to your business needs.
Time Restrictions
Time Restrictions

Building a fully functional operational product requires additional months or a year when building a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch. A startup needs time to assemble the team, employ talented engineers and developers, and begin the project.

If you prefer a pre-written script, you may more quickly adapt it to fit your business needs as the layout is already created.

Cost of creating a cryptocurrency exchange
Cost of creating a cryptocurrency exchange

If you're thinking about creating a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch, the cost of development covers things like server costs, operating expenses, engineer salaries, etc.

When you want to modify a pre-made script to create for your business, you are required to pay for both the source code and the customization costs. When compared to starting from scratch, the price is lower.

What is the ideal solution for you?

By selecting the finest option, you can ensure a smooth development process, quick turnaround, and improved platform performance for your cryptocurrency exchange.

However, the majority of business owners are looking for the best way to launch their own business.

Get our Coinjoker, a right clone script, if you're ready to consider launching your own cryptocurrency exchange platform with a variety of fresh and exciting opportunities.

Why Coinjoker is the best choice for clone development ?

With the features and tech stack outlined above, Coinjoker enables business owners to swiftly create their own crypto exchange platform. With our help, surpass your competitors and accomplish your business goals faster.

Built with the newest technology, providing an appealing user interface.

Receive the entire source code and can change it to suit your needs.

Features that are necessary for the efficient running of all business processes.

Build the script's API using cutting-edge technologies.

Suitable for all sizes of businesses.

Global launch and availability of prompt support.