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Zebpay Clone Script - To Start Crypto Exchange Like Zebpay
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Zebpay Clone Script - To Start Crypto Exchange Like Zebpay

In the digital world, a cryptocurrency exchange is playing a significant role in Investing or trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.  Hence Safety and security is the first and foremost concern, when it comes in trading and purchasing cryptocurrencies. Whether you want to purchase cryptos, or to trade frequently or to hold it for a long term, there are several exchanges available in the market place. Among those exchanges Zebpay is one of the best exchange for any use case you may have.

You can launch your own exchange platform like Zebpay with Zebpay Clone Script. If you aren’t aware of the Zebpay clone script, then let us start with,

Zebpay Clone Script 

Zebpay Clone Script is a White label Crypto exchange clone script that holds all the existing features and other customized functionalities & plugins of the exchange- Zebpay. The Script can be completely designed, developed, and tested that allows you to instantly launch your exchange just like zebpay thereby gaining huge attention from potential investors within a short span. Hence you can easily launch an exchange like zebpay with all the latest features and security functions.

Key highlights of Zebpay Clone Script

- No trading fees
- Liquidity API
- High volatility
- KYC/AML verifications
- Admin dashboard facilities
- Multi-Lingual supporting facility
- Atomic swaps
- IEO Launchpad
- Exclusive payment gateway integration
- Multi-currency wallet
- Margin trading

What is Zebpay?

ZebPay is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet platform that allows users to buy, sell, exchange/store their cryptocurrencies. ZebPay is one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the world which has served over 3 million users and $2 Billion in fiat transactions. It is a highly secure platform, encourages a stress-free trading experience to its users. Zebpay provides the world's simplest crypto wallet app so everyone can use and trade cryptocurrencies. It charges a fixed fee for deposits and withdrawals of around RS10 (USD 0.16), hence no charges between Zebpay users. This exchange encourages consumers to use different cold storage wallets for long term use.

Zebpay- Business model 

ZebPay has 3 business modes,

Trading fees - when users buy or sell bitcoins on the platform

Membership fees - for inactive accounts holding cryptos and revenue from its own crypto holdings different from member funds.

This platform has been focusing on creating referral structures, incentives, and AMEX-like membership programs for their users.  It also plans to work with service providers in various sectors like eCommerce, travel, healthcare, and so on to offer discounts on bitcoin purchases. 
Zebpay Crypto Assets

Zebpay supports crypto coins such as:

Bitcoin Cash

Zebpay Fees 

Transaction Fee

For a transaction, ZebPay charges a fee of 0.15% to the maker and 0.25% to the taker 

Deposit Charges

Fiat deposits do not acquire any charges unless done through net banking in which case a 1.77%fee is collected. On other hand, Crypto deposits do not carry any fee.

Bitcoin Transfer Charges

If you want to transfer Bitcoin to any other wallet then  Zebpay charges 0.00049 BTC as Bitcoin as withdrawal fees. 

Withdrawal Fee

Withdrawal fees can be applicable when you move your cryptocurrency. The withdrawal fees on zebpay vary from currency to currency and are subject to minimum and maximum amounts. 

Zebpay Wallet

Zebpay Wallet is both a mobile and web-enabled wallet that functions both as an exchange and crypto wallet.  It possesses an instant conversion feature by facilitating a quick conversion of Bitcoin to the user’s preferred currency. Hence the wallet’s interface is quite instinctive as it is easy for beginners to navigate.

The wallet is designed with a sleek and user-friendly interface that is quite easy to use, with highlighted security features. The mobile app also makes it easy to trade cryptocurrencies on the go. Using Zebpay, you will access features such as multi-coin support, instant buy/sell, instant payments, and advanced trading.

Zebpay User Interface - The Zebpay user interface is simple and clean. It has been designed to reduce clutter and provide a stress-free crypto experience that is suitable for beginners.

Reasons to Start an Exchange like Zebpay

Here are some of the reasons to start an exchange like zebpay,

Security: Security is the major factor in Zebpay as it provides tightened security to make the exchange risk free well as there is no possibility of hacking.

Free Bitcoins: The user can refer Zebpay to anyone as well as can earn free bitcoins - worth up to Rs 50,000.

KYC/AML verification is mandatory

Fees: No transaction fee is required between the users of Zebpay.(Initially, there were trading fees imposed by Zebpay, but now it allows the traders to trade completely free)

Mobile App: Zebpay is available as an app on both google play and iStore, which is free of cost.

Zebpay wallet: Zebpay Bitcoin wallet is available to store almost 98% of the cryptos safely offline and secure. Zebpay wallets are secured using hardware security.

Thus Zebpay also provides additional services for their users like zebpay bug bounty program, digital assets, and blockchain development.

How to Start a Crypto Exchange Like Zebpay? 

If you are looking forward to starting an exchange like zebpay, then you have to buy a white label zebpay clone script. This clone script will help you to launch your own crypto exchange like zebpay. Thus, you can start your own exchange like Zebpay within a few days.

We Coinjoker as a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script provider offers Clone Scripts of popular crypto exchanges in the market. Our Blockchain developers are expertize in developing stable, secure, and bug-free Zebpay Clone Script that paves the way to kick start your own exchange business like Zebpay.

Features and Benefits of  Zebpay Clone Script 

1. Zebpay clone script is extremely easy to launch and use. It is not only user-friendly in nature, but also quick and effective.

2. Accept payments through NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and Net-Banking, which is one of the most common ways to transfer money over the internet in India.

3. Mobile Application support - Available for Android and iOS mobile devices, which gives the option to the users to use the portal with ease.

4. Speedy Transactions - The transactions are super-fast that other exchange wallets do not offer.

5. Two-Factor Authentication

6. Escrow Protection

7. Multi-layered security protocols

8. Follows an unbreachable security protocol

9. Multiple accepted payment methods

10. 0.15% maker fees

11. Membership fees of 0.0001 BTC 

Security Measures in Zebpay Clone Script

It is an extremely secure platform that makes it mandatory for every user to follow a verification process. The verification process is mandatory for everyone who wants to trade cryptocurrency on Zebpay.

ZebPay follows the best industry security practices, like 2Factor Authentication methods and third party encryption as security measures. Other security measures include:

- Multisig cold storage 

- Multichain security system to protect transactions between cold and hot wallets.

- Recovery of lost private keys is quick and easy, quick and secure Since wallet IDs are synced to mobile devices. 

- Each and every important action is confirmed by verifying and entering a PIN code 

Why build Zebpay Clone Script from Coinjoker?

Coinjoker's Zebpay Clone Script is ready to deploy within a short span of time and budget. The script is integrated with core features and functionalities of Zebpay that drive potential users of the exchange to generate business with high ROI.

Improved ROI - Zebpay clone script exactly replicates the functionalities of Zebpay exchange, that it extensively improves the Return on Investment in the marketplace.

Our dedicated team of experts makes the development and deployment process easy for you. All you have to focus on is to customize the script according to your business needs.

High scalability and customizability - Our script comes with open source codes, with extraordinary UX/UI that can be scaled and customized as per your requirements to stand out from others.

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Disclaimer: Coinjoker never has control over the zebpay and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them. We are using the term "zebpay" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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