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  • MoonSwap Clone Script- To Build a Next Generation DEX Platform on Conflux Network

MoonSwap Clone Script- To Build a Next Generation DEX Platform on Conflux Network

MoonSwap Clone Script- To Build a Next Generation DEX Platform on Conflux Network

MoonSwap Clone Script

Moonswap Clone Script is a Decentralized Trading Protocol Script built with High-Speed Zero GAS, Based on Conflux Network, Ethereum Layer2 solution Automated Market Maker(AMM) DEX for achieving higher asset utilization. Moonswap clone script runs on the conflux blockchain where the transaction process is entirely seamless that are executed in  are executed within 23 seconds or less.

Coinjoker is superior in Decentralized Exchange Platform Development offers ready to launch moonswap clone script which helps to you build DEX platform which enhances your crypto transactions with maintaining speed and nearly zero transaction speed. We build a complete tested, debugged moonswap clone script where you get high speed experience using automated market maker with cross-chain asset support. 

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MoonSwap Clone Script Features

Coinjoker listed some of the enlighted features of moonswap clone script which highlights trading experience in Decentralized Trading Platform.

  • Exchange Option
  • Wallet Development
  • Yield Farming 
  • Crypto Staking
  • NFT Development
  • Game Integration
  • DApp development
  • MoonSwap Analytics
  • MoonSwap Clone 

MoonSwap Clone Script Benefits

MoonSwap Clone Script Liquidity Provider market-making Profits, MoonCake Profits and Yield-Farming Profits.

MoonSwap Transaction Fee
There is a 0.3% fee for swapping tokens on MoonSwap.

Liquidity Provider market-making Profits

0.25% is allocated to liquidity providers
The distribution of liquidity rewards is real-time, and it will be immediately invested in the liquidity pool. 

MoonCake Profits
0.05% is allocated to Staking Vault.

Yield Farming Profits
MoonSwap distributes 90% of the total tokens to liquidity providers

How MoonSwap Clone Script Works?

MoonSwaps clone script allows users to trade their tokens — in this case Conflux-based assets — in a decentralized manner without the need for an order book. It achieves this using user-contributed liquidity pools, which are used to provide liquidity to traders.

How MoonSwap Clone Script unique than other DeFi clone?

MoonSwap Clone Script differs from most AMMs in that it is built on Conflux, a high-throughput Chinese-state-backed blockchain that is designed for decentralized applications (DApps). By building on Conflux, MoonSwap clone script allows users to trade their assets with practically zero gas fees, while fast transactions mean slippage is less of a concern.

MoonSwap Clone Script Revenue Tool

MoonSwap Clone Script looks to unique itself from other AMMs by offering multiple layers of rewards for liquidity providers (LPs). MoonSwap Clone Script provides LPs currently have four potential revenue streams, these are; transaction fees, MOON token rewards, Conflux Tokens (FC) and airdrop rewards, DeFi Dapp, liquidity, MLP staking for cMoons and cMoons \

How MoonSwap Clone Script Network Secured?

MoonSwap Clone Script built on the Conflux network though it is secured by a proof-of-work (POW) mining network, which effectively blocks both 51% and re-entrancy attacks to maintain the integrity of the network.
MoonSwap clone script built by smart contracts have been audited by several third-party security firms, including Slowmist and KnownSec — with no vulnerabilities found. The smart contract code built in moonswap clone script for the project is also available to check on the MoonSwap GitHub repository.

What is Conflux Network?

Conflux Network that based on open protocol that aim to fast and secure public blockchain by adopting PoW and tree-graph structure. Conflux Network integration will help moonswap to resolve problem like transaction failure and use of 400GWEI. It simply gives high speed experience automated market maker with cross-chain asset support.

MoonSwap Clone Script Components

This innovative decentralized blockchain has a high throughput of up to 6,000 transactions per second (tps). 

Network Security
It protects the DEX and the entire blockchain from 51% and reentrancy attacks. With such high integrity, traders can conduct transactions on the network without fear. 

MoonSwap’s Rewards
MoonSwap gives traders the unhindered platform to contribute to LP pools via their conflux-based assets and even create new ones to maximize profits.

Some of the rewards available for liquidity providers (LPs) include the following:

  • Transaction fees
  • MOON token rewards (ERC20 assets)
  • Conflux tokens (FC)
  • Airdrop rewards
  • MoonSwap’s Fees
  • As highlighted before, there is a zero-Gas fee for every trade execution.

What is MOON coin?

MOON is a token issued by MoonSwap. According to the introduction of Medium, 98.75% of it will be distributed through mining, 90% of MOON issued by mining will be distributed to users, and 10% will be reserved for team development and optimization and community maintenance.

Why Choose Coinjoker for MoonSwap Clone Script?

Coinjoker offers white label moonswap clone script which helps to build you a customized decentralized exchange platform gives us the ability to build high speed AMM and receive cross-chain assets.  
Coinjoker's MoonSwap Clone Script gained attention from investor and investors and expected to get more raking boost in future. 
Your's DEX Platform enable multiple incentive after installation of  MoonSwap Clone Script with LP they can earn Moon from transaction fees, earn fc, token partner. So, when your community started growing then new incentives program will announced.
Our Front end MoonSwap Clone Script used SushiSwap clone front-end design with multiple incentive model for liquidity providers. 

Highlights of Moonswap Clone Script

  • The team of Blockchain Professionals 
  • Having more than 8+ years of Crypto experience
  • Get Valuable Feedbacks across the globe
  • Delivery of Projects within the deadline
  • 24/7 Technical Support 
  • White label DEX Clone Solutions
  • Transparent Development life cycle
  • Updates on each development steps
  • Hire Our Experts Exclusively for your DEX Projects 
  • Reasonable Price when compared to markets

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