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Olympus DAO Clone Script | Build Community-Owned Defi Infrastructure like Olympus DAO

Olympus DAO Clone Script | Build Community-Owned Defi Infrastructure like Olympus DAO

Olympus DAO Clone Script

OlympusDAO Clone Script is a Defi Exchange Protocol script that intends to build a decentralized reserve currency-based DAO Platform is now trendy. OlympusDAO Clone Script is also called Olympus Pro script, built with a set of source code that allows other Defi protocols to use the bonding mechanism to gain their liquidity, demonstrating Defi 2.0's Business to Business focus.
Coinjoker is a predominant Defi Development Company that builds you a ready-to-market Olympus Clone script that helps to build a Community-Owned decentralized financial (DeFi) system to attain more stability and transparency for the digital world on any blockchain network.

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Features of Olympus DAO Clone Script

Olympus DAO clone is an entire blockchain network that creates strong interconnects between network users.
Efficient Ecosystem
Olympus DAO Clone development develops warm liquidity incentives which is sustainable, interconnected, decentralized, financial architecture, and more capital efficient.
Incentive Schemes
DAO Clone users are 100% rewarded, get attractive incentives, and flexible schemes to the users.
Governance Pattern
Olympus DAO clone follows the governance pattern and policy rights to the members of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
Scope of Innovation
Olympus DAO Clone provides the limitless scope of innovation and technologies for blockchain transactions.

What is Olympus  DAO? 

Olympus is a decentralized reserve money protocol depending on the OHM token. Each OHM coin is backed by a portfolio of Olympus treasury assets. The purpose of the project is to create a policy-controlled currency system in which Olympus DAO controls the OHM token's behavior at high level.
According to the pseudonymous founder (s) , this technology can be used to optimize for stability and consistency, allowing OHM to act as a global unit of account and medium of exchange currency.

Reserve currency

A reserve currency is a substantial amount of money kept on hand by central banks and other important financial institutions in order to prepare for investments, transactions, and foreign debt commitments, as well as to affect the domestic exchange rate. The reserve protocol is used to price a substantial percentage of commodities such as gold and oil, requiring other countries to hold this currency in order to pay for these products.

Short Note about OHM token

OHM is a reserve cryptocurrency produced by the Olympus system. However , OHM should not be confused with Tether or USDC which are both stable coins. Consider the Olympus system to be analogous to the gold standard in that it issues and backs OHM tokens with a reserve of precious assets. 
OHM is utilized to control the decentralized Olympus protocol in addition to being a treasury-backed reserve currency. What occurs in Olympus is not owned, controlled, or decided by anyone. Instead, holders of OHM tokens vote on the Olympus DAO's choices. 

Metrics of Olympus clone script 

Rate of return of staking OHM

Staking OHM has a high rate of return which encourages inventors to acquire more OHM on the open market, supply liquidity and perform additional bonding for more OHM. It could be attractive to watch how investors would think if the returns necessarily decline.
The question of "how much return is enough" to prevent investors from selling OHM less than its floor price, requires the protocol to purchase it back.

Total value of treasury

It is easier to earn large returns when you have a modest quantity of capital, and it is far more difficult when that capital balloons to a huge magnitude. will investors be willing to accept lower returns as the treasury grows in size?. However, Olympus could set a limit on the size of the treasury to preserve a particular level of returns for existing investors.

Categories of treasury assets 

When it comes to choosing the types of assets to be included in the Olympus treasury, there are philosophical and practical considerations. As we have seen with the IMF SDR, this should logically mean that the treasury only accepts assets that are the foundation of most crypto transactions. The protocol began with the stable coins DAI, LUSD, FRAX, as well as ETH.

Yet, such assets may provide sufficient returns to please investors, and the protocol may explore including additional assets with higher yields. This could result in a tangled treasury that is difficult to value appropriately, complicating the use of OHM as a unit of account. 

Cost of OHM

The cost of most cryptocurrencies exhibits high volatility at the beginning of most projects and OHM has no exception. while OHM is a free-floating currency, it needs to maintain a somehow steady price when it fulfills its role as a reserve currency, notably as a medium exchange and unit of account. 

Discount rate of bonding 

The amount of OHMs the protocol aims to sell is known to be discount rate. Hence , a reduction in the discount rate would mean a contraction in the supply of OHM to the market, and vice versa. In the traditional banking realm, the contraction scenario is analogous to central banks lowering monetary supply which has far-reaching implications across the whole industry and economy.
while this is a widely used monetary policy tool in the traditional world, it has yet to be tired in DeFi and the crypto business as a whole. Most efforts have so far concentrated solely on determining the rate of return in liquidity pools.

How does Olympus DAO work?

  • Olympus DAO uses protocol-managed treasury (PMT), protocol own liquidity (POL), bonding, and staking mechanism for restricting supply expansion. Any profit made from bond sales goes to the treasury which distributes the OHM token to investors immediately. 
  • Olympus DAO urges OHM holders to stake their tokens by offering a high rate of return on their staking pool. It also motivates more investors to execute additional bonding or purchase OHM on the open market. The method not only keeps the price of OHM tokens high but it also maintains the pool liquid.
  • The below points are the working process of Olympus DAO  as follows,
  • Investors purchase OHM tokens and stake them in the pool to earn compound interest.
  • Investors can either buy more OHM tokens on the market or bond their other assets to the protocol for acquiring more OHM tokens at a discount.
  • The liquidity provider of the protocol is permanently locked. with these LP tokens, the system generates trading fees.
  • The protocol develops ways to produce returns with tokens in the treasury to pay for the compound interest guaranteed to investors.

Benefits of Olympus DAO

  • It uses a new bonding method to buildup a large treasury and lock in liquidity for its OHM pools.
  • Many derivative projects like Klima DAO, Snowbank, Wonderland, and Gyro have sprung out as a result of initial success.
  • The architecture of the OHM token is highly appealing and it is more likely to draw investors. Thus, you will attract a large number of traders and investors and the ROI will be encouraged by launching a Defi based exchange like Olympus DAO. 

Why Choose Coinjoker for the Olympus Clone Development?

Coinjoker is the leading Defi development company that provides Olympus DAO clone development services with skilled blockchain developers and teams. Our blockchain team has higly expertise in working on multiple blockchain networks.  Coinjoker aims to establish long-term relationships with our global customers. We sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients to keep any project-related information and ideas private. We use an agile development approach to ensure project delivery time. Our delivery procedures, team composition, and individual capabilities are all infused with agility, culminating in cost-effective operations and improved customer satisfaction. Coinjoker also offers post-launch services to ensure that our customers have the greatest possible experience.

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