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Move to earn game development

M2E, or move to earn, is a creative application of technology that motivates people to get up and move. Play-to-earn games are a great way to earn cryptocurrency, a sort of decentralized digital currency that has recently grown in popularity. The first step is that you must first make an NFT purchase in order to play the move-to-earn games.

As a prominent developer of Move-to-Earn games, Coinjoker works to build ultra-secure M2E games on top of blockchain platforms including Ethereum, EOS, Solana, Polygon, Binance smart chain, etc. We support businesses and startups in building trustworthy and safe move-to-earn gaming platforms with cutting-edge features using blockchain technology. Specific gaming use cases are addressed by our M2E game development solutions via feature, integration, and implementation.

Meet the Features that make us unique

Take advantage of the unique features to set yourself apart in the Move to earn NFT market,

User dashboard

A user dashboard is created so that users can more easily access recorded data and work toward goals over time.

Smartwatch Integration

Users who want to track their active objectives and live better lifestyles can add a fitness app to their smartwatch.

Marketplace integration

We may create a marketplace in our move-to-earn app that serves as the standard location for purchasing or selling digital collectibles.

Integration of social media

Users of the M2E app can access a feature that allows them to share their daily goals or achievement status on social media.

Enhanced security

Blockchain technology was used to develop the game platform, so there is no need to worry about fraud or other risks.

Innovative designs

Our programmers create the platform with characteristics that appeal to the market, making it a more comfortable medium with unique designs, themes, etc.

How beneficial is our Move to earn game development?

Make Your Move to Earn NFT Business Profitable With Top-Notch Benefits,

Simple to play

One of the primary reasons that makes M2E is so popular is its simple and easy gameplay. Launching the app is all it takes for users to start earning and moving!

Interactive Technology

More projects will use AR and VR to link the virtual and physical worlds as GameFi advances the metaverse.


Achievement goes hand in hand. The three main motivations behind Move-to-Earn are health improvement, social validation, and financial reward.


Move-to-Earn offers additional rewards to incentivize people to increase their physical activity via exercise.

Fitness app integration

Many people today are addicted to fitness apps. Users can monitor their daily steps, calories burnt, heart rate, sleep, and other factors with its assistance.

Social aspect

Move-to-Earn apps help users interact with others who share their excitement for physical activity by allowing competition between participants.

How our workflow is?


The development phase for Move to Earn starts with the right planning. When you tell us what you want, we begin thinking about every aspect of the game. We build a plan using the data to predict the project's duration and milestones.




We now begin creating a prototype, which is crucial in the process of funding app development. We provide this prototype to internal users for testing and feedback. We use the provided input to develop and improve the product.


We then start developing the front-end and back-end features. In this stage, our designers and developers demonstrate their development expertise and provide a finished product that is sure to grab the audience's attention.




The testing phase is a crucial step in the process of developing an app. In this stage, our testers put the app through a variety of use cases. We advance to the following stage as soon as the testers concur that the product is bug-free.


Now we launch the app on the market for public use. This phase is where you collect user input and feedback on how to improve the app. Additionally, you can also release several upgrades and patches to improve the app’s longevity.


How are we unique for M2E Development?

Exceptional benefits that make us the ideal partner for your Move to earn NFT development,

We have expanded the range of our NFT development services as an industry leader to include Move-to-Earn NFT development. Due to our vast experience, we can assist you in putting your innovative Move-To-Earn NFT platform concepts into practice.

As our team's skilled blockchain developers have been closely monitoring the most recent blockchain concepts and observing the need for M2E, they have been working persistently on a few successful Move-To-Earn NFT projects. Whether your business is a start-up or a major corporation, we will design the best path for the adoption of blockchain within your organization.

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