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GhostMarket Clone Script - To Develop an Cross-Chain NFT platform like

GhostMarket Clone Script - To Develop an Cross-Chain NFT platform like

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have firmly taken hold of the cryptocurrency market, accumulating a sizable amount of traded and peer-to-peer transactions. Companies, celebrities, institutional investors, retail investors, and others are progressively buying and selling these distinctive cryptographic tokens on the top NFT marketplaces. Let's continue reading to learn more about the GostMarket Clone Script in detail.


GhostMarket is a professional cross-chain NFT marketplace where purchasers can place bids on a selection of crypto collectibles. Four different types of auctions-Classic, Dutch, fixed, and Reserve are used to sell digital collectibles on this site. The majority of the items sold on the GhostMarket are music albums, digital artwork, sporting, goods, songs, and animated cats and elephants. The Ghost market selling platform does not charge any listing fees for the artists and content creators to display their original crypto collectibles here. 


GhostMarket Clone Script 

Ghost market clone script is an NFT Marketplace script to launch Binance Smart Chain powered cross-chain NFT marketplace like We offer a GhostMarket Clone script to let you create a wallet that is compatible with Binance and allows features and functionality akin to It is a ready-made software program that has been created with flexible features and functions with an optimal design. It is one of the scripts that are available for use anytime.


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Perks of GhostMarket Clone Script 


  • GhostMarket clone script is ready to use a completely white-labeled solution. It is a fast-moving cross-chain NFT trading or Marketplace platform where cryptocurrency investors may buy or sell digital items with confidence. 
  • Crypto traders and investors can find fresh crypto collections readily on the NFT marketplace sold by creators. 
  • GhostMarket NFT marketplace clone offers every piece of information for those digital collections, including artist information, low and high prices, a list of NFTs, recently added auctions, and selling information. NFT sales, NFT minting, and auctions based on real-time data are also available.


Pivotal Features of GhostMarket clone script 


The features are listed below for the GhostMarket clone script


  • Enhanced search option with filter 


By grouping crypto collectibles according to the date of listing, date of minting, bid price, and name of the artist or content producer, potential investors can browse for the items they want. 


  • Digital Collectibles can be managed easily by users 


The traders on the phantasma blockchain network can manage the various crypto collectibles effectively. They may mention details such as the owner, the name of the digital collection, the total supply, and the name of the cryptocurrency collectible. The NFTs have two different transfer and burn capabilities. 


  • Special access to hot bids 


By swiftly purchasing the in-demand digital collectibles from the GhostMarket clone script, buyers are guaranteed a larger return on investment. These are three examples of well-liked NFTs such as 200 Soul, 150 Soul, and 5 GAS. The deadline for placing a bid on crypto-collectibles as well as the NFT minting date, owner name, and other details will be shown.  


  • Exchanges are done with verified artists 


Hundreds of thoroughly screened artists are listed in the GhostMarket NFT marketplace clone script. It includes their name, a description of their work, a list of the NFTs available for purchase, their prices, information about the bidding process, and connections to each of their individual social media profiles.


  • Purchase of affordable NFTs


It can be advantageous to investors who are unable to spend a lot of money on NFT transactions. There are a few newly developed crypto collectibles accessible for a low cost.


How does an NFT platform like GhostMarket function?


  • By providing the necessary details including their name, email address, and cryptocurrency holdings, users must enroll with the GhostMarket clone script.
  • Depending on their demands and requirements, they can select either the Phantasma or the NEO Blockchain network.
  • Traders must deposit certain cryptocurrencies into supported wallets like Ecto and Poltergeist linked to the Phantasma blockchain and O3, Teemo, and Neoline digital wallets linked to the NEO Blockchain network.
  • Investors may examine the sale information for cryptocurrency collections and purchase desired NFTs by submitting bids before the sale's end date and time.
  • The availability of artist information combined with images and videos of crypto collectibles ensures more openness.
  • They can quickly get their NFT by paying the necessary fees through a compatible digital wallet.
  • Users of the GhostMarket NFT trading platform can access the "My Activity" area of their accounts at any time to check the history of trades and transactions.
  • Those interested in cryptocurrencies but unwilling to trade can look at the list of NFTs available for purchase, new cryptocurrencies collectibles, prices, and sales information.


Why prefer CoinJoker for GhostMarket clone script development?


CoinJoker is a top NFT marketplace development company that can help you create and launch a top-notch GhostMarket clone using effective ghost market clone script. With cutting-edge features, our NFT marketplace acts as a substitute for your NFT marketplace. We present to you the best model of the same flexible platform. If you want to develop an NFT platform like GhostMarket then CoinJoker is the right place.


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