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Launch Your Own Blockchain-NFT Digital Horse Racing Game Platform Within Days

Zed Run Clone stimulates anyone to start a NFT digital horse racing website to buy, sell, race, and breed their very own digital NFT race horse like Zed Run

Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone Script is a NFT digital horse racing gaming script that offers users a chance to build a blockchain based NFT Gaming platform which own and race digital horses. Coinjoker provides 100% ready to deploy Zed Run Clone Script built with unique characteristics, ancestry and stats passed on through blockchain-based genetics

As a leading NFT Gaming Development Company, Coinjoker offers a Sophisticated and Future enrich zed run clone which has variety of breeds, special and unique attributes of digital horses. Zed run clone inherits the original features and functionalities of zed run you can design and customize as per your requirements and build it from the scratch also.

Zed Run Clone Development to Start NFT Digtial Horse Gaming

Zed Run clone Development is built by a foremost Blockchain based NFT Gaming Development Company, Coinjoker develops a secure and scalable digital horse gamining platform on various blockchain technology. Our Zed Run Clone Development looks similar to the popular zed run digital horse racing game platform where every horses represents with NFT which can buy, sell, trade and bid with each horse according to the power, speed, colour, breed and its growth. Coinjoker assist you to build a NFT based Zed run Clone virtual horse race platform and you can let them race with various horse and earn profit instantly.

Zed Run Clone Script Components


Marketplace is the core part of zed run clone where the gaming assets and digital collectibles are listed. The gaming purchases and all transactions are displayed here.


Breed Type is a hierarchy system used to help identify genotype.There are currently 6 different breed types on Zed Run: Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross, and Poopy Pacer


Racing menu to see all of the open races of digital horses. The race of each digital horses has class, distance, and entry fee, name, location, prize pool, and available spots.


The main attributes of ZED racehorses are bloodline, genotype, breed type, performance that is placings, race starts, race types drawn into, such as groups and the performance of their offspring.

Next To Run Option

Next to Run tab, toggle by my racehorses only to find your races of digital horses that ready to next run. Next run option will be a space dedicated to upcoming events important reminders, and a sneaky heads up.

Unique DNA Profile

Each racehorse born (minted) in ZED RUN carries its own unique DNA profile. You can get genetic makeup of all ZED RUN racehorses and know abilities are created.

Party Mode

Party mode is part of the plan, enabling stable owners to run their own special racing events and create their own tournaments.

Zed Run Token

Zed Run Clone is enabled with Zed run token will play for racing, breeding, lending and guilds. ZED RUN tokens to be divided into 3 categories In-game activities, Growth incentives, Existing users.

Benefits of Zed Run clone script

Huge Rewards


Breed the champions

Long Lasting performance

Better gameplay experience

Value and engagement

More strategic race selection

Large prize pools

Working Process of Zed Run Clone

Formation of Stable

Preparation of Racing

Initiating process of breeding to create a legacy

Making Different Racing Classes & Progression

Overview of Scarcity

Establishment of Stable

Initiating Buying for Horse Racing

Affirm Payments and Transactions

Get Horse Race Info on Stable & Roster Page

Smart contract development

Finalisation of smart contract audit

Maintenance and Support

Why Choose Coinjoker For ZedRun Clone Script Development?

Coinjoker is Pioneer in NFT Marketplace Development Company, Creates White label Zed Run clone script to create a Digital Horse Racing Platform like Zed Run. We are all well experts in developing various Popular NFT Marketplace Clone Script like Opensea, Rarible, Super Rare, Foundation and Decentraland.

Our Blockchain Experts has well knowledge and have required tools in developing in NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts and gaming platforms like Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity and Zed Run. We Use most primarily blockchain technologies are Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Binance Smart Chain and more. We Provide 24*7 Support for technical queries and bug free support. Our Primary goal is to help our customers to reach greater heights in NFT Platform.

Disclaimer: Coinjoker neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Zed Run". We have mentioned the brand name Zed Run to make things clear to our clients. It is important to understand that we do not promote, copy and collaborate with them.


People also ask - Zed Run Clone Script


Zed Run clone script is an NFT gaming clone script designed and developed with the essential features and its core functions of a Digital horse racing game like zed run on the top of a blockchain. You can build your NFT game platform as per your business requirements, we can customize it according to your needs.


Zed run clone revenue models work the same as zed run It takes fee for every time users breed, race, or sell their horses. At the time users can win Ethereum by getting on the digital race podium or by selling their horses to others at a profit. You can customize the revenue model of zed run like your desire.


You can build your Blockchain game platform like Zed run in two modes. You can get ready to deploy zed run clone script which helps to build a digital horse game website within days. Otherwise, If you have an idea of your zed run clone development and want to build it from the scratch you can share your requirements, we build from the scratch.


Here the Zed run statistics shows why you need to start an NFT Digital horse game like zed run with zed run clone script

Zed Run Statistics

Total Users -621

Transactions - 37.18K

Volume - $20.14K

Balance - $22.89K

NFT Collections in Zed Run

Volume - $135.05M

Traders - 46,150

Sales - 227,837

Average Price - $592.78


The cost of Zed run Clone development may vary as per your business queries. Zed run clone script is available for an affordable price for NFT gaming platform development. If the cost doesn't matter you can go with starting your zed clone from the scratch. Get Live Quote from our Experts !!