Zed Run Clone Script - To Launch NFT Horse Racing Gaming Platform like Zed Run
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Zed Run Clone Script - To Launch NFT Horse Racing Gaming Platform like Zed Run

Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone Script is a digital horse racing gaming script that offers users a chance to build a blockchain based NFT platform which own and race digital horses. Coinjoker provides 100% ready to deploy Zed Run Clone Script built with unique characteristics, ancestry and stats passed on through blockchain-based genetics 

Create Zed Run Clone Platform

You Create Your Own ZedRun Clone Platform with the white label Zedrun Clone Script which helps to buy, sell, breed and Course Race digital racehorses. We, Coinjoker offers a Zed Run Clone is a digital NFT horse racing gaming clone solutions where you can race on digital tracks for as much as thousands of dollars, collect one-of-a-kind horses for your stable and breed a championship bloodline. 

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Components of Zed Run Clone Script 


Breeding the way of increase the performane of digital horses to win the races. 
Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross and Pacer are the six different breed types in order of rarity. 
Breed types account for 20% of the total weighting when calculating the minimum breeding price. Each breed type is weighted as follows:

Genesis: 180%
Legendary: 150%
Exclusive: 120%
Elite: 90%
Cross: 80%
Pacer: 60%


The Hore Racing NFT Marketplace like Zed Run is Similar to Real-Life Gaming. An NFT Marketplace you can list collectibles and in-game assets. Different Gaming breeds of displayed in NFT Marketplace Platforms. Those Ingame assests are purchased by interested investors.
Availability of Genesis Horses Group Wises 



The Racing has the different types of horses are arranged in orders and also has the winning results. These simulations are based on the mathematics baked into the algorithm, including variables such as bloodline, genotype, track distance, speed, stamina, and more.

Racing can be done through the various classes like

1. Classes

Class 1-5 (with Class 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest) and one class for unraced horses called Griffin. 

2. Entering Race

To enter a race, select the class of digits horse is in  Griffin if unraced then scroll down until find the option to pick a gate and enter a racehorse.

3. Class Breakdown

You will be put into a certain racing class based on your genotype base rating and can only enter races in that race class until you move up or down in the rankings

Genotype (Z1 to Z4) - Base Rating 57
Genotype (Z5 to Z9) - Base Rating 37
Genotype (Z10+) - Base Rating 17

Class is determined by the following: 1st place is +4 points, 2nd is +3, 3rd is +2, 4th is +1, 5th-8th is 0 points, 9th -1, down to 12th which is -4.

4. Paid Races

Entering paid races is the best way to see where your horse stands on the track.
One advantage of racing horse is getting to know what it does best. Horses have preferred distances so be sure to race a couple times at each distance to find your horse’s sweet spot. 

5. Breeding

Only two Genesis horses can produce a Legendary offspring. Beyond legendary, genotype plays a major role in breeding.

How Zed Run Clone Script Works?

In Zed Run Clone Script each horse has a prowess, which is determined by a few factors are the bloodline, and the genotype. 


There are four bloodlines, each with a different level of scarcity. The first generation of horses that were released is known as the Genesis breed. 

 Subsequently, each individual bloodline is weighted as follows:

Nakamoto: 180%
Szabo: 120%
Finney: 40%
Buterin: 15%


Each individual horse has a genotype, which is like a serial number on an NFT trading card. It’s a way to make the horse unique.

Functionalities of ZedRun Clone Script

  • Building a Stable
  • Racing the horses
  • Breeding the horses to create a new legacies
  • Participating in Different Racing levels
  • Setting up a stable with horses of different stocks
  • Buying new horse for the race
  • Seamless payments and Transactions

Working Process of Horse Platform like Zed Run

  • Formation of Stable
  • Preparation of Racing
  • Initiating the process of breeding to create a legacy
  • Making Different Racing Classes and Progression
  • A complete Overview of Scarcity
  • Establishment of Stable
  • Initiating Buying in Upcoming Horse Racing
  • Affirm Payments and Transactions
  • Get Horse Race Information on Stable and Roster Page.

Why to Choose Coinjoker For ZedRun Clone Script Development?

Coinjoker is Pioneer in NFT Marketplace Development Company, Creates White label Zed Run clone script to create a Digital Horse Racing Platform like Zed Run. We are all well experts in developing various Popular NFT Marketplace Clone Script like Opensea, Rarible, Super Rare, Foundation and Decentraland.

Our Blockchain Experts has well knowledge and have required tools in developing in NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts and gaming platforms like Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity and Zed Run. We Use most primarily blockchain technologies are Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Binance Smart Chain and more. We Provide 24*7 Support for technical queries and bug free support. Our Primary goal is to help our customers to reach greater heights in NFT Platform.

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