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Ethereum Token Development Company

Create your own Ethereum Token by our optimistic Ethereum Token Development Services on various standards like ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-777, ERC-1440, ERC-82, ERC-621, ERC-721 and ERC-827 based on smart contract and blockchain development
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Ethereum Token Development

An Ethereum token development is a script processing on top of the ethereum blockchain, with a corresponded database and smart contract which keeping track of ether settlements. Ethereum token development is achieved by blockchain and run on the peer to peer network assets that have original value, and can be transferred, like Bitcoin and any altcoins. Ethereum Token Creation is a cryptocurrency and decentralized currency, which is created on ethereum blockchain by our professional Ethereum token developer who are well 6+ years experience in token creation and development.

At Coinjoker Ethereum Token Development Company that help to transfer your funds more smoothly. Our motive is to convert the imaginary ideas into reality and to bring the ideas in the digital and in the mindset of people. We help you create your independent and effective ethereum token development solutions for your platform.

Ethereum Token Development Services

Token Development

We assist businesses with development of robust and impenetrable ERC tokens on the blockchain, based on the clients requirement

Token Transfer

We develop tokens on various standards and undergo transferring services which makes token transfer simple with encryption and blockchain.

Etherscan listed

We built your ethereum token platform with enabled etherscan option. It matches buyers and sellers automatically in crypto trading.

Listing of Exchange

We built a standard Block-Explorer to elaborate data on blocks, addresses, and transaction.The tokens are reserved to ensure they remain safe from any stolers.

Digital Wallet Development

Based on clients needs, we develop digital wallet for all the token users and investors to store and manage their Ethereum tokens.

ICO Development

Beside creation of token, we also help our clients with development of successful ICO to sell their tokens and raise funds for new project.

Listing on Exchange

Along with creation of token, we also help our clients to list the tokens on various exchange platforms to trade and sell the tokens.

Cold Storage

We render cold storage services, a hardware security which is an assurance to secure tokens and preclude any compromise.

Types of Ethereum Token Creation

ERC 20
ERC 20

ERC 20 is the standard token created on ethereum blockchain which can be exchanged with another ERC 20 token. Also, ERC 20 tokens can be easily integrated into blockchain wallets and exchange platform.

ERC 223
ERC 223

ERC 223 are the tokens compatible with ERC 20 tokens. It means that the features, functionalities and contracts working with the ERC20 token will work perfectly with ERC223 as well.

ERC 721
ERC 721

ERC 721 is a non-fungible token built on the ethereum platform and every token of its token will be unique. It defines the least interface a smart contract must implement to manage, trade and own unique token.

ERC 721x
ERC 721x

ERC 721x is specially for gaming platform. It is a ERC721 compatible token which is specially built for users to exchange crypto collectibles easily across different classes and reduce gas cost.

ERC 827
ERC 827

ERC 827 is one of the latest standard of ethereum network, which is basically an extension of the standard interface ERC20 and the tokens allows execution of calls inside transfer and approvals.

ERC 777
ERC 777

ERC 777 token standard fixes the security issues of ERC 20. It defines a very new way to interact with the token contract while adding functions to contract creators, token holders and recipients.

Create Your Ethereum Tokens With Our Professional Team

Reach coinjoker a one of the top pioneer in Ethereum Token Development company offering 360° ethereum token development services that empowers your business to stay ahead in the competitors market.

Our Token Development Process
  • Requirements Gathering

    Collecting information from client for Ethereum token creation

  • 2

    Planning and evaluation

    Planning according to the requirement and evaluate the tasks

  • Platform Development

    Create the platform for launching the Ethereum tokens

  • 4

    Token Development & Distribution

    Generate Ethereum tokens and make distributions strategy

  • Whitepaper Development

    Create the Whitepaper for developed Ethereum tokens

  • 6

    ICO launch & Marketing

    Launch of ICO and start marketing for that ICO

Why Coinjoker for Ethereum Token Development ?

As a leading ethereum token development company with extremely talented developers, we work to delight our clients and make them to stay ahead in their business market. Get end-to-end ethereum token development services and build your own ethereum token on any of the smart contract standards, decentralized applications(dapps) for variety of Industries that meets your business requirements.

  • Top-notch ethereum token development services
  • Team of skilled developing experts
  • Efficient smart contract developers
  • Delivers the results on time
  • Available 24/7 Support
  • Keep your data entirely safe and secure
  • Maintain good reputation in the crypto world