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MakerDAO Lending Protocol Clone Development- Coinjoker

MakerDAO Lending Protocol Clone Development- Coinjoker

MakerDAO Clone Script

MakerDAO Clone Scripts is an Ethereum-based lending protocol script that creates the Dai stablecoin and enables the collateral-backed loans without a middleman. Its is the most used DeFi integration protocol makes MakerDAO which is one of the most operational protocols in the crypto ecosystem. 

MakerDAO is a decentralized lending smart contract that allows user to lend their cryptocurrencies to borrow their Collateralized stable asset called DAI. Unlike other stable coins, the DAI will be generated only when the user gets a position in CDP of MakerDAO’s smart contract

Coinjoker is a leading Decentralized Development Company creates a Decentralized lending protocol like MakerDAO on Ethereum blockchain using stable assets called DAI. We create a Decentralized Lending Platform to Start your lending with a Blockchain-powered MakerDAO Decentralized Lending protocol script

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Features of MakerDAO Clone Script

Unplug Swapping

The process with any supported decentralized lending protocol no need for further customization

White-label Solution

MakerDAO lending clone script can be easily customized as per your business requirements. It is built the existing features in MakerDAO and add new features and you can change the design easily.

Inbuilt Secure Wallet

MakerDao Clone has an inbuilt crypto wallet for a smooth cryptocurrency lending and borrowing experience on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

Admin Panel

Secure and User-Friendly Admin and User Panel provides you better management of DeFi Lending and you can add/ manage the important features in the MakerDAO Clone script and makes you to handle your site

Why MakerDAO Clone Development?

MakerDAO clone development creates a decentralized, permissionless, and stable store of value in the Decentralized ecosystem. MakerDAO Clone Script includes the dai stablecoin creation that has been integrated into hundreds of applications and services and enables you to do everything from sending remittances to hedging against the risks of the crypto markets. 

In MakerDAO Clone Script, Dai Stable Coin creation is the essential aspects of DeFi composability, and have played a central role in the remarkable growth of the sector.

Coinjoker offers a customized MakerDAO Clone Development on Ethereum blockchain which helps to build a decentralized lending platform where your users can lend and borrow their cryptocurrencies for earning a regular interest from it.  
The main aim of the MakerDAO Clone Development provides a stable interest rate that doesn't affect price drastically. 

What is DAI Stable Coin?

Dai’s stable Coin maintains the stable value that means it is an ideal cryptocurrency that is used to issue loans, send remittances, and hedge against the risks that handles crypto’s sometimes volatile markets. 

Where is MAKERDAO is used?

DAI StableCoin is used in the Crypto exchanges like Gemini, Coinbase, and Bitfinex have all launched their existing stablecoins — GUSD, USDC, and USDT (Tether), respectively — each of which is backed by the U.S. dollar

What is DAI and CDP?

DAI - DAI is a stable token pegged by USD under ERC20 Standard of ethereum blockchain

CDP - Collateralized Debt Position is a position created for users for locking a collateral crypto in MakerDAO’s smart contract.

How does MakerDAO Clone Script Works?

Unlike Centralized lending system and aave lending protocol, the CDP of MakerDAO gives user additional benefits on both lend and borrow process

If an user lends any cryptocurrencies into the platform, the CDP locks a position for the user in the smart contract and provide with an equivalent amount of their collateralized stable token called DAI

The benefit of this USD pegged collateralized stable token when compared to other stable token is the user end up with the same amount of collateralized crypto when the repayment of debt

Centralized lending concept : example

User lends 10 Assetcoins as collateral and received 100 non-stable tokens in return At the time of this debt, the current market value of 1 non-stable token is 2 USD
If the value of NSC is decreased to 1$ at the time of repayment, the user has to deposit 200 NSC back to equal the debt amount owed

This is like paying twice or higher than the owed amount

MakerDAO’s lending concept: example

Since Dai is pegged to the US dollar, you will always only owe back what you initially borrowed in addition to interest.

For example, let’s say you deposit 2 ETH (at moment of writing, ETH is worth $105 USD) into a CDP and borrow 100 Dai:

You would have to pay 100 Dai back plus accumulated interest, and you get back your full 2 ETH

In other words

If an user wish to invest in a high-risk investment protocol and do not want to risk his ETH, here the DAI helps to overcome the risky factors

Let’s say the user deposits the 10 ETH in CDP and receives 1050 DAI to the investment portal.

When the investment portal crashes, and now the 1050$ of investment has now become 800$

At this stage the user just needs to buy 200$ worth of DAI to regain the 10ETH

Instead of facing huge loss by depositing ETH, the user can lend the ETH to CDP and balance the risk factors over crypto industry

Also, Users can then do anything they want with Dai, just like any other cryptocurrency. They can trade Dai, use it for payments, or even use it as a personal savings account — there are no restrictions to using Dai, it can be use the same way you would use any other cryptocurrency

How does this benefit a crypto enthusiast?

If you want to run a pre-sale campaign, unlike the traditional decentralized pre-sale method of supplying the governance token, a collateralized stable token like DAI can help with reaching the goal of pre-sale in a very short period and increase the circulation of governance token which in turn increases the demand.

Pre-sale of Non stable token gains no value to the users or purchases until there is a new project launch behind the governance token.

However, the CDP system allows users to participate in a pre-sale to purchase a collateralized stable token and receive their collateral back whenever they wish.

Holding the Collateralized crypto is equally beneficial for users like holding other cryptos.

How does MakerDAO Clone Script makes money?

There are multiple revenue channels through which the platform owner and artists can make money.

Platform Owners

Commission Fee - Admin of the website can earn profit through every transaction fee
Advertising - Advertising in your lending platform is one of the best sources of revenue. The advertising mechanism considers the privacy of users on lending platforms.

For Lenders

Interest rate - Supplying liquidity to the lending protocol will earn them interest recurring
Liquidity Token - Lenders also get a Liquidity token as a reward.

Where to get MakerDAO Clone Script?

Coinjoker is a pioneer in Decentralized Exchange Development builds your MakerDAO Clone Platform Development on Ethereum blockchain. The MakerDAO Clone script is available in both readymade and white label solutions so you can customize by your requirements. You can build your Decentralized Lending platform across different blockchain protocols that have staking, lending and borrowing capabilities. 

Exclusive Decentralized Platform Development
Advanced APIs
On-Time delivery
Post-delivery support
Smart Contract development
DApp and blockchain Development
Ready made & Customized Solutions

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