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CoinTool App Clone Script - To Create BEP20 and ERC20 Token Generator Platform Similar to CoinTool.App
Cryptocurrency Tokens

CoinTool App Clone Script - To Create BEP20 and ERC20 Token Generator Platform Similar to CoinTool.App

CoinTool App Clone Script

CoinTool App Clone Script is a token generator platform script to create BEP20/ERC20 token within a minute to launch a token creation platform same as CoinTool.App. Coinjoker provides CoinTool App Clone Script which is ready-made and easy to deploy your own token generator platform with extensive features of CoinTool.App. By using our cointool app clone script, you can create the BEP20 token and ERC20 token in less than a minute.

Being a renowned Blockchain Development Company, Coinjoker updated itself towards providing BEP20 token development in Binance Smart Chain. Get yourself ready to involve newly emerging technology through Token Generator Platform and generate more profit that comes in your process. Our CoinTool App Clone Software offers the highest ROI for your crypto business growth.

Create a BEP20 Token within a minute!!

BEP20 and ERC20 Token

Creating a BSC token is an easy process than you think. BEP20 token is the Binance Smart Chain equivalent to ERC20 tokens that runs on the Ethereum network. The distinction is that the BEP20 Token runs on the Binance Smart Chain network rather than the Ethereum network. Despite this, because BSC (Binance Smart Chain) uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to implement all of its smart contracts, so both are nearly identical in terms of specification and implementation.

If you want to create your own token easily within a minute, then approach our coinjoker's experts. Our team is expertized in the creation of BEP20, ERC20 tokens by using Token Generate Platform Clone Script through the Smart Contract technology.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain enables Smart Contracts for token creation. It provides the following services to its customers:

  • Low Transaction fee
  • Defi interoperability is improved through a cross-chain defi technique.
  • High-performance network capable of producing a block every three seconds
  • Millions of users in an expanding ecosystem
  • Binance ecosystem that finances and bootstraps numerous Defi projects.

CoinTool App Clone Script Features

It has a lot of surplus features in creating the Token Generator Platform using CoinTool App Clone Script.

  • It has a simple and convenient UI.
  • It's working fast to create a token
  • Don't require programming skills to create a token.
  • You can get 100% ownership of generated tokens.
  • Custom Token name, Symbol, and Initial Supply.
  • Automatic verified and published contract source code.
  • The other configuration is such as Burn, Mint, Pause, Blacklist, and Deflation.
  • Available token presale options.
  • You can use a token locker to prove to investors you have locked token or liquidity.

CoinTool.App Overview

CoinTool.App is a collection of cryptocurrency tools that offers us all a variety of useful features such as token creation, ETH batch sending, batch aggregating, BTC address generation, and more.

This website serves as a valuable blockchain tool for most cryptocurrency lovers to meet the needs of various demands.

Creating a BEP20 Token by Using CoinTool App Clone Script

BEP20 Token Generator is a program that generates BEP20 tokens. BEP20 Token Generator is a simple decentralized application (DApp) that makes it simple to construct a Smart Contract for a Standard, Mintable, Capped, Burnable BEP20 Token.

Below the steps will guide you on how to create your own BEP20 Token easily.

1. Install Wallet - To pay for contract deployment, you must have MetaMask loaded with an amount of BNB.
2. Token Details - Fill out the form with your selected Token name and symbol. Choose your token kind and supply.
3. Burn - This option determines whether or not your tokens can be burned to reduce the supply.
4. Mint - Minting refers to the ability to manufacture more tokens in order to augment the initial supply.
5. Pause - The pause option determines whether your token and any associated operations can be paused and restarted at any time. In the event of a software flaw or a malicious attack, this pause procedure can be used. 
6. Blacklist - It refers to accounts that can be blacklisted if it's any malicious behavior. Based on the use case, it may be preferable to disable this capability for specific tokens. 
7. Deflation Token - With burn, charity, and automatic distribution of holders, you may create tokens.
8. Create Token - Use metamask wallet to confirm your transaction. Your Token will be ready to use after it has been deployed.

Now, your Token will be completely compliant with the BEP20 specification and will work with any BEP20 wallet anywhere in the world. It will have a Name, a Symbol, and a quantity in decimals.

ICO based Token 

 After the creation of token, you can also be used for ICO or IDO purposes if the platform user wants to use to have one, they can do so after they've been created.

We develop reliable and secure Smart Contracts that automate your business processes. And incorporate Blockchain into the ICO platform according to your specifications. You can have a Blockchain that is totally suited to your needs and can be used in a variety of businesses. Our highly competent team of engineers creates secure and trustworthy ICO Tokens according to your specific requirements.

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Process of BEP20 & ERC20 Token Development

Communicate with Client - We communicate with our clients on contact medium and listen to their requirements keenly and explain the need for token creation.

Planning and Analysing - After creating the strategy as per the client needs, we do proper analysis and planning for implementation techniques to create perfect tokens(BEP20 or ERC20)

Designing - Coinjoker team creates a high-intend UI/UX model that will take the process until it meets the client requirements.

Development - Once the designing process is completed, the team will start the developing BEP20/ERC 20 token as per the business standards with included all secured features.

Testing - We conduct a phase of testing before deployment. If it has any unknown bug, our team will rectify it and start the deployment process.

Deployment - After the proper testing, we deploy your own BEP20/ERC20 Token and fix your complete requirement.

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Why Choose Coinjoker for Creating BEP 20 Token and ERC 20 Token Generator Platform using CoinTool App Clone Script?

Coinjoker having been in the field of blockchain development for several years, we have vast knowledge and experience in a crypto business venture to success. We are having a solid team of blockchain developers and designers who work with a profitable token generator platform for your business growth. They use the latest technology for your development process, it will satisfy the client's requirements. We have successfully delivered 60+ projects in token creation. 

When it comes to token development, we are the top-rated company for creating and minting tokens with highly conversant. Coinjoker provides unique token creation by keenly understanding the client's requirements.

Launch your BEP20/ERC Token Generator Platform instantly with Coinjoker and earn high-generable profits for your business.

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