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Bybit Clone Script - To Start A Crypto Exchange like Bybit
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bybit Clone Script - To Start A Crypto Exchange like Bybit

ByBit Clone Script

ByBit Clone Script is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website script with all its in-built features and functions of the popular exchange Bybit. By the way the script can be customizable to add extra features that you want, even if it is unavailable in Bybit Website.

Building your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Website right from the scratch is a tedious task. You will always need professional help!! 

We Coinjoker, As a Predominant Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider, guide you with a complete process of developing your crypto exchange platform. We deliver PHP clone scripts of various popular Crypto Exchanges like Binance, LocalBitcoins, Coinbase, Poloniex, Paxful, ByBit, etc,.

If you are the one who wants to launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Bybit, here is a complete guide for you..

Features of ByBit Clone Script

1. Perpetual Contract

Bybit clone perpetual contract is a financial derivatives product in between Spot trading and Futures trading that does not have an expiry date. This contract provides a hassle-free trading option and allows traders to hold positions for as long as they want; resulting in more financial gain.

2. Dual Price Mechanism

Bybit clone uses the Dual-price mechanism to protect its traders from market manipulations and ensure a fair trading environment. Market manipulation is the act of intentionally increasing or decreasing the price on an exchange for personal gain. 

3. Bybit’s Mark to Market

The fundamental system used to tether its price to the spot price is called  ”Funding”. Funding is exchanged between long and short positions, thus making the last traded price marked to market for every 8 hours.

4. 100x Leverage   

Our Bybit clone offers up to 100x leverage where traders can adjust the leverage and margin at any time according to how they wish to manage their position. This is a huge flexible form of risk management that ensures the best possible trading experience.

5.The Contract Loss Mechanism

Bybit clone script employs a contract loss mechanism to protect its investors. This contract loss mechanism is used to determine who bears the cost when positions cannot be liquidated at bankruptcy (inability to pay ) price.

Additional Features in Bybit clone script

P2P trading 

P2P trading in bybit clone script is a simple and secure peer-to-peer trading feature. It facilitates the buying and marketing of two users’ holdings at an optimum and agreed-upon value. P2P trading on Bybit supports the subsequent trading pairs: INR/USDT, VND/USDT, AUD/USDT, HKD/USDT, MYR/USDT, PHP/USDT, RUB/USDT, TWD/USDT and UAH/USDT.


Spot trading 


Spot trading on bybit displays the list of last traded prices, trading volumes, charts and trading history for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Margin trading


Margin trading on Bybit is a derivative product based on Spot Trading. With Margin trading, you may use assets in your Spot Account as collateral to borrow more funds from our bybit clone script to buy and sell assets larger than your wallet balance.


Trading bot 


Trading bots in bybit clone script helps the users to alter the trading method by buying the lows and marketing at the high.




Launchpad in an exceedingly large Bybit. It is a token launch platform that offers users access to pre-listing rounds and permits them to earn new tokens directly on Bybit. The Terms and Conditions for the Bybit launchpad are reviewed and updated often.


Liquidity mining 


The Liquidity Mining option in Bybit clone script resembles the liquidity pools that support a revamped automated market maker (AMM) model. Users will add liquidity to earn yield derived from trading fees and additionally add leverage to extend the share.


Defi Mining 


You can stake and earn Defi rewards by acting the Defi mining procedures. Bybit clone script can assist you sell the mining proceeds and also the principal with interest will be automatically deposited into your account.


NFT marketplace 


NFT marketplace in our Bybit clone script is a one stop destination for listing and trading NFTs. Users will sell associate NFT on any marketplace. Bybit's NFT Marketplace supports listing NFT from Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

ByBit Clone Trading View

Bybit clone script allows its users to place both long and short positions. Place a long order if you think the price will rise, or place a short order if you think the price will fall.

The advanced order types in bybit clone exchange involve

Limit Order

With a limit order, you can set the price at which your order will be executed.

Market Order

In this type, you can select the amount of cryptocurrency that you want to buy or sell then the order will be executed at the best available price on the order book.

  •  Buy Market Order
  •  Sell Market Order

Conditional Order

Conditional orders are mostly suitable for experienced traders. In conditional order, you have to enter a trigger price along with the limit price. So, when the trigger price is reached then the order be delivered to the market (whether it’s limit or market).

Benefits Offered By The Bybit Clone


  • It ensures anonymous trading for the users by accepting advanced kinds of orders.
  • The crypto deposit and withdrawal facilities for users are very flexible. The minimum deposit is just $1 and a maximum of 10 BTC will be withdrawn for each attempt. Withdrawals can be done by the users three times each day.
  • The program of Bybit is extremely customizable and extremely intuitive.
  • All the issues featured by the traders will be quickly sorted out by contacting the dedicated help center.

Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Bybit

Coinjoker has delivered around 25+ successful Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts of Binance, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Poloniex etc, which has helped the clients to become powerful Crypto Entrepreneurs!

Key Features integrated into our Bybit clone script,

1. Complete white label solution (you can update your logo, brand, design, and anything).

2. KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions for more security.

3. Two-Factor Authentication for platform users.

4. Highly responsive website for unlimited trading .

5. Wallet integration for both online and offline storage.

6. The entire control of user funds, deposits, withdrawal limits, and trade history, order book.

7. Affiliate management system.

8. Multi-trade order types (market order, limit order, Conditional order, etc)

9. Guaranteed technical support for installation and setup.

10. CSRF protection and secured storage protocol.

11. Rich UI and admin panel.

Why Choose Coinjoker For ByBit Clone Development Platform? 


We are Coinjoker, A team with a complete Spirit, known for providing the best services and never failing to implement new strategies and ideas for better results. We have more than 200+ developers and happy worldwide customers.


  • KYC/AML Verification
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 24 X 7 Instant live chat support 
  • Secure admin panel
  • Multi-tokens and multi-cryptocurrency wallets support 
  • Multi-language supported to cover global traders 

Get a Quote for Bybit Clone Develoment!!

Disclaimer: Coinjoker never has control over the bybit and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them. We are using the term "bybit" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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