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Crypto Banking Solutions - Start You Own Crypto Bank with Coinjoker
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto Banking Solutions - Start You Own Crypto Bank with Coinjoker

Finding scope in something you adore is more interesting to run a startup. Starting a Crypto Banking Development is one such fascinating business idea.

In this article, You will discover What is Crypto Banking Software, its Benefits, Features, Blockchain Banking Services, and Solutions.
Finally, we've included a special note to assist you in selecting the right development team to assist you with your startup!
Let's just get going!

What is Crypto Banking Software?

Crypto Banking Software is a cryptocurrency banking and investment platform that enables users to buy, trade, and store digital assets simply and securely. Bank accounts, debit and credit cards, user-controlled wallets, remittances, payments, merchant payment gateways, and a cryptocurrency trading desk are all included.
We at Coinjoker offer a fully integrated crypto banking software solution to assist financial and non-financial institutions in establishing digital asset banks. We emphasize secure bitcoin administration and digital payment services using a double encryption security mechanism as well as the installation of two-way QR technology.  We are providing FinTech solutions for banks it involves various financial services such as users can transfer money, deposit, and apply for credit cards without visiting a bank and without a person's assistance.

Start your own Digital Asset Bank!!

Features of Our Crypto Banking Software

Our Crypto Banking Software has the following features:
Management of Accounts

It's connected with adaptable account management tools to help you manage accounts and records efficiently at every level, from account opening to deposits, saving, and closing. With multi-currency support and a quick banking option, all account management functionality is at your fingertips.

Users can apply for loans at numerous financial institutions that deal with crypto assets using its crypto-based lending tool. The application is chosen using smart contracts, and banks that can give the loan will contact the user. All components of the lending book cycle are managed by a single piece of software.

Wallets and Cards
Customers benefit from its digital cards and wallet management function as it gives them convenient access to their money and allows them to make payments without having to go to the bank. All aspects of the transaction process are handled with care, with security measures in place, including initiation, execution, notification, and settlement.
Customer Interactions
With a centralized application and your product catalog, you can manage your clients digitally and give them remote access to your services. As a result, without any physical interaction, you may increase customer engagement and income.
Risk Management
We are available to assist you with any issue or problem that may arise, giving you complete peace of mind. Concentrate on your bank's management activities rather than risk and regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Crypto Banking Software

Our experts have developed a highly secure Crypto banking software that will allow you to manage your accounts and transactions with ease.
Reduced Fraud
Financial crimes affect more than half of financial intermediaries, such as stock exchanges and money transfer services, on a daily basis. Crypto banking software will undoubtedly put a stop to this fraudulent conduct and increase banking sector stability.
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Any financial institution wants to collect as much information as possible on its customers in order to prevent money laundering, fraud, and terrorist activities. A company might use crypto to gain access to the verification process and identify its customers.
Faster Transactions
Settlement of multiple transactions typically takes a long time, but with Crypto, assets, money, ledger entries, and other types of transactions can be transferred at a faster rate with more accuracy. As a result, we can state that banking transactions will take place in real time due to blockchain technology.
Increased Security
Through a centralized system, shared ledgers can assist banks in implementing secure transactions in a faster manner. There will be less time for anyone to intervene and reroute payments, ensuring that transaction data is more secure.
Improved Data
For many major banks, data quality is crucial, and they are paying close attention to this possibility. The issue arises when a large amount of banking data is stored in multiple locations. However, crypto makes data storage simple and uncomplicated.

Crypto Banking Services and Solutions

Everything you'll need to start building a digital asset bank. We offer complete crypto-friendly banking solutions, 
Bank Account
Open SEPA IBAN and SWIFT IBAN account in your name to enable payments for your customers in the European region and abroad.
Debit Card
Give your customers debit cards that can be loaded with fiat and cryptocurrencies and used at merchants both online and in-store all over the world.
Credit Card
By offering contactless cards that are similar to Mastercard, you can allow your customers to spend crypto and fiat currencies in real life everywhere Mastercard is accepted.
User-controlled Wallet

Provide your customers with a safe cryptocurrency wallet in which they may store and send numerous coins. Your customers are the sole owners of their private keys and have complete control over their funds.
Gateway for Merchant Payments
Create a trade finance platform that allows your users to send and receive business payments in real time from anywhere on the globe.
Trading Desk for Cryptocurrencies
Invest in a trading platform so that your customers can buy and sell bitcoins with their bank accounts.
Get a decentralized remittance platform that lets you send and receive money across borders safely, and efficiently.
Take advantage of a payment network that allows you to make POS (Point of Sale) payments in both crypto and fiat currencies, allowing you to conduct border less transactions with no restrictions.
What solution provides me with all of this? -You must be surprised!
We offer Coinjoker, a ready-made script that enables for complete customization and expands as your business grows.

Why choose Coinjoker for Crypto Banking Development?

  • It's completely customizable.
  • Built with advanced technology.
  • An easy-to-use UI.
  • The development time is significantly reduced.
  • The cost of development is affordable.


As a budding entrepreneur, it must be daunting while go through all of these procedures to get started with your Crypto banking software. Before launching any business, make sure you complete your thorough research.
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Get the Crypto Banking Services & Solutions!!


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