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Metaverse Beauty Week Is Around The Corner

Metaverse Beauty Week Is Around The Corner

DateJun 12, 2023

Online virtual worlds such as Decentraland, Spatial and Roblox are coming together to host Metaverse Beauty Week next week. Taking place from June 12 to June 17, this inaugural event promises to be a celebration of beauty and creativity in the metaverse.

The team at creative agency CULT will be working in partnership with global beauty brands and connecting them with digital designers to shake up the virtual beauty industry. 

Some of beauty week’s largest sponsors include international brands such as LUSH and Neutrogena.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in different games, collect wearables for their avatars and virtually interact with their favorite beauty products.

Although this will be the first ever beauty week held in the metaverse, it will not be the first time the team has worked together to hold a large-scale virtual event. 

Back in March, Decentraland held its annual fashion week, Kim Currier, the marketing director at Decentraland told Blockworks.

“We were really excited to have this collaboration between the metaverse, brands and community designers,” Currier said. 

Metaverse Fashion Week saw brands such as Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Coach in attendance. Smaller community designers also participated, and avatars were able to collect free wearables, watch a fashion show and interact with other community members.

“What was really interesting is the team was able to design a runway that may not have been physically possible in the physical world,” Currier said. 

According to Currier, over 9,000 hours were spent at fashion week across all users, and over 600 designs were created for wearables. Over 50% of users who attended were new to the platform, Currier claimed, with an average user returning to the virtual fashion week around four times.

Metaverse Beauty Week will be open to anyone who has access to the webpage. Interested attendees simply create a guest account and do not need to connect their wallet to participate in the event, though it is recommended to collect free items, Currier notes.

“You just log in, you have an avatar that you can create with some basic wearables,” she said.

Each avatar will also be able to showcase their own self expression through “emotes” — actions such as throwing hands into the air and making it rain, Currier explains. 

“It’s an amazing opportunity for you to showcase your self expression and your identity,” she said.