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  • Kraken Clone Script - To launch a crypto exchange platform like Kraken

Kraken Clone Script - To launch a crypto exchange platform like Kraken
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kraken Clone Script - To launch a crypto exchange platform like Kraken

Kraken Clone Script

Kraken is one of the more established crypto exchanges on the market.  Kraken Clone Script is a script to build a crypto exchange platform like Kraken with top-notch security. It has more than 60 coins to choose from and the ability to “stake” or "loan" out your coins for rewards.

Kraken Clone Script's top-notch security, low trading fee, and multi cryptos can make it a good choice for entrepreneurs to make a revenue out of it. Coinjoker's Kraken clone script is a ready-to-deploy script, loaded with all features and functionalities of Kraken. Our white-label solution helps you to give a classy and extraordinary trading experience to your users. We have a choice for the users to customize their crypto exchange platform as per their business requirements, and deploy their own crypto exchange platform with the help of read-made Kraken Clone Script Software. Take the help of our coinjoker's blockchain techie team to customize your desired format.

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How does Kraken Clone Works?

The Kraken clone software working mechanism is the same as Kraken crypto exchange. Let's see the Kraken clone working process.
1. First thing is, a Kraken clone can be easily opened by following the signup process by entering a name, email-id, and password. It offers both basic and advanced accounts, to open a basic account users are required to fill your full name, DOB, address and phone number. To open an advanced account users have to do the verification process in order to complete their registration.
2. Once the account opening process is done, tab "Get verified" of your kraken clone account and verification time takes a time to get fully verified.
3. Set up 2-Factor Authentication which provides security of the user's account.
4. After the KYC verification process from the admin, the user can start the trading process.
5. If the user wants to trade crypto-assets, then initially they have to deposit some fiat currency in their account. Make sure, the user should link their bank account for deposit and withdrawal.
6. Once the trading process is completed, the cryptocurrency will be delivered automatically to the user's crypto wallet.
7. For every successful transaction, as an admin of the crypto exchange, you can generate revenue as a transaction fee. 



Reasons to Start Crypto Exchange like Kraken

Here we list some of the specific reasons to kickstart a crypto exchange platform like Kraken. Let's see them..

This kind of crypto platform will have high scalability because of this architecture, it can support multiple crypto coins, API integration level, customizable features & functions, regular futures updates and so on.

Ease for business
The Kraken Clone Platform is one of the revenue-generating business models and it offers "n" number of benefits. It also comes with IP detection to display KYC users, tracking, and transaction reports, etc...,

The security system in the Kraken Clone Platform offers secure transactions, 2FA, crypto wallet and smart contract for added security.

Kraken clone is highly configurable and comes with a user access control, manage admin console, multiple cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

Features of Kraken Clone Script

Kraken clone script gives hassle-free crypto transaction. We have listed the top-notch features of kraken clone.

  • Escrow Wallet Integration
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Payment Gateways
  • Low Transaction Fee
  • Security
  • Refferal program
  • User-friendly admin dashboard
  • Multi currency support
  • SSL Integration
  • Database encryption

How to develop Kraken Clone Software?

In recent days, many entrepreneurs have great intentions to start a crypto exchange platform similar to popular exchanges like Kraken. Many business people are showing their interest on launching a secure crypto exchange platform. First thing, if you are experienced in blockchain technology and have super-knowledge in this platform, then you can develop your desired Kraken clone software. But we need to be very careful about the whole process of making the crypto exchange platform. Choosing this first thing will be a hard task for your business. So we will not suggest this method to work on this platform.

Second thing is, you can hire a well-talented blockchain developer from a trustworthy company like Coinjoker. Because "Coinjoker" blockchain development company will guide you to launch a secure Kraken clone platform as per your business requirements by offering the appropriate crypto exchange development service at a reasonable cost.

Coinjoker is a reputed crypto exchange development company and we offer a high-intend crypto exchange development service for those who wanted to launch Kraken clone platform with surplus features and security options. 

Benefits of Kraken Clone Development

Here is the list of benefits that you can get in the top-notch Kraken clone development.

  • Eye-catchy custom UI/UX 
  • The customizable solution as per your business standards
  • KYC verification and transaction report
  • Data security with high-end protective mechanisms
  • High-configurability software
  • Users can trade their crypto assets 
  • 24/7 technical and customer support 
  • Users can perform bulk trades without any risk 

Why choose Coinjoker for Kraken Clone Development?

Coinjoker is an outstanding white-label crypto exchange clone scripts development company in a blockchain firm. We have several years of experience in offering blockchain-related services with perfection. We have delivered 100+ projects in a timely manner with a reasonable budget. Our blockchain techie developers will provide you with the finest Kraken clone platform with technical and customer support.

Talk to the Coinjoker team of blockchain experts and develop a stunning Kraken Clone Platform now!!

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