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Japan’s Bittrade Crypto Exchange To Reopen Under Huobi Brand In Newest Acquistion

Japanese Crypto Exchange Bittrade announced that it will be terminating its current trading system so that it can relaunch as a member of the Huobi system due to the majority stake that it has acquired. Interestingly enough, the acquisition could mean that Bittrade will no longer be operating in Japan, given that Huobi has no licensing or registration there.

Changelly Partners With Buntoy Blockchain Gaming Mobile Crypto Wallet

Changelly has made another significant move as they have just announced the new partnership they have gotten into with Buntoy game wallet.

Report: Crypto Exchanges Are Recording Impressive Revenues

According to a report released by global professional services company Accenture, revenue from cryptocurrency exchanges is now matching that of traditional exchanges. Some of the changes discussed in the document, “Capital Markets Vision 2022,” include the rise and growth of cryptocurrencies, and how blockchain technology could potentially help traditional firms unlock value and add new levels of efficiency to their operations.

The 7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

For those brave investors wishing to get into trading crypto, there are a ton of options for exchanges and wallets. But, what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges, and which one is right for you?

Napston to introduce fully automated crypto exchange

The Napston cryptocurrency exchange has the potential to turn the industry upside down, if it’s able to produce the results the company expects. The exchange is a fully automated platform that uses a proprietary technology, the “Distributed Artificial Neural Networks (DANN),” to make accurate market predictions. Company officials assert that the platform pools data from “thousands” of independent sources and makes trading possible for even the most inexperienced investor.

Coinbook is Live! US Welcomes New Bitcoin Exchange

States, opened its doors. Coinbook is located in Salt Lake City, UT and is currently open for trading for US citizens.

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