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Soulbound Token Development Services - Create Web3 Powered SBTs
Cryptocurrency Tokens

Soulbound Token Development Services - Create Web3 Powered SBTs

What is Soulbound Token (SBTs)? 


Soulbound Token (SBT) is one of the types of cryptocurrency tokens in the crypto sphere. It is referred to as Soulbound or SBT is a non-transferable, non-tradable visible token that are linked to the soul address. The term Soul refers to the digital address that maintains SBTs. SBTs are digital tokens that depict a person's identity and serve as a private wallet. As powered by blockchain technology it stands ahead of NFT and provides ownership to individuals. Soulbound stand for identity and it inherits an individual's data and history like age, education, qualification, work, achievements, health records, and more.

Soulbound Token (SBT) Development


Soulbound Token Development is an innovation that safeguards the credentials stored in the soul. SBT development is the process of creating and managing digital tokens in the digital space. The tokens are soul-bounded and they can be transferred only by the person who is associated with the soul and not by any anonymous.


Coinjoker is a prominent Token Development Company that provides state-of-art SBT development services to its clients by incorporating advanced features and functional elements. SBT has the prospect to take over NFT and provides opportunities with new possibilities.


Soulbound Token (SBT) Vs Non- Fungible Token (NFT)


The key difference between Soulbound Token and Non-Fungible Token are,


The main objective of SBT is proof of identity whereas NFT is ownership of assets.


Soulbound Token comes with non-transferability whereas non-fungible token comes with transferability.


Platform users can buy, sell, and trade in NFTs using the marketplace. But in Soulbound token it is not possible as it is bounded to the soul.


Soulbound Token can be recovered through the social recovery model but this recovery is not possible in at any rate with the non-fungible tokens.


SBT is used for tokenizing academic credentials records and NFTs are used in tokenizing real-estate records.


Advantages of Developing Your Own Soulbound Token 


Investing in a Soulbound Token development can help you in generating high profit and revenue as it comes up with many perks. Some of the benefits are listed below.


The platform comes with high efficiency and provides rapid and flawless translation at a low and reasonable cost.

Multiple wallets

The multiple wallet feature in SBT helps users to create and maintain multiple souls to depict various phases of life and the credentials gained in it.


Soulbound tokens are leveraged to validate the user's achievements and credentials in order to improve third-party trust over people with SBTs


The information in the SBT cannot be altered or annihilated once it is stored and it is resistant to spoofing, hacking, and attacking issues.


The Soulbound Token platform offers enhanced security as it is built on a decentralized blockchain network. With its security features, it assures transactions and user data are protected from any breaches.


The SBT platform provides complete transparency over transactions, by allowing users to track their activities and the movement of their tokens. Complete visibility over the network is given to the platform users.


The platform that we develop and deploy can be customized based on market evolution and user requirements.


Soulbound Token (SBT) Developing Process 


Developing a Soulbound Token involves integrating new features, security measures, and self-executing smart contracts for a high-end user flow. Soulbound Token (SBT) is developed with the following steps: 

  1. Gathering the rudimentary and SBT purpose
  2. Selecting a Blockchain platform
  3. Testing and Deployment
  4. UI Creation
  5. Security Features
  6. Marketplace Creation
  7. Implementation and Maintenance


Features Included in Soulbound Token Development Sevices 


Features play a vital role in developing a platform. We develop and launch your Soulbound Token by integrating all the features to provide a bug-free and secure platform. The features of our SBT are listed below.


Recovery is possible in Soulbound token. Users can recover their credentials if lost by counting on a custodian or through a social recovery model.

Sybil defiance

The integration of Sybil's defiance provides security against the formation of multiple fake tokens and nodes.

Key governance

Managing the keys and doing certain modifications needs only the custodian's approval and it is accomplished effortlessly.

User Acceptance

Soundbound token allows users to scrutinize and abide by any SBTs they acquire. Users are provided complete authority over the token they receive in order to annihilate spam tokens.


The queriability feature in soulbound allows intermediaries to raise a query when the address given to the soulbound token mismatches.


Perks Of Soulbound Token Development 


1. It assists in the documentation and digital verification

2. As bound to their Souls, it assures the authenticity of the document and cannot be falsified.

3. It helps in the process of employing skillful people for a post.

4. allows the creation of more steadfast connections in decentralized power structures.

5. SBT allows a decentralized lending platform to provide loans.

6. It helps to prove the identity by which users can access the metaverse project.

7. SBT-based DAO enhances the voting procedure by providing verified identities.


Soulbound Token Development Services


With profound knowledge of various blockchain technologies and by implementing self-executing smart contracts and tokens Osiz provides the following Soulbound Token Development services, 

  • NFT Ownership
  • Soul-backed DAO
  • Soul Drop
  • Uncollateralized lends 
  • Art NFT 
  • Proof-of-presence

Why Choose Coinjoker For Your Soulbound Token Development?


Looking for a platform to secure users' data, identity, and records? SoulBound Token Development is an apt choice to jump into.

Coinjoker as a Token Development Company that has been in this field for 14+ years. Reach us if you are interested in developing your own Soulbound Token. We assist you in developing your solutions more uniquely and innovatively with our professional blockchain developers. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, email, or Telegram as we are available round the clock and our tech team will guide you throughout the entire process.


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