KuCoin Clone Script - To Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange like KuCoin
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KuCoin Clone Script - To Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange like KuCoin

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clones became more popular nowadays as it provides a readymade clone software solution thereby reducing the time of development and launching.

Coinjoker is a prominent and Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider, delivers clones of major cryptocurrency exchanges to build a similar exchange platform. We help you to build your crypto exchange like binance, coinbase, Paxful, Huobi, LocalBitcoins, KuCoin, etc,...

Now let's have a look at Kucoin Clone Script that we provide,

KuCoin Clone Script

KuCoin Clone Script is a website script that comprises of all the properties and features of the crypto exchange KuCoin with world-class security and performance.

Introduction to KuCoin Exchange

Kucoin is a modern and secure third party cryptocurrency exchange platform available to trade between different cryptocurrencies. It is also known as"people's exchange" headquartered in Singapore. The exchange aims to provide users with a safe and trustworthy method of converting their currencies on a state-of-the-art platform.

The Platform's objective is to create a simple and safe platform for people all over the world to use to trade a range of digital currencies. Since it was launched, the Kucoin exchange has not experienced any notable problems, and the exchange does not suffer from any system overloads.

KuCoin Wallet - The exchange platform offers a KuCoin wallet that is protected by multilayer encryption and offline storage. 

Coin Availability in KuCoin

Kucoin supports more than 400 cryptocurrencies and has more than 340 different trading pairs available. Example- BTC/ETH (i.e. to trade Bitcoin with Ethereum). Kucoin seems to be very popular for new cryptocurrencies that have completed its ICO, that is it serves as the best platform if you want to purchase cryptocurrencies at the beginning of their trading journey. 

KuCoin has its native cryptocurrency called KuCoin Shares (KCS) which powers a loyalty scheme for end users.

Trading Fees 

This exchange offers to trade at very low fees!!

Firstly, cryptocurrency deposits are free than other blockchain transaction fees that you pay to transfer. When it comes to trade, you have to pay only 0.1%of the amount you are buying. Whereas in terms of withdrawing your cryptos out of the exchange, this fee depends on the type of cryptocurrency that you want to take out. So, now you came to know about the KuCoin fees and its acceptance of different coins.

The transaction on KuCoin is fast, exchanges can be deposited within 2 minutes or less than that.

KuCoin SignUp & Registration

It's a simple process to register a new account with Kucoin, 

Begin by entering your email and chosen password. Then, you will receive a verification email with further instructions.

Then you will be presented with the exchange’s terms of conditions. Ensure you understand everything by clicking the accept terms and conditions box, followed by clicking on next.


Now you will need to enter your email address and password. 


Then you will be asked to prove that you are a human by sliding the bar from left to right.

The final step to open your account-> you have to confirm your mail address by clicking on the link sent by KuCoin.

That's it, Your account gets open at KuCoin!

Once you get a login to your account, you can able to adjust the various settings, track and manage your assets, etc. At this point, you can deposit some coins and start trading straight away.

How KuCoin is Safe?

Of course, you have to trust that your funds are going to be safe and secure as it is a third party exchange that operates on a centralized server.

So the exchange Kucoin is safe, that because the website is protected by an encryption protocol meaning that all of the sensitive data and user data are stored on data encryption at a bank level. To protect your account even further, the exchange offers you the chance to set up Google Authenticator. If you do so, you have to enter a code from your mobile phone before you logging in to the website, as well as to make a trade. This method of securing is extremely safe because if somebody was able to find out your password, they still can't be able to access your account as they would need access to your mobile device. So, now you know how safe is KuCoin.  

KuCoin Advantages

1. Very low trading fees, deposit, and withdrawal.

2. Autonomous trading can be done without verification.

3. Very simple to use for beginners

4. supports a wide range of coins, including newly released cryptocurrencies 

5. High-security features

6. No verification – anonymous trading

How coin joker can help you with the best clone script? 

We are the best Clone script provider who came up with the exact platform similar to Kucoin exchange in a cost-effective budget. If you are hunting/ looking to start an exchange platform same as KuCoin but not sure of how to buy a KuCoin clone script, Our experts can assist you !!

We can provide you with a KuCoin clone script to fulfill your desire to have a similar kind of exchange with a high user base. Our expertise blockchain developers allow you to benefit from the most acclaimed features. 

Some of the features of our Kucoin clone scripts are worth mentioning,

API Integration-Our clone script came up with a powerful API interface. 

Wallet Integration -Wallets within our Kucoin clone script have multiple security levels to ensure the safety of funds. 

Customer service -The exchange provides 24/7 support through mail, or directly on the website. 

Fast Transaction Process- a certain limit of withdrawals can be processed within seconds whereas larger withdrawals can take up to a maximum of 10 minutes. Incase of Deposits can get completed within just two minutes.

Bank-Level Security for Assets

Safety-Our crypto exchange clone script has implemented with a series of security levels to protect users’ funds. 

Wish to develop an exchange platform like Kucoin or any other popular cryptocurrency Exchanges?

Schedule a free live demo of Kucoin Clone (or) Share your Requirements in the form below!!


Disclaimer: Coinjoker never has control over the kucoin and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them. We are using the term "kucoin" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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