Million Money MLM Clone Script - To Build DEX Money Machine Smart Contract MLM

Posted On June 16, 2020 at 06:13 PM
Updated July 08, 2020 at 05:34 PM

Million Money Clone Script 

Million Money Clone Script is a smart contract based MLM Script, built on blockchain technology that helps you to build a decentralized, trustworthy blockchain MLM business like million money. 
Coinjoker will help you to build Million Money clone MLM website with fully decentralized Ethereum SmartContract. This MLM script has embedded with various working features of MLM Responsive Website, Member Back office, admin back office, secured cloud server, anti-DDOS protection, and SSL. This smartcontract  based MLM software avoids any scam in the MLM business model because it is intregrated with ethereum smart contract development that ensures security while transacting your cryptos all over the world. 
If you are looking to start a MLM website like Million Money?
This blog will explain everything you need to know about Million Money and how to start a  MLM like Million Money with a Smart Contract based MLM Script 
What is Million Money?
Millionmoney is a networking program that is built on blockchain technology and ethereum cryptocurrency as p2p donation among members. Million Money occurs to be a pyramid scheme, that is you have to pay a fee to join the scheme, and then you have to refer other people to that scheme. The only possible way to make a positive return on your original joining fee is to convince enough people to join after you. You will receive a small portion of the fees from any members who you recruit, while the rest of your fees get passed to higher levels of the pyramid.
Million Money is known to be “the fastest, easiest and risk-free way to earn 1500 ETH for every 100 days”, believing that it’s “impossible to lose money” with the system.
Now Let’s take a closer look at how Million Money works...

Exciting Features of Million Money

1) Ethereum Based Smart Contract
2) Does not have an Admin that will pause the system or direct referrals to his/her favor
3) Fully Automatic and Autonomous
4) Incorruptible
5) Binary 2*5 Matrix scheme
6) Supports Multi Cryptocurrency & Token
7) Does not have a pause and/or expiring date. It runs forever – as long as blockchain exist.
8) It works based on smart contract and can NOT be altered
9) Low start up capital and higher returns
10) Anonymous-Everyone can participate
How Does Million Money Work?
Million Money uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. At first, you will send money to that smart contract, and the smart contract sends that money to other members of the scheme. From that a certain portion of your membership fee goes to the person who referred you to the system, whereas the remaining portion of fee gets passed up the pyramid.
As you raise more people to Million Money, you make more money and progress through 10 levels and each level requires a different membership fee.
You pay 0.03 ETH to get level 1 membership, for example, and can recruit two people. If you recruit two people, those people totally pay 0.06 ETH to join, although you only get 0.04 ETH of that amount, giving you a total profit of 0.01 ETH ($2). The remaining membership fee gets passed up the pyramid to higher levels.
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How to Use Million Money?
You’ll need an Ethereum wallet address to sign up for Million Money. You’ll also need to purchase ETH before joining the system:
Step 1) Install an Ethereum wallet and you should have atleast 0.03 ETH to pay your membership fee.
Step 2) Sign up by entering your ETH address or system ID
Step 3) Complete the payment by sending at least 0.03 ETH to pay your level 1 membership fee
Step 4) Recruit at least 2 other people to join the scheme, and you will receive 0.04 ETH, giving you 0.01 ETH in profit (the remaining 0.02 ETH from the membership fee gets passed further up the pyramid).
Step 5) Pay a higher membership fee and recruit more people to access higher levels of the pyramid

What is Smart Contract in Million Money?

Million Money is based on a smart contract that run on Ethereum blockchain. This smart contract is just a piece of software on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone can check this contract to verify the code, although we are unable to verify this code.
How smart contract works in MLM?
Smart contracts allows trusted transactions and agreements between various level of parties in MLM platform to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without the need for a third party authority, legal system, or external enforcement mechanism.
Benefits of Smart Contracts in MLM Platform
1) They are reliable since once programmed they cannot be reversed.
2) They are cost-effective since there will be no more transactional costs and the use of a huge amount of papers.
3) They are efficient since their processing speed is much higher than a traditional contract. They automatically enforce whatever is defined.
4) They are automatic and require no third party involvement.
Million Money Smart Contract Compensation Plan
LEVEL 1- 2 people who you recruited has to donate 0.03 ether each to you. Now you get 0.06 ether. You have to use 0.05 ether to buy level 2 with 0.01 remaining ether as profit.
LEVEL 2-The 4 people recruited by your 2 people will donate for your level 2. Each will donate 0.05 ether to you and you will get a total of 0.2 ethereum. You will then use 0.1  ethereum to upgrade to level 3 and you will remain with 0.1 ethereum as profit.
LEVEL 3- The 8 people recruited by the 4 should donate to you 0.1 ethereum each that total is 0.8 ethereum. You will use 0.4 ethereum to upgrade to level 4 and you will keep 0.4 ethereum as profit.
LEVEL 4- The 16 people recruited by the 8 people will donate to you 0.4 ethereum each totalling to 6.4 ethereum. You will use 1 ethereum to upgrade to level 5 and you will keep 5.4 ethereum as profit.
LEVEL 5- 32 people recruited by the 16 will contribute to you 1 ethereum each thats totalling to 32 ethereum. You will use 2.5 ethereum to donate to level 6 and you will keep 29.5 ethereum as profit.
LEVEL 6- The 2 people who donated to your level 1, will again donate 2.5 ether each to you and you will get 5 ether. You will then donate the 5 ether to level 7.
LEVEL 7- 4 people recruited by your 2 people again donate 5 ethereum each thus making a total of 20 ethereum. You use 10 to upgrade to level 8 and keep 10 ethereum.
LEVEL 8- 8 people recruited by your 4 donate 10 ether to you making a total of 80 ethereum. You use 20 for level 9 and keep 60 ethereum as profit.
LEVEL 9- 16 people recruited by your 8 donate 20 ether each thus making 320 ether. You donate 40 ether to level 10 and keep 280 ethereum as profit.
LEVEL 10- Get 40 ether from 32 people and keep all the money(1280 ethereum)
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Our crypto MLM software avoids any scam in the MLM business model because it is intregrated with ethereum smart contract development it ensures security while transacting your cryptos all over the world. Smartcontract gives trust you to authourised persons access your cryptocurrencies is secure manner which will add more customers to enter into cryptocurrency MLM business.
Our smart contract based Crypto MLM Software offers the following plans to satisfy various business needs.
Plans that we offer,
  • Unilevel Plan
  • Binary Plan
  • Hybrid Plan
  • Matrix Plan
  • Working Plan

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Benefits of our Million Money Clone Script
100% safe and secure
Fully Decentralized Platform
100% Transparency
100% open source smart contract system.
Payment deposites directly to your ethereum wallet
Guaranteed Larger ROI
No scam/Risk Free
Peer to peer Transaction
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