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Blockchain Solutions Development Company

Blockchain Solutions Development Company

Coinjoker - The Key Player in Blockchain Development has been experienced in offering the high grade blockchain solutions for enterprises, startups or even bigger organization. We accomplish your goals by applying the latest distributed hyperledger technologies, identity management solutions and smart contract deployment.

Challenges solved by Blockchain technology:

Manually processing the data and records of the medical checkups take a long time. The submission of this records can be manipulated or being theft by the internal authorities. Keeping the healthcare data in a contained environment is a tedious process. Blockchain applications make use of the decentralized format and provide a easy way for patients to access their data with the private hash key. The data is being recorded on the blockchain network and nobody can alter or duplicate the information. The research says that over 50% of the healthcare industry is ready to deploy the blockchain network for safe data processing.

Selling and buying the property using the real estate agents is expensive as they charge for the brokerage commission. Without knowing them, sharing the information about the property may leads to serious risks. To overcome this, blockchain solutions cut down the (agents,banks, brokers,lawyers etc.) and provide a peer to peer communications between the buyer and seller.

The major present issue in this medical sector is that the insurance claiming can take weeks or even a long time to be paid. The procedure is still exceptionally manual and requires a substantial level of human activity. This signifies plenty of regulatory costs, which result in higher premiums for clients. Insurance agencies can robotize this claiming process by keeping in touch with them into a blockchain solution. For more understanding, check out this article on blockchain smart contract real-life examples.

To ensure the originality of the copyright product or services. The smart contract is enabling customers to know that the specific product they are buying is an original one. It can be processed by the blockchain technology which stores the authenticity of the product in the network and accesses the information of the products when it is needed.

Our Blockchain Development Procedure:

1. About your requirements:

Initially, we hear from you. We get the the exact requirements from your side. The industry where you want to focus and provide solutions to the people. After assessment, we provide consolidated report on budget, project duration and resources allocated for developing your project.

2. Expert Consultation:

The group of Blockchain experts, developers, project managers explain you about the technology involved in deploying the blockchain for your planned business goals. They assist you with additional strategy which can be applicable to the respective industry.

3. Design & Deployment:

After confirming your final implementation, we allocate a dedicated certified blockchain development team for you. Simultaneously, you can check out the project status and timeline in the weekly basis or monthly basis. We use agile methodology to inspect every outcome that results from team work.

4. Product Launch & Technical Support:

Finally, we deliver your blockchain network with your approval from end to end. We never stop with that. Our blockchain experts and managers are be with you anytime before or after the launch of your product. The technical assistance team is allotted for your blockchain product to provide seamless operations.

Why we are Unique?
  • We are recognized by Goodfirms as the best blockchain solutions company.
  • Having 6+years of experience in Blockchain Development & Solutions.
  • Delivered 50+ successful cryptocurrency exchange solutions for the clients like altcoin Merchant, Bitcocyrus, Bitfxt, Bitmillex, Bitpaya, Bitpyro, Bitrazi, Bit2Ex, Coinbreeze, CryptoBank,Cryptofuse, Cryptomax, Crypto Revolution, eTop Traders, Geobitex, Giovanni, Kointra, Localbithub, Manipto, MMBitcoinFair, MoreBit, Morcryp, NextCoin, NexBit, Pionchain, Token Coins, WCX.
  • Featured in Appfutura as the successful blockchain developers.
  • Featured in Blocktribe as the reputed blockchain development company.
  • ISO certified 9001 company.

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