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Stablecoin Development Services

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies or digital currencies that are indexed to the value of the national currency of any given country. Aside from that, they are backed by different cryptocurrencies, assets, and even gold to maintain a constant value. Stablecoins aim to close the gap between the usefulness of cryptocurrencies and the stability of traditional currencies.

Increase the potential of your business with our unrivaled stablecoin development services. Launch your decentralized stablecoins, which provide tremendous stability in the face of the volatile cryptocurrency market. are carried out and completed quickly. Our knowledge and dedication to creating and deploying solutions for the Blockchain and localized finance landscape will undoubtedly help you achieve your business objectives and generate significant returns.

Services Of Stablecoin Development

Stablecoin consulting

With the guidance and assistance of Stablecoin experts that have worked with teams of various sizes to provide actionable Outcomes. you can solidify your decisions and accomplish exceptional results.

Payment-related services

The team at Coinjoker offers you payment-related services. These services add a wide range of payment methods to our Stablecoin offers, enabling you to boost revenue.

Fiat-Backed Token development

Fiat-backed as they are backed by the government, stablecoins are more stable. These are reliable, centralized, and subject to stringent auditing and restrictions.

Ideation and creation of Whitepapers

We Coinjoker assist our team of specialists in creating whitepapers that are clear and also being simple to read. It will contain key project information and be utilized as a crucial tool to help investors choose wisely.

Real Estate-Backed Token Development

One of the most popular investment sectors is real estate. To enable the exchange of the tokens for real estate, our team of experts can assist you to bind your stablecoin to real estate.

Gemstone-Backed Token Development

Stablecoin experts at Coinjoker can assist in creating tokens that are backed by precious stones such as gold and diamond. There will be no hidden layer and tokens will be redeemable or exchangeable for actual gemstones.

AML/KYC Services

All mandatory KYC/AML checks are done on every investor profile by Coinjoker. This is done when they issue tokens that are equivalent to stable assets and when they redeem the stablecoin.

Stablecoin Marketing

Our experts will work with you to develop a growth hack strategy for stablecoins. We'll carry out all required marketing tasks, including PR outreach, social media marketing, and other techniques.

Managing community support

Using ticketing systems, instant messengers, and help forums, our team of Stablecoin professionals offers community support to users. Our goal is to swiftly and precisely respond to your queries.

Must have features to create Stablecoin

Check out the following features of stable coin development

Lack of volatility

Stablecoin will transform the financial industry by providing a currency that is stable and safe for businesses to use in the constantly fluctuating monetary values.

Financial Inclusion

The elite nature of financial services has transformed. With the use of blockchain technology, everyone will have equal access to financial institutions.


Liquid assets will assist you in obtaining funding for your project in a safe and reliable form of currency. To keep the price stable when it rises.

Enhanced Exposure

Due to the opening of a collateralized debt obligation (CDO), the trading is done on margins, increasing the exposure to the underlying asset.

Administration Token

The responsibility of making risk-based decisions that affect the stability of the stablecoin ecosystem rests with the token holder.

Easy-to-use mining

The gold- or currency-backed cryptos can be mined without specialized equipment due to cloud-based mining.

Benefits of Creating stablecoins

Zero Uncertainty

Stablecoins are digital currencies that are supported by tangible assets in order to maintain a generally consistent value. This helps the business stay on top of the constantly changing value of money.

Transparent transactions

Stablecoins are traded on the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges and have achieved considerable acceptance because of their resistance to market swings.

Worldwide Adoption

Due to their low volatility, stablecoins are commonly used and accepted by cryptocurrency exchanges.


You can be sure that your donations will be safely sent to your project if you use stablecoins to raise money. Additionally, additional tokens may be created if required to maintain price stability.

Energy efficiency

An ecosystem with rapid consensus, high transaction throughput, and low energy consumption is produced by stablecoins.

No Risks of Volatility

Because stable assets, such as fiat currency, support stablecoins, they can endure despite constantly fluctuating monetary prices.

Types Of Stablecoin Development

Fiat-backed Stablecoin Development
Gold-backed Stablecoin Development
Silver-backed Stablecoin Development
USD-backed Stablecoin Gateway Development
Asset-backed Stablecoin Development
Crypto-backed Stablecoin Development
Commodity-backed Stablecoin Development
Non-collateralized Stablecoin Development
Types Of Stablecoin Development

Use Cases of Stablecoin Creation

Day-to-day Payments

Day-to-day Payments

With the added advantage of being a digital currency that’s legally backed and secure, Stablecoins give ease of access.

Efficient recurring & P2P payments

Efficient recurring & P2P payments

Using Smart contracts, and Stablecoins, recurring payments for global force removes the excessive charges.

Smart Escrow

Smart Escrow

As cryptocurrencies are too uncertain, Stablecoins can be used in smart contracts based escrows.

Fast and affordable remittances

Fast and affordable remittances

With Stablecoins, mobile workers can transfer money to their cherished ones with low costs and no price tag volatility.

Powering dApps

Powering dApps

Stablecoin can be used to power virtual games and apps by bringing certified money.

Permissioned blockchain networks

Permissioned blockchain networks

With Stablecoins, a bank or any other permissioned blockchain network can distribute within the network without any price volatility.


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