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  • Clone Script - To Build A DeFi DEX Platform on Binance Smart Chain Clone Script - To Build A DeFi DEX Platform on Binance Smart Chain
DeFi Clone Script - To Build A DeFi DEX Platform on Binance Smart Chain Clone Script clone script mirrors the exact functionalities of It is a decentralized automated market-making (AMM) exchange and helps users perform yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. 

Incorporate the same functionalities like providing a good annual percentage yield (APY) in your platform with coinjoker's clone script. 

Upon deploying the platform with our clone script, you can also add your native tokens to incentivize your user base. This will both popularize the platform as well as increase the value of your token. Clone Software clone software is a fork of Uniswap clone software, that protocol software is used to automated token exchange on Ethereum. While Uniswap clone is for trading ERC-20 tokens, clone software is a protocol for ERC-1155 tokens. Both are designed to favor ease of use and provide guaranteed access to liquidity on-chain.

Coinjoker - A leading DeFi Development Company offers White label clone script which is attractively designed, well developed, multi tested and verified by our blockchain experts for generating income on yield framing process. Our team of high professional and well knowledged crypto developers have technically experienced in developing DeFi based projects like Yield Farming, Uniswap,Sushiswap and Pancakeswap.

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Features of kittyswap.Finance Clone Script

Unique burning mechanism clone script solves the problem of inflation faced by many previous DeFi projects. It has a token burning mechanism that increases the value of its token. Similarly, you can deploy the same concept in your platform. 
*  4% burn fee will be charged at staking. 0% for withdrawal.
* The burning transaction fee (75% of the 4%) will be used to buyback $kittyswap.
However, you can set your desired settings on your platform. 

Users can participate in the lottery system using your native token.  

Casino Games
Create casino gaming systems in your platform in which users can play using your native tokens (or) by using BNB coins. Similar to casino games, the provision to add more games can also be provided. While has the setting of a 1% fee to participate in their games, you can modify it based on your desire. 

Farming & Staking Mechanism
Help users farm in your DeFi platform with your native tokens. Also, users can just stake and earn the appropriate yields based on their staking level and the duration held.  

Security Protocols
A timelock of 24 hours is added to the contract during the time of launch. This timing can be varied in your platform (or) executed similar to that of 

Benefits of Clone Script

  • Multiple decentralized games like lottery, casinos can be integrated into your platform.  
  • The unique burning mechanism will drive the value of your coin. 
  • 24-hour time lock security protocols can be built. 
  • Users can earn a good yield based on the staking duration. 
  • Native tokens can be used to popularize your platform. 
  • Funds can be raised via a token sale. 

How Coinjoker's Kittyswap Clone Script Works? clone exchanges script maintains an order book and facilitate matches between buyers and sellers. clone is built with smart contracts hold liquidity reserves of various tokens, and trades are executed directly against these reserves. Here, kittyswap clone script maintains the same features in where prices are set automatically using the constant product $x*y = K$ market maker mechanism, which keeps overall reserves in relative equilibrium. Reserves are pooled between a network of liquidity providers who supply the system with tokens in exchange for a proportional share of transaction fees.

How clone script is differences with Uniswap Clone?

There are two versions of clone, one is compatible with Uniswap V2 clone and for ERC20, the other is for ERC1155.

For the one which is compatible with ERC20, there are slight differences:

1.Liquidity fee is 0.5% instead of 0.3%. 0.25% goes to LION staking holders, 0.25% goes to liquidity providers.
2.Every KITTY can be evolved into a LION.
For the one which is for ERC1155, there are some differences compared to the original Uniswap that we would like to outline below:
For ERC-1155 tokens, not ERC-20s
Base currency is not ETH, but needs to be an ERC-1155
Liquidity fee is 0.5% instead of 0.3%
All fees are taken from base currency (Uniswap clone takes trading fees on both sides). This will lead to some small inneficiencies which will be corrected via arbitrage.
Users do not need to set approvals before their first trade
100% native meta-tx friendly for ERC-1155 implementations with native meta-tx functionalities
Front-end implementations can add arbitrary fee (in addition to the 0.5%) for tokens with native meta-transactions.
Less functions than Uniswap

How clone script is differences with Sushiswap?

1) Sushi is not capped
Kitty is capped on 20,000
2)Sushi is for ERC20
Kitty is for both ERC20 and ERC1155
3)Kitty has threshold strategy to incentivize large liquidity providers
4) Sushi Bonus period 17 days
Kitty: Bonus Period 125 days
5)Sushi Bonus Multiplier x10
Kitty Bonus Multiplier x3
6)Sushi per block: 100
Kitty per hour: 1
7)Sushi: no NFT market
Kitty: NFT maker supported

Deploy Clone Script from Coinjoker

Coinjoker helps you deploy a clone script with the finest AMM system to benefit the traders, market makers, benefit holders, and the treasury. clone script is a decentralized automated market maker, bringing powerful extra features to the DeFi space.

How Coinjoker builds Your DeFi Platform like

Conformance To High Quality DeFi Platform Development
Presence Of A Core Blockchain Tech Team
Prompt Delivery of Bug Free DeFi Projects 
Support Of Post-Sales and R&D Team
Hire Our Offshore DeFi Developers
Customized model To Incorporate Visinoray Features

Why to choose Coinjoker For clone script development?

Strategized Investment Plans
Highly Secure and Reliable 
Sophisticated and user-centric platform development
Transparent DeFi Platform
Ensures Global Access of DeFi Space
Usuage of Customized Smart Contract and DApp Development

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