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Localbitcoins Clone Script

Build P2P Crypto Exchange like Localbitcoins
  • 100% Customizable Crypto Exchange Script
  • Variety of Payment Options
  • Escrow System allows for greater buyer security
  • Responsive & High Intent UI/UX
  • Develop both Localbitcoins Website Clone & Localbitcoins App Clone
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White label LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Localbitcoins Clone Script is a peer-to-peer crypto exchange script that helps entrepreneurs to build cryptocurrency website to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily and securely. Our white label localbitcoins clone script allows you to develop your own crypto exchange like localbitcoins with 100% customization as per your business requirement and the market trends. Coinjoker builds localbitcoins clone which allows your users to post coin advertisement and users can show the exchange rate and payment options for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Coinjoker offer a fully packed, customized, highly secured localbitcoins clone script which is 100% replication of localbitcoins exchange features and functionalities. We provide both localbitcoins clone script and localbitcoins clone app with the latest premium features, advanced control panels, and cutting-edge functionality to adapt to the current crypto market trends.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script Features

Trading View Chart
Coinpayments / Bitgo Wallet integration
Feedback system
Escrow Support
User-Admin Swap
Live Price Ticker
Payments Gateway
Email Notifications
500+ CryptoCurrency Integration
700+ Pairs Supporting
Multi language Support
Post/Display ads
2FA authentication
Crypto Wallet Development
Token Listing
Referral Program
P2P trading
OTC Trading
Enabled Chat Bot
High Speed Trading Engine
Updating live prices
Identify trading
Coin advertisement
Margin Trading
Login Guard
Multisignature Wallet
AML/KYC support
Secure Cold Wallet Storage
Registry Lock
Anti Denial of Services (DoS)
HTTP Authentication
Secure data encryption
Content Security Policy
Jail Login System
Users Authentication
Secure Architecture
Biometric Enabled Security
2FA Validation
Mail based verification
OTP validated Transactions
Liquidity API
Arbitrage Trading
Flip bitcoin
Margin Trading
Transaction Fee
Posting Fee
Dynamic Pairing tool
Volume Bot
User Bot
Automated trading bot
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Ad Commission
Get Our Fully Customizable Localbitcoins Clone Software And Launch Your Own Crypto Exchange like Localbitcoins

Localbitcoins Clone App Development

Launch your Localbitcoins clone app with our Whitelabel localbitcoins clone app development services. It is built by our blockchain experts, and this ready-made LocalBitcoins clone script can help you save your time and money by building an app from scratch. Our localbitcoins clone app solution features both native iOS and android apps, so you can reach all your potential crypto customers. We deliver a custom-built localbitcoins clone app with comprehensive business logic, efficient performance, and technical scalability.

LocalBitcoins Clone App Features
100% Transaparent
Integrated Wallet
Easy Customization
Versatile Crypto Payment
Make Markets
Advanced CMS
Multi Lingual Support
Liquidity Management
Match and Commerce

Benefits of Choosing Our Localbitcoins Clone Software

Reduce Development Time
Increase the Chance of Success
Affordability Is What It Provides
Most Efficient System
Customizable and Scalable
Helps Generating More Revenue

Localbitcoins Clone Script with Escrow Service

Our escrow is acts as a middleman who holds bitcoins safely until the conditions are met between traders. It provides convenient for buyers and sellers to give security for cryptocurrency trading. Our services prevent big mistake of losing bitcoins from the traders during your crypto exchange. Our bitcoin escrow service provides extra pair of eyes in your bottleneck situations.

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Localbitcoins Clone Development Workflow

Our development process is quite straightforward. Our Localbitcoins clone software is ready for deployment and installation. All you need is, get it customized and make it available on your website as well as on play stores.

Nonetheless, a serious business needs the total customization that you want. We offer robust and upgradable LocalBitcoins clone script development solutions that can be launched within 3 Days. The process includes,

Complete analysis of your requirement
Designing individual screens to make sure everything looks exactly the way you want
Customization on both website & app
Installation, and deployment
Testing on multiple platforms
Final deployment

Modules Of Localbitcoins Clone Script

Coinjoker offers you some vying features that make our Localbitcoins clone script distinctive and successful from others

User Dashboard

  • Instant Buy and Sell option
  • Sign-up and sign-in
  • Payment modes options
  • Language selection
  • Create, Buy/Sell Ads
  • Theme selecting options
  • Offer to track

Admin Dashboard

  • Clarification section
  • Terms and conditions
  • Useful links
  • Improve your Business
  • Purchase Anywhere
  • For your community
  • Store accessibility

What makes our LocalBitcoins Clone Script unique from others?

We offer local bitcoins clone script as top rated solutions from the rest of our competitors.

Professionally Designed

Bug Free Source Code

Timely Deployment

Multi layer Security

Easy to Use

Fully Customized

100% Satisfaction

Flexible Engagements

24/7 Technical Support

Cloud Tech Integration

Performance Scalability

Seamless Communication

FAQ- LocalBitcoins Clone


LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a Identical copy of successful p2p crypto exchange like local bitcoins. We offer ready made local bitcoin clone script functions exactly similar to localbitcoins is a better-known exchange website. So, you can start your crypto exchange like local bitcoins within 7 days, which closely resembles familiar p2p crypto exchange website like localbitcoins.


We here at Coinjoker help you to build tailored web application, mobile applications as per your specific business needs. We design contextual UI/UX for better trading experience, and can select the appropriate trading options for best users performance.

You can get custom code to incorporate your complex and unique business logic in your web application.


Our LocalBitcoins Clone script comes out with a very notable trading method called Over-the-Counter Trading means, which involves trading that happens without the supervision of an exchange. Our Clone Script blends P2P with that OTC attributes.


Yes, it is possible to add further features after the deployment, you can approach us for your crypto exchange platform development


Coinjoker can develop the Whitelabel crypto exchange in the resemblance of LocalBitcoins, which allows you to customize and fulfill your necessities.


Our feature-packed LocalBitcoins Clone Script comes up with features like KYC/AML, World-class Security, Escrow Service, Multi-crypto Wallet, OTC Trading Option


Coinjoker provides a few benefits which make it unique from others. They are  Zero Anonymity, Exclusive Launchpad, Multi-language support, CSRF Protection, AES Encryption, and an Anti-phishing option.


Our localbitcoins clone script supports multiple ways to perform the trading process both via cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.


The cost is doesn’t matter whether you need to build secure and user-friendly website. We offer minimum range of cost to build locabitcoins, and the maximum range depends on your additional requirements and features


Any average people can become an admin for crypto exchange like locabitcoins and yield more revenue within 7 days. You build your website with more reliable and securable.


Our localbitcoins clone script has extra features like localbitcoins clone web development, localbitcoins clone mobile app development for both android and ios.