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BTCTurk Clone Script- To Start Cryptocurrency Exchange In Turkey
Cryptocurrency Exchange

BTCTurk Clone Script- To Start Cryptocurrency Exchange In Turkey

Are you a turkler? Having an idea to start own cryptocurrency exchange platform with top notch security and userfriendly?

Coinjoker-Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script development company builds top turkey cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts for cryptocurrency trading and exchanging.

The top cryptocurrency exchange websites like BTCTurk, bitci, paribu sites have well named for turkey based cryptocurrency exchanging.

So, If you are amazing about cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can build your trading website like that popular cryptocurrency exchange sites.

For the instant building of site, Coinjoker-We offer the readymade bitcoin exchange clone scripts to build your website that are well ranked in turkey region.

We provide the three clone scripts which are mentioned below.

About BTCTurk.com:

We offer the clone script which are similar to the btcturk.com website. This exchange platform is based on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether and Stellar Lumens exchange.

The salient features which are implemented in the btcturk.com to make secure and safer website for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Two-step Verification: 

When you enable 2-Step Verification also known as two-factor authentication, you add an extra layer of security to your account from the fraudulent activities. You sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your phone for verification.


SegWit is a process compatibility fix and scaling solution that optimizes Blockchain by reducing the size of processes. With SegWit, we can fit a lot more Bitcoins into the same block without increasing the size of the blocks.

BtcTurk API

With BtcTurk API you can receive market information, account movements and transactions, enter market and limit orders, cancel orders.

Cold Storage

The offline wallet, also known as cold storage, protects your savings with the highest security. It requires storing the wallet in a safe place that is not connected to the network.

About Paribu.com:

The salient features which are implemented in the paribu.com to make secure and safer website for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Safe Cold Storage:

Your digital assets are stored in physically secured offline wallets.

7/24 Investment Transactions:

You can also make your bank transfers after working hours and continue buying and selling transactions.

Uninterrupted and fast support:

Our support team is ready to help at any time with a quick return if you have a question or need.

Double Step Verification

You're safe with login methods that keep your account security at a high level.

Easy Buy and Sell

You can perform your transaction at the most reasonable prices without waiting with fast buying and selling options.

Easy to use interface

With Paribu, buying and selling cryptography is now easier and easier to understand than ever before.

About Bitci.com

Bitci.com is the most effective platform of the next generation investment world with its functional interface, its operation to operate on all crypto coins, its operation records that record user movements and periodically.

The advantages of bitci.com:

Transaction Reports and Analyzes:

A completely free system that records all the movements of the market and shares these transactions with you in certain periods

Potential Gain Graphs:

System reporting your potential earnings based on the trading transactions you have performed

Profit – Loss

An interface to share with you the profit and loss rates of the movements you perform following the purchase and sale transactions you approve

Transparent Operation Structure               

Reliable operation that allows you to compare trading movements based on all exchanges with global rate

Effective Interface

Interface design that allows you to easily analyze all process steps, graphics and reports

7 / 24 Open System

Strong infrastructure that does not close or slow down when the stock market rises, falls and is suddenly intensely traded

High Security User Account         

High individual security system specifically developed to protect your investment against any situation

Minimum Commission Maximum Speed

It has the lowest commission rate on the market during the buying and selling processes; non-waiting transfer system

About Coinjoker:

Coinjoker- Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Development company develops numerous clone projects and delivers the client all over world before deadline. Our work describes the quality of building an high-end cryptocurrency exchange platform with multisecure features. We always focus to satisfy the clients regarding their security, usedfriendly and fully customized admin panel for easier trading options.

If you have an idea to build the above mentioned popular turkey based exchange sites like bitci.com, btcturk.com, paribu.com?

We provide the full support of creating those popular crypto exchange platforms with our knowledgable developers !!

Get A Free Live Trade Demo of popular exchange scripts !!

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