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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts

To Start Your Crypto Exchange Platform Effectively!

100% Customizable
Reliable & Secure
Bug-Free Script
Easy to Deploy

Start your Business Venture with Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

The cryptocurrency exchange industry is now booming with many new crypto exchanges popping up every day. In addition, a large number of newbies are entering the blockchain sector in order to make maximize profits. Crypto exchanges and blockchain technology are currently the trends in the digital age. Buying, selling, and trading crypto assets has become a common occurrence as a result of this latest trend. In recent days, one major thing that has enlightened many companies and entrepreneurs interested in starting a cryptocurrency exchange is White-Label crypto exchange software. As a result, creating your crypto trading platform is a profitable and simple method to become a Crypto Exchange Entrepreneur.

Cryptocurrency exchange clone script allows you to build crypto exchange platform easily and quickly. Here, you can prefer White-label or Ready-made script as per your business requirement. By using a white label crypto exchange clone script, you can deploy a fully functional & feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange and you can customize based on market trend to better suit the needs. By using this ready-made clone script, you can kick start your own cryptocurrency exchange instantly with less effort.



Binance is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange platform that is used by users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Binance Clone Script is a 100% replica of Binance crypto exchange that takes over all the features and functional elements of it. Coinjoker as a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provides White label Binance clone script that can be customized based on the clients needs and their target audience. Our Binance clone script comes with launch pad, liquid swap, crypto staking, etc.



Coinjoker is a well-known Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that develops peer-to-peer exchange platforms like Localbitcoins Clone Script. Localbitcoins Clone Script constitutes all the elements present in Localbitcoins and it bears over-the-counter trading (OTC) by which users who can purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies without any third-party involvement. Our Localbitcoins comes with high escrow security features, in-app chat, multi-payment support, unique UI, and more.



Remitano Clone Script is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform that is equivalent to Remitano. As a dominant Cryptocurrency Exchange Company, we develop custom-made Remitano Clone scripts by implementing all the advanced attributes, and tech stacks, with high-security protocols. Users can trade their cryptocurrencies in a secure environment and our clone script is built with a user-friendly interface, high liquidity, a trading engine, and more. The White label Remitano Clone script we deliver is safe, secure, steadfast, and bug-free in order to provide the best crypto trading platform to users.



Coinjoker is a foremost Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that develops Wazirx Clone Script by melding all the features, properties, and functions similar to Wazirx. Our customizable White label Wazirx clone scripts undergo vigorous tests to guarantee and prove their security, immaculate attributes, and secure nature. It is rigged with high liquidity, IEO exchange, trading bot, impeccable UI, and inherits all the cutting-edge tech stacks.



The Paxful clone script we deploy is pre-loaded with all basic features and functionalities present in Paxful. Coinjoker is a supreme Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that owns and comes up with a market-ready White label Paxful clone script. Our Clone script comes with match engines that are used to buy and sell cryptos, Escrow trade, Ads posting, etc. As a peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform it comes with enhanced transparency.



Coinjoker is a promising Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that offers Coinbase Clone Script with attributes, security mechanisms, APIs, and UI equivalent to Coinbase. The White label Coinbase Clone script comes with a customization option and high-end security features and it is a user-to-admin crypto exchange clone software. Our Coinbase Clone Script inherits all the advanced technologies and is developed by experienced blockchain developers.



Poloniex Clone Script is a market-ready clone script used for crypto trading. Coinjoker is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that develops the Poloniex Clone script by integrating all the functions, avant-garde features, and plugins parallel to Poloniex. The Clone script we develop contains mandated plugins, APIs, security features, and all crypto exchange qualities into it. White-label Poloniex clone helps startups and business people to seamlessly manage and to bring a high-volume to their businesses.



KuCoin Clone Script is a pre-made cryptocurrency exchange clone script that inherits all the features, trading functions, and plug-ins of the KuCoin. Coinjoker as a prominent Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provides a ready-to-deploy crypto exchange platform like KuCoin clone script. Startups and entrepreneurs are adopting it due to its customization feature as it satisfies all their business necessities. Our clone script is powered by blockchain technologies and high-security features.


Changelly is a leading crypto trading platform in the global crypto marketplace. Coinjoker helps you in developing Changelly Clone script by incorporating all the features and functionalities similar to Changelly. We come up with ready-to-launch and customizable White label Changelly clone scripts and on the other hand, we develop clone scripts from scratch based on our clients' requirements. Our developers assure you that your platform is multi-tested, and comes with bug-free source code that is more secure to use. Our Changelly Clone Script comes with high liquidity, instant buy & sell trading functionalities, a user-friendly interface, low transaction fees, and accepts 50+ fiat currencies.

CLONE SCRIPT Clone Script is a market-ready crypto exchange source code that carries all the features and functions present in Coinjoker as a prominent Crypto Exchange Development Company develops clone scripts with simple user interfaces, wallet management systems, Trading system, Content management systems, payment gateways, and many more. Be a pioneer and launch your own and generate high ROI.

Key Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

Exceptional Developers
Multiple Crypto Wallets
Wallet integration for each user which facilitates a range of operations. Our incredibly safe cryptocurrency script provides several integrated wallets for the storage of cryptocurrencies , fiat money, ripples, and other cryptocurrencies.
24x7 support
Trading Engine
We offer you a cryptocurrency exchange script that is safely encrypted and has all the necessary tools to facilitate trading. Users can sell, purchase , and trade cryptocurrencies due to the well-organized trading engine in our cryptocurrency script.
Feature-Rich Security Offerings
Quick transactions
With our unique and more engaged platform, you may have a terrific trading experience. Our scripts are simple to setup and offer faster transactions—1.5 million per second.
Customized Services
Improved liquidity
We create scripts and APIs to ensure high liquidity for the system. Additionally, we paid close attention to providing security measures without the aid of intermediaries.
Open Source
Customer Centric Platform
The trading platform will be assessed by traders, who will then share their thoughts. For speedy real-time trading with user choice, we rely on tools and technologies.
High Security
Our Crypto exchange software is an extremely safe platform because it has features like data encryption, HTTP authentication, and two-factor authentication. Threats and unethical behavior are stopped by our stagnated growth.

Security Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

Pay closer attention to security features when it comes to the cryptocurrency exchange industry. Every hacker's attention is on cryptocurrencies, therefore even a minor security flaw will result in the loss of your user assets. Therefore, integrating tamper-proof security functionalities in the bitcoin exchange script will assist you in starting a safe and secure cryptocurrency trading platform. The list of top-notch security measures available in the flawless cryptocurrency trading script is provided below.

Initial Coin Offerings

Data encryption

This function is an essential part of every cryptography transaction. User passwords and other sensitive data are shielded during transmission using encryption methods.
Initial DEX Offerings

HTTP Authentication

We give you access to a cryptocurrency exchange script that is safely secured and has all the functionality you need to make trading simpler.
Initial Game Offerings

Anti-Distributed Denial Of Q(DDoS)

We offer you a cryptocurrency exchange script that is safely encrypted and has all necessary features to facilitate trading.
Initial Insurance offerings

Protection Against Parameter Pollution

Using this feature, web attacks that craft HTTP requests to retrieve secret information are prevented.
Initial Liquidity Offerings

SSRF And CSRF Protection

State change requests and other undesirable user actions are prevented via CSRF. When online applications are compromised, SSRF protects internal system from threats.
Initial Exchange Offerings

Jail Login

By using this option, the machine is locked after numerous failed login efforts for a predetermined amount of time. It acts against parameter pollution.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone development process

Security Features Of Our White Label Crypto Exchange Script

Why Coinjoker To Develop a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

Coinjoker is a pre-eminent Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company pooled with expert blockchain developers. We provide services on all kinds of cryptocurrencies and develop clone solutions in a way it assures quality and flawless output. The Clone script we develop comes with an easy-to-handle user interface in order to attract huge users and it is completely hassle-free. Users can use our cryptocurrency clone platforms without any technical issues. Reach Coinjoker if you are interested in developing and deploying any of the above-mentioned clone scripts officially. Feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp. Our tech team will consult and guide you.


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