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SimpleFX Clone Script - Launch Crypto Trading Platform like SimpleFX
Cryptocurrency Exchange

SimpleFX Clone Script - Launch Crypto Trading Platform like SimpleFX

Interested in trading and bored of using traditional trading platforms? Create your own crypto exchange platform like SimpleFX. This blog will familiarize you with SimpleFX clone, its features, benefits, perks and as a development company what we add, and more.

SimpleFX Clone Script

Coinjoker offers SimpleFX Clone Script by integrating all the features and functionalities that is similar to SimpleFX. We develop the SimpleFX clone platform in two ways. Firstly, we have a ready-to-launch platform and secondly, we have white label(customizable) solutions that can be altered based on our clients' requirements. 

Coinjoker is a leading Crypto Exchange Development Company that helps you in developing a SimpleFX Clone script platform uniquely. We design our solutions in a way that allows the successful exchange of multiple crypto pairs with rapid execution, snowballing incomes, outstanding trading factors, and more. Users can trade on any device and it functions perfectly on any device. Start your trade by using your phone with our SimpleFX clone application can be used on any iOS or Android phone. SimpleFX clone is the quickest and most instinctive trading tool. 


Features Included in our SimpleFX Clone Script  

User Account

After signing up, users can start their trading and the account supports multiple currencies. It has a lucrative affiliate program and here the platform will never require a minimum deposit from its users. The staking of cryptos is feasible and SimpleFX clone comes with two assets like TRON and Binance coin in addition to Ethereum.


SimpleFX Clone Affiliate Program helps users to get a passive income just by referring the platform to other people and friends. Affiliates make access to funds easily and give way to automatic transfers. Users can track their profits and their funds can be traded with a single click payout button. SimpleFX clone comes with the best features like an open cookie-based tracking system, data privacy where data are anonymized and information is secured, and a tracking facility with trustworthy 3rd party software. 

Enhanced Security 

SimpleFX clone provides enhanced security features and comes with KYC verification and two-factor authentication. Transactions like depositing and exchanges are done more securely and protect negative balances. 

Trading Process

Application Programming Interface management handles the trading process. The execution time and speed are more rapid than the traditional method of trading. 


The Metatrader4 is a trading software that is integrated into the clone script that is stable, steadfast, and fast. This has various order types like market, stops and trailing stops with a price alert feature. This comes with an adaptable trading system and inherits all the trading signals and technical analysis.


SimpleFX Clone App

SimpleFX Clone App is a crypto exchange app used for crypto trading. SimpleFX clone app helps in exchanging cryptos easily with your mobile phone from anywhere in the globe. Our expert developers design and develop your apps in a way to generate high profits for our clients.

Advantages Of SimpleFX Clone App

On using the SimpleFX clone app users will get to experience the following benefits. 

  1. Primacy to Privacy
  2. Bitcoin transfer is made easy
  3. No payment fee for withdrawal
  4. Enhanced security and mandates QR scan codes, invoices, addresses, etc.
  5. Low transaction fee
  6. Profits from Ethereum price
  7. Supports micropayments with second-layer protocol
  8. Staked funds can be used for trading
  9. No minimum deposit to the platform 
  10. Regular interest earnings from the Ethereum (ETH) deposit


 How Our SimpleFX Clone Script Functions  

  1. Users can access the SimpleFX clone app just by registering it with their basic details, especially with their email id.
  2. After registering a confirmation mail is sent and verified. The signing-up process is completed and the account is ready to use.
  3. SimpleFX clone is more secure and hence comes with two-factor authentication and KYC verification.
  4. Finally, users can start their crypto tradings and deposits.


Why Prefer To Trade With SimpleFX?

People who are interested in trading must start to trade with SimpleFX as it comes up with the following perks, 

  1. SimpleFX provides an unexpected and supreme trading experience to its users.
  2. SimpleFX comes with an instinctive trading tool and processes rapidly thereby enhancing the business toward profit.
  3. SimpleFX provides an easy way to earn and provides a high return through liquid staking
  4. SimpleFX is more unique and identical as it comes with both API manager tasks and automatic trading solutions
  5.  Users can use this trading platform 24/7 and transactions are carried away carefully.
  6. SimpleFX will never demand any minimum deposits and supports multicurrency accounts.


Why Determine To Choose Coinjoker To Develop Your SimpleFX Clone?

Coinjoker is pooled with expert developers with 14+ years of experience in the tech field. We develop our clients' solutions by implementing all the advanced tech stacks, security pinpoints, enhanced features, token modules, and more. Our SimpleFX clone supports all trading platforms with its highly encrypted wallet amenities. On employing us you get the following benefits,

  • Certified developers
  • Bug-free platform
  • Widgets to attract audiences
  • Post delivery support
  • Intuitive solutions
  • 24/7 tech support

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