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  • 1inch Exchange Clone Script - To Build DeFi DEX Aggregator like 1inch Exchange

1inch Exchange Clone Script - To Build DeFi DEX Aggregator like 1inch Exchange

1inch Exchange Clone Script - To Build DeFi DEX Aggregator like 1inch Exchange

1inch Exchange Clone Script

1inch Exchange Clone Script is DeFi Decentralized exchange aggregator script help users to discover tokens and achieve the best possible trading rates. 1inch Exchange clone operates by accessing liquidity sources from various exchanges and uses smart contract technology to build optimized trades. 1inch exchange clone script allows users to create limit orders for free and earn interest by lending cryptocurrencies and supplying liquidity to liquidity pools. 1inch exchange clone script enables your traders with cheapest trades, lowest slippage, for a wide range of ERC-20 tokens. 

1inch Exchange Clone Software

1inch Exchange Software is a decentralized exchange script built on ethereum network which enables you to build a DeFi DEX aggregator platform that increases liquidity from various popular exchanges.

Coinjoker's ready-to-deploy and white-label 1inch exchange Clone Script built with all primary and essential features of leading crypto exchange like 1inch exchange. Our Enrich trading and security business features protects to build your exchange from thefts with high ROI.

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1inch Exchange Clone App

1inch exchange clone app is designed to roll liquidity and pricing from all major Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges into one platform to make easy to get the best price for the desired trade.

Coinjoker 1inch clone app is more userfriendly that facilitates crypto exchange trading in easier and safe manner. If you wanna start crypto exchange like 1inch in handheld device, our 1inch clone app is the best choice.

Features of 1inch Exchange clone script

High Liquidity

1inch exchange clone script offers liquidity and rates of multi-dex exchange on a single board.

Own Rights of Funds 

1inch exchange clone script is built by similar functionalities in 1inch which does not hold any of the funds of your customer. The entire funds are held in the user’s ERC20 wallets.

Versatile Trading

1inch exchange clone basically gives the power over the customers coins. In order to sell and buy their coins, they will decide the trade.

Absence of KYC

No need for KYC verification, for building your account in our 1inch exchange clone platform, you can just link and begin trading with your wallet.

Low Risk

Our 1inch exchange clone has low chances of attacks by hackers, because no reserves are held at 1 inch.

How Does Our 1inch Exchange Clone Work?

Coinjoker's 1inch Exchange Clone uses API technology to locate the best possible routes for a token swap, subsequently dividing a trade across several exchanges.

1inch exchange clone uses effective algorithm finds the cheapest way to place that trade using all the popular and different exchanges using liquidity protocols that can facilitate this trade.

Our 1inch exchange clone script is built like the version of 1inch’s V2 platform released in late 2020. It made everything quicker and cheaper yet again. It added some more complex trades to keep prices low, such as rerouting money earmarked as collateral for loans on decentralized lending protocols Aave and Compound.

How to Start Using 1inch Exchange Clone Script?

If you have an idea to start crypto exchange like 1inch exchange, you can choose the ready made or white label 1inch exchange clone script.

If you opt ready made 1inch exchange clone script, you can build your exchange platform with the similar trading functionalities, trading pairs, token and fees present in 1inch exchange.

Finally it results like the 100% resemblence of 1inch. exchange with the identical functionalities. When you use our inch exchange clone script as a ready-to-market solutions, you can launch your crypto trading within 48 hours.

If you go another way by picking white label 1inch exchange clone script, you can customize your crypto exchange as like you desire. You can add/edit your crypto exchange trading and fess options as per your needs. You can become an owner of white label crypto exchange like 1inch within 7 days.

Advantages of 1inch Clone script

1inch Exchange clone script does not asked to create an account to begin trading. Instead, you link your ETH wallet, and can begin swaping currencies straight away.

1inch Exchange Clone Script offers integration of numerous cryptocurrency wallets that will store your digital coins. This means that 1inch Exchange clone does not have access to your token.

You can get complete control over your crypto-assets. This is crucial from a safety perspective.

1Inch Exchange Clone Script Supported Wallets

1inch DEX supports the following Erc20 wallets

Trust wallet.
Wallet Link.
Wallet Connect.

PROS of 1inch Exchange Clone Script

Support for various cryptocurrency wallets
Cheaper transaction costs with Chi Gastoken
Limit orders, liquidity & lending  pools
Clear and Intuitive User Interface
No withdrawal fees, except for the network fee
No Security Breaches or Hacks
Excellent Interface
No Fees apart from Network Fees
Good Liquidity
CHI Gas Token to Save on Transaction Costs

1inch Exchange Clone Development Services

As a DEX aggregator, 1inch Exchange clone development seems to be performing well for decentralized exchanges delivering on all its promises. 

1inch Exchange Clone Token Creation

1inch clone token can serve as both a utility token and a governance token.
This token runs on the Ethereum blockchain and will be distributed across wallets that have previously interacted with the 1inch Exchange platform – under certain conditions.

1inch Exchange CHI Gas Clone Token Creation

The CHI Gas Token, otherwise known as “CHI,” is an ERC20 token that will help you reduce this transaction fee on 1inch Exchange.

You can buy CHI Gas Token directly on the 1inch Exchange platform. Once you have the token available in your wallet, you can activate it to reduce the gas cost of future transactions.

1inch liquidity pools

1inch’s liquidity protocol, Mooniswap, which introduced virtual balances to bring more profit to liquidity providers, has been deprecated and rebranded to 1inch Liquidity Protocol.
It has currently various pools that you can add liquidity to and earn fees. Not all pools are included in the farming of 1INCH token.

1inch Exchange Mooniswap

Mooniswap is 1inch Exchange’s answer to the popular Automated Market Maker (AMM)- Uniswap.
These are smart contracts that are responsible for the liquidity pool of ERC20 tokens. In simple terms, this can effectively prevent slippage, allowing you more control over how you enter cryptocurrency trades.

Why to choose coinjoker for 1inch Exchange Clone Script?

Coinjoker identifies the innovative tools and features offered by 1inch Exchange certainly overcome the drawbacks of exchange. 1inch Clone Script by our crypto developers has done an excellent job in tackling some of the pressing issues that are downgrading the growth of the trading and Defi ecosystem.

Besides our 1inch exchange clone sofware makes a way for more liquidity, as this is something that the DEX space has suffered from in recent times. 

Our Exchange Clone Script avoids large-volume trades suffer from significant slippage – resulting in high costs for trade execution.

1inch Exchange Clone Software solves splitting the orders across multiple exchanges  yet keeping the trade to one transaction when compared to other exchanges.

Above all, Our 1inch exchange clone gives you an easy solution to compare the rates offered across different decentralized exchanges. You can review the price and liquidity on each platform, along with the respective gas fee.

For a seasoned trader, this can save a significant amount of time wasted by assessing multiple exchanges and their order books.

Benefits of Our 1inch Exchange Clone Script

1inch Exchange Clone Script maintains a good track record of no security breaches or hacking incidents.
Exchange Clone Script builds your platform with best interface is clear and easy to navigate.
Your customers are no need to pay additional fees involved in using the service – you only have to pay the network fee.
1inch Exchange Clone ensures high liquidity on your cryptocurrency trades while limiting the exchanges to a single transaction.
The CHI Gas Tokens are beneficial if you want to reduce your transaction costs further.
The novel AMM Mooniswap allows you to avoid slippage and subsequently take control of your entry price.

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1Inch Exchange Clone Script - FAQ


1inch Exchange clone script is a DEX aggregator script which makes use of decentralized exchanges for the cheapest prices and reroutes its customers’ trades and ensure that users are getting the best prices of trading in Decentralized Exchanges


1inch Exchange clone script offers users faster transactions and improved rates for swaps, while also reducing slippage and gas fees. It will also find the most efficient token swap paths. It will go through various liquidity pools, including different market depths


1inch exchange clone script is available in both ready to launch and customized solutions like white label 1inch exchange clone. Ready to Deploy 1inch exchange clone is a reasonable cost for individuals to start their DEX aggregator platform like 1inch exchange. White label 1inch exchange clone is a start to end customized solutions so you can customize brand, design, theme, logo and you could start it from scratch. It's costs depends on your requirements


You can Start your DeFi DEX Aggregator like 1inch Exchange by contacting the best DeFi Development Company, Where the Blockchain experts gather your requirements, analyze your need and develop, multi test your code and ensure bug free, provide ready to launch solutions


1inch Exchange token is an Ethereum token that powers 1inch exchange aggregator, it aims to provide the best rates by discovering the most efficient swapping routes across all leading DEXes. Our 1inch exchange clone script enables users to transact tokens without middleman.

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