Blockchain CrowdFunding Platform Development

Crowdfunding platforms are a blessing for entrepreneurs and business people who want to launch new ventures or businesses with blockchain. Platforms for crowd-funders are evolving to satisfy the demands and requirements of users. Coinjoker offers custom crypto/blockchain crowdfunding platform development services that are tailored to your business's specific requirements. By considering legal compliances, we create solutions that are ready to dominate the industry.

Features of Blockchain Crowdfunding platform

Check out the Elite Features of Blockchain crowdfunding platform development to enhance the user experience and better results.

Powerful admin panel

Users of platform have access to best admin panel, which allows them to create, manage, sell their crowdfunding projects with ease. You can help your users to get most out of their fundraising efforts using our Blockchain crowdfunding script.

Various payment options

Our Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform script offers a range of payment options to your users. Due to the integration of both crypto and fiat currencies, users can promote their campaigns around the world and attract millions of people.

Secure and reliable platforms

With our Blockchain crowdfunding platform, your campaigns and funds are secure. Due to the security of blockchain technology, our white-label crypto crowdfunding software platform is the ideal answer for all of your fundraising needs.

Alert for notifications

You can keep track of everything that happens with your campaigns with our white label crypto/ blockchain crowdfunding script. You can receive updates via mobile app and email notifications on a blockchain crowdfunding platform.

Progress graph

Keeping track of progress is crucial to a successful campaign, whether raising donations for a project or a good cause. You can track success of your crowdfunding campaigns and see detailed progress graphs on Blockchain crowdfunding script.

Social Media Platforms

Blockchain Crowd Funding Script includes the use of internet social media platforms to connect investors with entrepreneurs in order to raise capital for various kinds of ventures and increase the return on Investment in Short Period.

Blockchain Solutions For CrowdFunding

Donation-based Crowdfunding

A donation-based organization Crowdfunding solutions allows you to build a unique crowdfunding platform or an online portal to receive donations from individuals all over the world.

Crowdfunding for Rewards

Reward crowdfunding is a method of raising funds for a project in exchange for rewards. The project owner can own 100% of the business through Rewards-based Crowdfunding.

Lending Crowdfunding

It allows business owners to raise funds in the form of loans, which they must repay to the lenders along with interest.

Equity Crowdfunding

As when a business makes a profit, the value of its shares rises, allowing investors to profit from their investment, Equity Crowdfunding is also known as Investment Crowdfunding.

Workflow of Crypto / Blockchain Crowdfunding platform

An entrepreneur creates a platform and uses crowdfunding to raise up to $25,000 (For eg).

The platform generates NFT and ERC 20 tokens with a total amount of 25000 tokens. In exchange for their investment, each investor receives an ERC 20 token.

Each fundraising will generate NFT and ERC 20 tokens. NFT is designed as a form of insurance for the company's investments. The newly constructed ERC 20 contract will be used to lock these NFTs, with the overall supply set to rise. Each investor receives ERC20 tokens based on their investments. These ERC 20 tokens will be used to represent the company's shares.

Following that, the platform holds 20% of the funds raised. The remaining 80% goes to the proprietors of the business.

After a six-month period of fundraising, 20% of the funds held on the platform were released.

How do We develop a Crypto/Blockchain Crowdfunding platform?

Requirements Gathering

The team collaborate to gather relevant and necessary data in order to provide an exceptional user experience.

Validation of the Idea

Documenting vision, ideation, market research, wireframing, and finishing the technical foundation steps in the process.

Creating an MVP

Create MVP means you can develop platform for a lower cost and in less time than you could with a full-fledged version.


The UI/UX developers will help you with the design, which will include visual design, interface design, and so forth.


Developers deploy code from source control to a hosting platform and launch it to the market via this approach.

Maintenance and Support

Network's functioning is maintained through maintenance services like continue to work on making improvements.

Blockchain platforms we expertise

We're there to provide a variety of blockchain platforms for our Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, as we're Blockchain experts. Below is a list of the best blockchain platforms we are offering,


Binance smart chain



Why choose Coinjoker for Blockchain Crowdfunding Development?

Coinjoker is the ideal Blockchain crowdfunding platform development solution for entrepreneurs who are ready to go global with their business and for those who strive to boost their Blockchain crowdfunding platform. Our solution has been thoroughly built to help you in meeting all of the requirements. Launch your Blockchain crowdfunding platform with Coinjoker right away!

Futuristic Technologies

All of our products are built using cutting-edge technology to create a customized Blockchain crowdfunding platform.

Outstanding Customer Service

We place a high value on customer satisfaction! Our support team will be there to help you whenever you have any concerns.

Skilled and Experienced Team

A group of experienced, and enthusiastic teams is looking for opportunities to put their ideas into implementation.

Transparent Working Process

Our work approach is well-defined, and we deliver high-quality products using cutting-edge technological solutions.

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