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Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development Services

Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development Services

Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development

Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development is creating a bridge between blockchain networks that helps anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, swap, farm and leverage NFTs across any different blockchains. Creation of Cross chain NFT Marketplace Platform where sellers will be able to choose their own blockchain and sell their digital works to anyone, no matter which blockchain they choose. 

Coinjoker is foremost and named NFT Marketplace Development company creates you a Cross Chain based NFT Marketplace platform which has the functionalities to move cryptocurrencies through all of the different blockchains available on Your NFT market. Our Blockchain Experts has developed a routing system to instantly transfer anyone cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another blockchain and specifically designed for the NFT Marketplace world called the "MULTICROSSCHAIN" router.

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Why do you need to choose Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Platform Development Services?

We have seen that numerous NFT marketplaces have been launched, each platform has their own NFT features and functionalities but most importantly, each platform is built with their own choice of the blockchain network. Cross-chain NFT marketplace will surely be an intuitive and easy-to-use platform to do transactions in cryptocurrencies.

How does Cross Chain work in your NFT Marketplace Development?

The Sellers in Cross chain based NFT Marketplace will be required to sign in to the NFT marketplace and upload their NFT's of digital assets. Every user must need to fill the NFT information, Title, Description, and Metadata's to give detailed information for NFT's. After the NFT is uploaded, the sellers can choose the currency in which their NFT will be purchased. For example, BNB, BUSD, USDT, or even ETH, etc.

Once the cryptocurrency is chosen, seller will have to pick the price of NFT's either by bidding or at a fixed price. Once the bidding method is chosen, they have to decide on the amount of the NFT royalties.
As for the buyer, they will be able to buy any NFT with the currency of their choice. For example, buying a NFT asset with a price in ETH will be possible with BNB or BUSD. 

Create Cross Chain NFT Metaverse Development

Features of Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development

Smart Contract Connectivity

We create smart contracts to enhance the connectivity between the various blockchains. Because the Smart contract runs on the different blockchains so need to check the contract that acquires in various blockchains.

User Interface

User friendly NFT marketplace is important even it is in cross chain NFT Marketplace development services. User Interface will be unique and more effective to the users who are present in the Marketplace. It will be one step for next phase will be convenient for the users.

Admin panel Control

Admin panel needs to be secure in Cross-chain NFT Marketplace platform. The owner of the platform will set certain limitation for their users. It will help to protect your NFT Marketplace platform and run your platform smoothly.

Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet is the main section in any cryptocurrency-based platform and runs your platform smoothly. We develop a NFT marketplace with an enabled crypto wallet like metamask or crypto exchange. Otherwise you can create your own crypto wallet like metamask and trust wallet.


To Develop a Cross-chain NFT Marketplace platform you need to get the notifications for the NFT's listings. Because you should inform the latest news to the users which have received in the NFT Market and news.

Customer Support 

A support section is needed to clear the queries of users in the cross chain based NFT Marketplace platform. We provide 24/7 support to rectify doubts whenever you need.

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Cross Chain Based NFT Marketplace For Various Industries

Cross Chain Based NFT Marketplace development is possible for the various NFT Marketplace industries.

  • NFT Art Marketplace Development
  • NFT Music Marketplace Development
  • NFT Token Marketplace Development
  • NFT Gaming Development
  • NFT Smart Contract Development

Why Cross Chain NFT Marketplace Development?

In general, the cross chain NFT marketplace platform works across multiple blockchains and ensures interoperability is achieved, and hence, you can widen your user base irrespective of the network they use.
With the help of our Cross Chain NFT Marketplace development services, the Cross-chain functionality enhances the tamper-proof nature of the NFT assets you list on the portal, ensuring trading credibility and instilling trust in your users.

The problem with Single Chain NFT

  • Most NFTs are on Ethereum, which is known for high transaction fees, or gas fees. These fees can be anywhere from $1 to $1,000, depending on the day
  • Using certain blockchains means having the right currency to process transactions, such as ETH for Ethereum, BNB for Binance Smart Chain and so on.
  • Smart contracts aren’t available on all blockchains, and if they do have the functionality, these contracts can vary from blockchain to blockchain.

The Ultimate Solution

  • A blockchain bridge, often called a bridge, is software that allows users to transfer cryptocurrency or tokens from one blockchain to another. These applications are third party and simultaneously monitor the network you’re on and the network you want to connect to
  • Let’s say you want to move your Solana NFT to Ethereum to be sold on a specific marketplace that only lists Ethereum NFTs. This software locks your NFT on the Solana blockchain (placing it in a “vault”) and mints a wrapped version of the NFT on Ethereum.
  • If you want to unwrap your NFT and bring it back to its original blockchain, the third party unlocks your original token and burns the wrapped one.

How the NFT Bridges Works

  • Bridges are managed by centralized, third-party entities. This third party holds your original token for you, so make sure it’s a trusted platform.
  • Wrapping and unwrapping tokens both require paying gas fees.
  • You need a wallet and cryptocurrency to use a blockchain bridge.

Benefits of cross-chain capabilities include

  • Scalability
  • User ease
  • Standardization across multiple applications
  • Improved chain efficiency
  • Can encourage more blockchain transactions

Cross-chain protocol could allow for financial transactions between two separate blockchains, transaction fees may be reduced, users could transfer NFTs from different decentralized applications (dApps) and much more.

Why choose Coinjoker for Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Development Services?

Coinjoker is a leading Cross-chain NFT Marketplace development company that creates NFT marketplace with cross-chain enabled that has been developed and validated with the experienced blockchain professionals of the NFT and crypto development space. 

Cross Chain-based NFT marketplace development from our reputable NFT Marketplace development company is provides the best suitable solutions for the NFT market. Every step is carefully tailored to build the best cross-chain-based NFT platforms.

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