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Token Mint Clone Development For Ethereum Token and ICO Development
Cryptocurrency Tokens

Token Mint Clone Development For Ethereum Token and ICO Development

TokenMint Clone 

TokenMint Clone helps you to build Your Own Ethereum Token ERC20 Tokens and Create an own ICO platform using Ethereum Smart Contracts development without any programming knowledge.

Coinjoker is a leading ethereum token creation development company creates your own tokens as per you requirements and needs, it's simply known as Mintable Token Creation. We create your ERC20 Token creation by two methods such as fixed supply ERC20 token and mintable ERC20 Token. 

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What is Mintable Token?

Mintable tokens are commonly known as ERC20-compatible tokens as single built features like new ethereum tokens can be created at any time and added to total supply. But, Fixed Supply Tokens doesn't have this upgraded feature, which makes them a standard supply tokens.

Minting tokens are created by triggering a transaction that generates a amount of new tokens inside of token smart contract. It creates a call action to a smart contract function can produces unlimited number of tokens, without spending more energy.

What is the working process of mintable token clone creation?

1. Wallet Installation

For Mintable token creation, you need to do Ethereum wallet installation, the ethereum wallet should have enough ETH funds which is useful to pay for smart contract deployment service. 

2. Simple Form Submission

After the ethereum wallet installation, you could be redirected to fill the simple and easy to understand form which ask you token creation requirements as token name, token symbol, decimals and total supply as custom data. After that you have completed. Our blockchain developers will guide you through the rest of the token creation process.

3. Smart Contract Deployment

You can deploy your newly created smart contract in a single Ethereum transaction as a erc20 token creation. Once the ERC20 token transaction is completed, smart contracts are deployed, and ready to be used.

Step by Step Process of Token Mint Creation

Step 1. First you need to create smart contract using smart contract written code.
Step 2. After that  yon need to connect to Web3 link 
Step 3. Confirm by clicking on Connect button on MetaMask popup window.
Step 4. Make sure that in MetaMask you have selected the account that has minter role.
Step 5. Set the mint method for token address, token value.
Step 6. In to(address) field, enter the address that will receive the newly minted tokens.
Step 7. In value(uint256) field, enter the amount of tokens that you wish to mint.
Step 8. Click the Write button below.
Step 9. Confirm the transaction in the MetaMask popup window.

Key Terms of Mintable Token Creation

Coinjoker listed mintable token creation dashboard and key terms used in mintable token creation. Users can create an ERC20 Mintable token. Once the user created the token he will get the separate Dashboard for mintable token where they can see.

Web wallet - Where users can save their wallet and can send/withdraw
Burn Token - Users can destroy/Delete their Token.
End Crowd-sale - Where the user can End their Crowdsale whenever he needs
Dividend - Here Token owner/User created the token can set the Dividend rate for the users and the tool will automatically display each dividend for the users depending on the token they brought. And he can give the dividend to them one by one or can send to all of them in one click.

Why Mintable Tokens in Crowd Sales?

Mintable Token Examples

There are plenty of mintable ERC20 tokens out there. Here are some of the more interesting tokens.

Dai (DAI)

DAI is decentralized stablecoin pegged to $1 USD used in the MakerDAO system. Users can lock their crypto assets (ETH) inside of MakerDAO contract, and in return get DAI tokens. Everytime ETH is locked in CDP (Collateralized Debt Position), new DAI tokens are minted by the MakerDAO contract.

Status (SNT)

Status is an open-source platform which uses it's native SNT token as a mechanism for governance of the Status client, as a utility token to drive push notifications in their messaging app, as well as for curation of user-generated content on their network. The SNT token has a cap on total supply, but a lower current circulating supply. New tokens can be minted by the controler address.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a virtual world platform owned by its users. Users create goods and services and trade them using MANA tokens. MANA tokens are mintable and burnable ERC20 tokens.

ICO Platform Creation  

Our token mint clone development also offer another platform like Create Your Own ICO platform without Coding. You can deploy our ready to use token mint clone development with ICO platform where you own audited and verified ICO smart contract on Ethereum blockchain.

ICO Dashboard creation

Options for users

Once the user created a Token in the Token there will be another message asking the user where they need to create an ICO for their token and they can also skip it.

In the home page, there will be a 3 tabs Build Token, Build ICO, Buy Token

Build ICO

Once user created a Token they can click on the Build ICO button to have the ICO platform for their Token, Once he done the payment to the admin for Creating the ICO platform admin need to approve him from the back end to enable it

ICO Platform will be created in the same site for the user once admin approve it
Available features in ICO Platform Creation

Set the Time for the Pre ICO and ICO
Set the price for the Token
Sell the token to their user

Token Holder

Token Holder will have the ICO platform for their tokens(Created in Token He needs to fill columns like During for the Pre ICO,
Post ICO (Start date and End Date)
Token Holder can set the Price Value for their tokens.
Token Holder can edit the ICO Date once he started
Token Holder Can edit the Price Value later

Token Buyer

Token Buyer will select the Token holder buy searching the Token Names
And can request the number of tokens he needs to buy once he did the cost for the token will be displayed
Token Buyer need to send the respective ETH to the Token holder wallet, once done New Token will be sent to the Buyer Wallet

Site Admin

Need to Approve the request for ICO
Can edit the price for Token creation and ICO Platform creation

Coinjoker follows Smart Contract Audit Process we follow

❏ Manual code review
❏ Vulnerability Identification
❏ Automatic tool testing
❏ Code optimization
❏ Gas & memory footprint analysis
❏ Code quality analysis

Project Execution Flow

➔ Design Phase (Simultaneously we work with Smart Contract creation)
➔ Development Phase
➔ Testing Period
➔ Deployment phase

Tech Stack : PHP - Laravel MYSQL DB | MeanStack

Disclaimer : We do not own the site TokenMint or deal with them. Also we aren't involved in any kind of promotional activities for them or support any transaction. We provide only TokenMint Clone which enables you to develop your own Token Creation platform like "TokenMint". For the better understanding and easy identification we use the term "TokenMint".

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