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Deploy your own peer to peer decentralized exchange website which meets the significance of cryptocurrency transactions with atomic swapping mechanism
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Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

A decentralized exchange platform is the best solution to get rid of problems that occurred in the centralized exchanges. Unlike a centralized exchange, the Decentralized exchange platform (DEX) performs trading without any third party involvement and centralized control. This platform helps you to make a simple online money transfer and admin can get his transaction fees easily. We develop a DEX script that supports atomic swapping technology, which makes trading possible for two different cryptocurrencies beneath a unique decentralized smart contract.

Coinjoker is the foremost company providing an exclusive DEX software script to the enterprises and startups at an affordable price. As we have many years of experience in developing DEX software script, we meet all the requirements of clients how complex it may. We provide a smooth trading platform for traders with a simple and intuitive exchange interface to enhance your business-standard. Moreover, We have blockchain experts who create the most secured exchange script in-build with an incommutable blockchain solution.

Why Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Decentralized exchanges are permanently open to trade with Ethereum and its tokens

DEX stores private keys in a secure environment, it never be hacked as there is no centralized authority

Middle man is not involved in DEX platform which secure your trading process

Instantly Buy and sell cryptocurrencies to other users without any central authority involvement

It is not required to reveal your identity to everyone in the network except for one to whom you made transactions via buying or selling cryptocurrency

User can save money and time which makes exchanges much faster

Premium Features of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

We help you to build a decentralized exchange script with our superior decentralized exchange features

Atomic Swap possible

The atomic swapping technology is the new exchange model bought up in the DEX platform, which will perform enhanced and decentralized crypto to crypto trading

Safe Cryptocurrency transaction

You can have wider options of cryptocurrency exchanges in our crypto trade script and nobody can hack that

Perfect Cryptocurrency trade

Our script is perfect for the cryptocurrency trade system and you can integrate the current and more skilled trading advancements into the trade script.

Seamless Communication

The user gets complete solutions from our DEX script where they can pick diverse languages, for relentless trading and incessant communications

Multi crypto pairing

Users can enable trading with any kind of authorized and registered cryptocurrency under this DEX platform which is more secure and transparent.

Save complete History of transaction

Users can save every single cryptocurrency trading and withdraw limit history to check their cryptocurrency influx constantly without any trouble

Smart Contract Integration

We integrate smart contract that runs under blockchain technology, which stored in a public database and it cannot be altered. Users can easily get their transaction fees using smart contracts

Unique UI/UX

Our UI/UX design team will assist you even after deployment to resolve defect fixing errors and add new features to enhance your business reputation

Instant Alerts

Traders/buyers can identify the best trading pair with our instant notifications, the most accurate partner also be recovered for cryptocurrency that needs to be exchanged.

Authentic Decentralized Exchange on Blockchain

Both traders and buyers will not get any trouble over the automation of crypto exchanges with our trusted smart contracts & blockchain technology

Flexible to complex trades

We support complex trades with our optimized decentralized exchange script as decentralized exchange involves numerous and continues complex trade

Decentralized Order book

Rather than using central order book services, the decentralized exchange uses a DHT system to retrieve buy/sell orders through collecting its own order book
Process Flow For Decentralized Crypto Exchange Development
Why to Choose us for Decentralized Crypto Exchange Development Project?

User-friendly software

24/7 Technical support

Implementing advanced technologies and tools

Seamless Communication

Huge Industry Experience

Different platforms like stellar, ethereum and Eos

More Privacy and security

Adept Developers

Hire Our Certified Cryptocurrency Developer

We have a dedicated team who are always in hunger to bring out innovative technologies in their specific domain. We have a strong Blockchain expert who made different use cases and it reached in several industries too. Indeed our skilled developer knows how to build hassle-free DEX software script with cutting edge technologies and innovative tools under different platforms. Hire our DEX developers to enhance your business reputation as we have vast experience in this script development