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Decentralized  Exchange: Innovative Platform For Exchanging the cryptocurrency

Decentralized exchange platform provides users for a flexible way to exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, litecoin, ripple — as well as Ethereum-based digital assets and tokens over the world.


Decentralized exchange stands for “promoting a new wave of payment gateways and exchanges with futuristic applications.” 


Image explains the process of smart contract and how it works.Source:

Nowadays, all crypto users know the value of Decentralized exchanges, which is much smarter than the centralized exchange platform. In the upcoming days, Decentralized exchanges are going to become more and more important rather than centralized exchanges. 

Cryptopreneurs prefers DEX platforms because it will be much more easier to filter out fake volumes through a decentralized setting. As the reason, everyone can see all the trades in DEX platform and it is also able to find out if some trades are suspicious. So In the near future, The bitcoin users will see the total victory of decentralized exchanges without wallet transactions in a secured manner.

Now you barely know the benefits of starting decentralized exchange! But don’t know, Where to start your own decentralized bitcoin exchange platform? Here is the solution!

Where to buy decentralized bitcoin exchange script?


"Coinjoker – Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange(DEX) Script and Solutions"


We offer complete decentralized exchange solutions for those who are willing to start their own DEX platform. 

Coinjoker’s decentralized exchange script (DEX) is cost-effective, simple, and easy to initiate your exchange platform. The readymade DEX development script with topmost business modules like instant exchanging with wash trade and bot trading in an attempt to bulk up volumes. 

Our Decentralized exchanges script has built by considering an edge over decentralized platforms which real exchange aspect, security, transparency, and liquidity. See this explainer video of our decentralized exchange solutions.


How to make liquidity in decentralized exchanges?

Right, you have set up the decentralized exchange platform. But how can you make liquidity in those exchange? Here's the Airswap guide to making this workout.

Decentralized exchange liquidity guide

The business model of Decentralized Exchanges:

DEX is usually grouped into two major categories of decentralized business models and what separates them is the actual level of decentralization:

1.Decentralized business models without or with low dependency on trusted third parties(Bitcoin is the main example of this. Bitcoin represents a digital value transfer and value store on the Internet. Another example of a token with decentralization properties is the first layer of Lkencoin. The Token is launched as a new chain based on the Bitcoins code. Ownership consensus is achieved by mining (POW) as in Bitcoin. There are no trusted third parties).

2. Decentralized business models with certain dependence on trusted third parties(This business model uses the technology While the token can be transmitted via Etherum/Bitcoin blockchain, and exchanged on stock exchanges, they are built on centrally controlled platforms and as such require trust in third parties) of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blocked protocols.

Advantages of using DEX platform:

User control funds:

Unlike centralized, decentralized exchanges are not governed by 
any third party involvement. The users on the platform have the entire control of the funds. Without the involvement of authority, the trading or exchange is done peer to peer by simply having the wallet address of individuals.


Security factor is the primary advantage in decentralized. These platforms have very lesser chances for ethical hacks or server downtime. The attackers have no chances for disrupting the server or nodes on the network since it is operated on a central server. The extra added secure layer keeps the decentralized platform runs towards the future.

Peer To Peer(P2P) Cryptocurrency Transactions 

Cross-border and Instant Exchanging

Transactions Using Smart contract techniques

Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (D.E.A.L.) without third parties

Fewer time transactions and Cost-less exchanges

Open source and Community drove

Coinjoker professional team have developed DEX script with the right and trendy technology which enable your exchange platform with increasing significant crypto coin transactions.

As an entrepreneur, you can build your business-ready decentralized exchange website with cut down our operational cost. By choosing our the top level decentralized exchange script with full security and functionality


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