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  • Changelly Clone Script - To Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Changelly

Changelly Clone Script - To Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Changelly
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Changelly Clone Script - To Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Changelly

Changelly Clone Script

Changelly clone script is a ready to deploy cryptocurrency exchange clone script which helps you to start your own secure crypto exchange platform like changelly for virtually swap any coin/token for another coin/token . Our Changelly clone script is 100% white label, multi tested and bug free source code that makes your crypto exchange with intuitively simple, fast & safe way to swap cryptocurrencies in minutes. 

You can get the best-customized changelly clone script and mobile app to buy and sell bitcoins instantly or exchange in your crypto exchange within a Couple of Minutes

Coinjoker is a best cryptocurrency exchange clone script development company offers ready to launch changelly clone script which has the functionalities and features present in changelly exchange. We offers Changelly clone script at an affordable cost with top most premium features. It allows all crypto transactions occur on the blockchain and that require no additional checks.

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How Changelly Clone Script Works?

Changelly clone script is a platform script built for instantly exchanging cryptocurrencies. The clone script use a “robot” to scan all of the top major exchanges within milliseconds of initiating a trade. Changelly clone script scans popular exchange sites like Poloniex and Bittrex, among others, and places bids/asks on these exchanges to find the lowest rate available for your specific trade. Changelly clone script which store their users crypto on a centralized wallet that is under the company’s control.

Features of Changelly Clone Script

  • Instantly trade cryptocurrency
  • Anonymous trading via mobile app, or third party wallets
  • Trade 140+ cryptocurrencies and 3 fiat currencies
  • Deposit Options in Changelly Clone Script
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Cryptocurrency

Changelly Clone Script Advantages 

  • Integrates with major wallets, letting you swap coins directly from within your wallet
  • Mobile apps, desktop, and wallet software available
  • Convenient coin swapping service
  • The largest offering of cryptocurrencies on the market
  • Receives praise for the design of its website
  • Popular platform trusted by hundreds of thousands of traders
  • Competitive commission fee for crypto-to-crypto conversion

Premium Features of Changelly Clone Script

  • 140+ Supported Cryptocurrencies
  • 3 Supported Fiat Currencies
  • 0.25% Fees Options
  • Flat Rate Fees
  • Automated Trades on Major Exchanges
  • Live Rates
  • Often Cheaper Than Exchanges
  • Buy Crypto with a Credit Card
  • Fast Transactions
  • Integrates Directly with Wallets
  • API Support
  • No Crypto Trading Limits
  • Fiat Buying Limits
  • Credit Card Purchase Limits
  • Trade Without KYC or AML Verification
  • Mobile Apps
  • Affiliate Program

Changelly Clone Script Mobile App Features

  • Best Rates on Market
  • High limits
  • No Verification for Exchange transactions
  • More than 150+ cryptocurrencies
  • Buy Crypto with USD, EUR & GBP

Changelly Clone Script Trading Structure

Making a trade with Changelly clone script is as easy as entering in the two currencies you want to swap, the amount you wish to swap, and then completing the trade as like 

Changelly Clone Script Fee Structure

Changelly clone script originally charged fees of 0.5% similar to changelly. It is constructed with lowered its fees to just 0.25%. These fees are fixed, and you’ll pay this same low fee every time you make a trade via the mobile app or website.

Changelly Clone Script Security 

Changelly clone script has all of the same security features as like changelly. It ensure that each account has a secure password by randomly generating one upon signup and you can also configure 2FA on your account in the settings tab. Changelly clone script does not offer any storage or wallet solutions. 

Changelly clone script means you always have full control over the safekeeping of your digital currency. It also makes your account much less open to hacking, since you maintain full control over your wallet and its private key. 

Where to start crypto exchange platform like changelly?

Coinjoker - A leading cryptocurrency exchange clone script development company offers changelly clone script as a white label solutions also so you can cutomize as per your requirements otherwise you can start your cryptocurrency exchange platform from the scratch at a reasonable cost. 

  • Complete customizable script 
  • Brand Remarketing
  • Available for Android and ios mobile apps
  • Faster adoption a number of client activity
  • Provide full source code to adapt complete customization
  • 24/7 Maintenance Support
  • Free bug support in the support period
  • Developed by a well blockchain experts of web and mobile developers

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Disclaimer: Coinjoker never has control over the changelly and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them. We are using the term "changelly" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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