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Ethereum Vulnerability Allowed Minting GasToken To Sweep Crypto Exchanges

A recently discovered Ethereum vulnerability could have allowed hackers to drain a huge amount of money from crypto exchanges. The glitch allegedly affected all cryptocurrency exchanges that did not have a Gas usage limit.

More Crypto Exchanges Opening in Thailand

A growing number of companies are entering the cryptocurrency space in Thailand. However, they have not applied for approval from the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), prompting the regulator to issue several warnings against unapproved operators.

Venezuela’s Parliament Issues Framework to Boost Investment in Country through Cryptocurrency

A lot of countries have been moving to cryptos ditching their sovereign fiat currencies for safety against the looming economic crises. The country that has been at the forefront of this adoption is Venezuela as its economy is currently in tartars with inflation skyrocketing and Peso being worthless.

Decentralized Exchanges are the Solution to Hackings and Customer Privacy

Cryptocurrency trading platforms, both centralized and decentralized, offer diverse features and varying levels of security for users. In a time when there is growing scepticism over the reliability of cryptocurrencies, it is more important than ever before to have a trustworthy, secure, and accessible exchange to trade digital assets.

Cryptocurrency Regulations: India Finally Set to Release Draft Document in December

India might finally release the long-awaited regulatory draft on cryptocurrency before the end of the year. This comes in the midst of the current ban placed by the RBI, barring banks from dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Three types of cryptocurrency tokens explained as quickly as possible

Depending on the country, cryptocurrency startups may have to register their business with regulators depending on the token issued. Each group requires different rules and regulations to ensure their issuance and exchange is above board with government regulators. So, let’s take a look at what each of the classifications mean, quickly.

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