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Blockchain can help enterprises improve multi-cloud network management

A study last year reported that 81 percent of enterprises now have a multi-cloud strategy, and a majority have a hybrid of private and public clouds. That’s a significant number of companies struggling to manage complex existing networks and multiple clouds as well as the associated security strains. Blockchain technology may still be the new kid on the block, but it has a lot of promise in exactly this kind of environment. Let’s take a look at two common challenges where blockchain has potential

South Korea’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange May Go Public on US Stock Market, Will Anyone Care?

Bithumb — the largest bitcoin exchange in South Korea and one of the world’s highest-volume crypto trading platforms — could soon find its shares available to retail and institutional investors alike, albeit in a nontraditional way.

Blockchain Games: May Decentralization Be Ever In Your Favor

The industry is in a desperate need of a successful mass-adoption use case that will prove out an economically sound token model and show the cryptocurrencies are more than just crowdfunding instruments.

Coinbase Rolls Out Further Institutional Support For Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Litecoin

Coinbase, the U.S. bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange best-known for boasting it was signing up 50,000 retail accounts per day during the 2017 bitcoin bull run, is widening its support for institutional and large-volume crypto trading.

NASA to Use Blockchain Technology For Air Traffic Management

US space agency NASA is planning to advance its technology by adding Blockchain to secure air traffic services and support, the media reported. The agency will work with an open source Blockchain platform called "Hyperledger Fabric" that is specifically designed for enterprise transactions that resemble typical air traffic management interactions, Ronald J. Reisman, an aero-computer engineer at the NASA Ames Research Centre, said in a statement.

Binance Expands Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Into Europe Via Jersey

Binance’s cryptocurrency exchange platform has expanded into the European market with its entry into the Island of Jersey, a self-governing dependency of Great Britain. Binance Jersey will allow trading of popular cryptocurrencies bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) against the euro (EUR) and the British pound (GBP).

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