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Web3 in Education | How Web3 Will Transform the Future of Education?
Web 3.0

Web3 in Education | How Web3 Will Transform the Future of Education?

Web3 Overview

Web3 is a third version of the net that is created to rectify the loopholes in the present version of the internet. Web 3.0 is a decentralized network where the sole rights of the data are given to users. It has reconstructed and created a great impact in many industries starting from finance, art, medicine, and hospitality to the education system. Many industries have started to shift to a decentralized system where education is not an exception. Web3 in education creates more access to learning materials and changes the regular use of the traditional method to enhance the learning experience. 

Web3 in Education

Web 3.0 technology aspires to create a revolution in teaching and learning methods by implementing various techniques. By using the possibilities of Web3, it aims to provide a unique teaching-learning process and method. By utilizing tools like  Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Metaverse blockchain provides easy access to the diversity of knowledge for each individual anywhere in the world. With technologies, teachers can create an active and engaging class with innovative resources thereby helping listeners to actively participate in content creation rather than being passive listeners.

Using advanced teaching and versions in online teaching will create and initiate new skills in students. IoT and Artificial Intelligence can cultivate more interactive and intensified learning experiences for students. Metaverse takes students to virtual space and reality while teaching new concepts. The use of holoportation, holographic sharing, and visual experience can instigate a better and rich teaching experience than the traditional method. Students can learn about metaverse blockchain and wallet by enrolling in a training program to enrich their knowledge in this digital world.

Evolution of Web1, Web2, Web3 in Education

Web 1.0 -  Education system confined in educational institutions between the teachers and learners.
Web 2.0 - Online education portals gained importance that is purely centralized.
Web 3.0 - Educational shifted towards decentralized resources and data. Learners are provided open and paid access to countless sources irrespective of the place.
Web3 - An Acceptable Change in Education

Education is an industry that has been operating without any changes. But on implementing Web3 in Education provides many benefits. Web3 can bring about many differences in the education system, 

  • Time-saving
  • High-quality education
  • Decentralized Education
  • Technology-based teaching and outputs
  • Earn as you learn opportunities
  • DAOs against Universities.
  • Encourages Micro schooling.

Web3 in Education- How Web3 will Transform the Future of Education?

Education has diverted its path toward present-day technologies despite the open opportunities, it's unreachable for many people. Still, some institutions are following the old traditional method thereby lacking high-quality education and making students passive listeners. Following are the reasons why Web3 should be adopted in Education.
Less Accessibility
The learning modules and techniques currently available are difficult to access as the educational courses offered in one country may not be available for other learners. This has been a challenging task. Even after accessing the required course, students fail to attend the course at the scheduled time and should wait until it resumes in the subsequent year.
High Price
To join an educational institution students have to pay their fortune to get placed . In spite of spending a hefty amount in a named institution, learners are not taught and given the quality educational output that they longed for and expected.
Shortage of knacks
Students lack skills like evaluation skills and critical thinking in the traditional educational system. Here students are merely trained and taught for passing examinations.
Privacy and Security issues
When students prefer an online course they face a security threat where the personal data of users are stored in the name of user preference, and the cookie setting creates an added privacy threat.

Advantages of Web3 in Education

Web 3 has created a new path for learning among learners as it is more advanced and accessible for everyone. Web3 has transformed everything including learning into an easy process for productive learning. Following are the advantages of employing Web3 in the Education sector. 
Reasonable cost
Web3 in the education sector is more suitable with a reasonable price and it is accessible to all learners. This breaks the term illiteracy among other educated people and gives relief to parents paying debt and loans who are unable to afford hefty learning modules.
Smart searches
This feature can be customized and the users get results relevant to them thereby avoiding irrelevant search results and saving time. Materials like movies, blogs, and lecture notes are displayed and listed on the search engine.
Enhanced methods
Teachers with these tech resources can create a new environment for learning that makes learning interesting among students. This paves the way for one-on-one and small-group tutoring effortless for teachers. This also helps students in learning and creating their content and not depending purely on their teachers.
Customized content
By knowing their preference, strengths, and hobbies learners can improvise their educational plans and courses to opt. This enhances tutoring and helps students to improve their skills and weak areas.
Web3 has many built-in credentials that help teachers in the outcome of engaging and focused study material within a moment. With the custom search option, the search process is done rapidly with computerized procedures for user-based results.
Collaborative Approach
Implementing Web3 in the entire education sector results in a collaborative approach that allows people from various education domains to work and communicate with distant ones.

Use cases of Web3 in Education

Web3 is already revolutionizing and branching out its technology in the field of Education.Web3 is implemented in the Education field in the following ways,
DAO and Web3 wallets
Microblogging lets teachers begin a community among students and encourages students to come up with new ideas to post and share. This kind of blog helps in building many skills including communication skills. Semantic blogs make the search easier via a huge collection of blogs and finding apt content needed.
3D Encyclopedia and Wikipedia 
3D Wikipedia and Encyclopedia blended with visual, auditory, and spatial elements help in visualization-based learning for learners who are unable to make use of 3D models to skill up on their obligatory subject of learning.
Avant search engines
By providing forms for complex searches, a better understanding of users' queries, word recommendations, or discovering unique contexts, more advanced search engines allow students to meet their needs and requirements. 
Virtual labs
With engaging visual experiences, concepts can now be conveyed to students easily which increases the learning process and facilitates students' understanding. It provides the required synchronization between the explanation of the theoretical concepts and the practical implementation.

Winding Up 

Web3 despite being in the infancy stage has revolutionalized many sectors including the Education industry by implementing AI, VR, IoT, and Metaverse in the teaching and learning process. Coinjoker helps you by providing services related to Web3 in the Educational sector. Make use of our services and be ahead of other educational institutions.

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