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STO Exchange Development Services
Cryptocurrency Tokens

STO Exchange Development Services

Nowadays just about anything can be tokenized, this opens the door to asset interoperability and the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information.
The advent of recent technologies has enabled to form a security token exchange that is compliant with the SEC laws.
These can return underneath the bracket of Alternative Trading System(ATS) for Cryptocurrency.
Development of an STO exchange platform for your users to form a ready-made security token exchange and the STO exchange platform is compatible for utility coins still as digital assets.
Security token exchange development team is committed to making an exchange that is secured with progressive security measures. We build an entire, reliable, and safe for your users to form their own exchanges.

Features of Security Token Exchange Development

Security Exchange Platform permits your users to form their own security token exchange then connect themselves to the most network.
This can make sure that the liquidity of the exchanges is maintained. there's a necessity within the crypto-market for exchange platforms within the market and that we square measure here to bridge the gap.

Connections to External Exchange Platforms

Our API can connect with external security ATS exchanges to extend liquidity. The liquidity is going to be supported by the safety token deposited within the external account.
As associate exchange operator, you'll produce associate account for your business at any external exchange for liquidity that's obsessed with the quantity deposited.

Order Matching Engine

The order Matching Engine can mechanically combine orders between consumers and sellers instantly at the simplest value. There are different types of orders in our engines like market orders and limit orders.

Fund Management

The integrated wallet platform can manage all security token transactions in an automatic method. The users of the platform will either management fiat-currency mechanically or manually with our distinctive process options and interface with banks.

Escrow System

The coins are going to be exchanged between consumers and sellers employing a trusty third party or a wise contract. Automatic payments to the users, once the written agreement is free with any delays in the interval.

All Currencies Transaction

You can integrate any currency within the Security Token Exchange software system. Any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin or any fiat-currency like North American country bucks, Chinese RMB may be embedded into the STO exchange platform.

Payment Gateway 

The platform is going to be integrated into a payment entree, permitting the users to shop for and sell victimization act currencies via credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment systems. These are going to be integrated to make a hassle-free scheme.

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