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Dubai to launch ‘world’s first blockchain court’

The aim of this project is to find out how blockchain is beneficial in verifying court judgements that are implied in courts other than DIFC, according to local media reports.

Australia Could See First Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Farm in Coal Town

An Australian data center operator and its cryptocurrency subsidiary are developing what they describe as the country’s first “behind-the-grid data center” powered by renewable energy.

Australia with the first cryptocurrency bank

One surprising rumour right now is that the first cryptocurrency bank is going to open in Australia. The idea comes from the Australian millionaire Fred Schebesta, the cofounder of the company Finder.

Japan to Focus Cryptocurrency Regulation on Speculative Investments

The Financial Services Agency, the government agency that oversees banking, securities, and exchange services in Japan, plans to set up stricter requirements on cryptocurrencies and its use for speculative purposes.

Chinese Firm Introduces Bitcoin-Mining TV

Chinese startup firm Canaan Creative is unveiling a new TV capable of mining Bitcoin while watching shows.

The Future of Cryptocurrency ATM's has Arrived

The market demand for cryptocurrency ATMs has grown rapidly. Cryptocurrency owners need ATMs to quickly exchange and spend their invested cash when they need to, and the competition between cryptocurrency ATM providers is heating up.