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Defi Development Services

We design and develop a range of DeFi solutions for startups, scale-ups, and enterprises to help them gain an edge in the competitive DeFi landscape.

DeFi Development Company

DeFi Development is transforming your traditional finance business to accommodate digital assets for limitless transactions. A Decentralized finance (DeFi) system provides financial instruments without relying on mediators like brokerages, exchanges, or banks by using smart contracts on a blockchain. It’s completely white-labeled and can be modified 100% to launch all your crypto business requirements.

Coinjoker is one of the leading DeFi development companies which provides end-to-end services for DeFi development, DeFi protocol, DeFi tokenization, and the creation of unique DeFi dApps. We provide DeFi development using several DeFi standards and we have developed scalable DeFi solutions that provide increased trust, security, and transparency due to our experts in DeFi development. We are experts in tailoring the solution to the needs of each business to produce the most trustworthy and significant outcomes.

DeFi Strategy Statistics

Ever since its inception in 2017, the total value locked in DeFi protocols has exploded from a mere $4 to $14.54 billion at the time of writing.

Now, DeFi TVL dropped by 76% throughout 2022.

DeFi is expected to expand with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 42.5% from 2022 to 2030.

DeFi’s TVL has increased by 6,900% since 2020.

DeFi is predicted to gross $231 billion in revenue in 2030.

Our DeFi Development Services

As a DeFi development company, We create and develop a variety of DeFi products for startups, scale-ups, and businesses to provide them with a competitive edge in the DeFi market.

Development of DeFi dApps

DeFi dApps

We create and implement decentralized financial applications on a peer-to-peer network, eliminating a single central authority to give nodes' consensus more power.
Development of DeFi Smart Contracts

DeFi Smart Contracts

We design totally autonomous smart contracts that help with agreement verification or execution as well as fund transfers using cryptocurrencies without the involvement of third parties.
DeFi Wallet Development

DeFi Wallet Development

DeFi wallets are made by our DeFi Development team, who also ensures that investors have complete control over their money and data. We help users access and safeguard their data without the aid of a third party.
DeFi Lending Platform creation

DeFi Lending Platform creation

We develop a secure and permissionless DeFi lending platform that allows users to supply and lock their money in smart contracts that may be borrowed by paying interest.
Creation of DeFi Token

Creation of DeFi Token

You get help creating and launching a DeFi coin from our DeFi development team. We have experience creating security, payment, utility, and equipment tokens on a variety of blockchain systems.
DeFi Exchange Growth

DeFi Exchange Growth

We developed a decentralized financial exchange to make trading and managing DeFi wallets easier. Without the use of a centralized organization or middleman, DeFi exchange provides users control over their data and privacy.
DeFi Exchange Growth

DeFi Lottery System

DeFi lottery development service offers a digital decentralized lottery system wherever among your users, one random winner is going to be chosen for the jackpot, whereas the opposite unlucky users can retrieve their investment amount.
DeFi Exchange Growth

DeFi Insurance System

Decentralize your insurance organization (or) established one from the scratch with our DeFi insurance development solutions. The decentralized system remains proof against information breach.
DeFi Exchange Growth

DeFi synthetic asset

Without departing the crypto ecosystem, let your users invest in and track the real-life commodities by holding crypto tokens. instead of buying the complete goods, users will gain three-quarter possession.

Benefits Of DeFi Development

Why is developing a DeFi is the right choice?


The entire DeFi platform is built on work automation, which facilitates quick transactions and error-free usage of smart contracts.

Smart Contract

In order to ensure reliable transactions between the intricate DeFi structure, we created a solidity-based non-editable smart contract.

No third party Intervention

Make use of deFi smart applications that seek out no third-party involvement to benefit from reduced transaction fees on your platform.
Defi development on various Blockchain

High level of Security

Peer-to-peer platforms built on blockchains make it possible to have multiple operational features active at once without jeopardizing security.

Transparent Protocols

DeFi solutions don't have a central data storage facility, giving customers total control over their data through a transparent and reliable mechanism.


The ability to combine several applications into one has the potential to make the system user-centric and maintain user engagement.

DeFi Development Process


We comprehend your business objectives, problems, and top priorities here. We are able to map out your future objectives and the current workflows due to these several brainstorming sessions.


At this step, we start developing, prototyping, and user testing your platform or product after gathering your requirements in a whiteboard session.


In this stage, programming and coding are done using the designs that you have approved. Three stages make up our development lifecycle: the Alpha phase, Beta phase, and Release phase.

QA and testing

To make sure the finished product is ready for the market, we continue our validation process and do extensive QA testing for each release of your product or platform.

Launching and maintaining

Your platform or product officially launches on the stage. Our developers launch your product in live environments after receiving your permission. We handle cloud and on-premise hosting solely.

Support and Customer service

We carry out the continual platform and product optimization, market strategy deployment, and real/fix support to assure continuous improvement.

Why picking a Coinjoker is right choice for you?

Why picking a Coinjoker is right choice for you?
Core technical team
We offer an unrivaled group of experienced blockchain professionals who are proficient in DeFi Development.
Adherence to high standards
To make sure the finished product satisfies the needs of our clients, our projects are extensively and regularly tested.
Agile development methodology
To produce continually tested dApps on time, our DeFi development team employs an agile development methodology.
Expertise in blockchain protocols
Stellar, Tezos, EOS, Hyperledger, and other blockchain protocols are just a few of the ones in which our developers have deep experience.