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How To Choose The Best Bitcoin Exchange

If you are looking to get started with digital currencies, and in particular Bitcoins, it will pay to look at exchanges. From Gemini to Luno, to Unocoin there are many to choose from, so knowing which one to turn to can be confusing. We have set up a guide for you which is designed to help break down the features that you should be looking for in your chosen exchange.

Malaysia’s Education Ministry Sets up University Degree Verification System via Blockchain

According to the ministry’s tweet, the system is designed to issue and verify the authenticity of university-issued degrees. The new government-backed consortium will initially be comprised of six public universities and their diploma-verifying system is set to operate using the NEM (XEM) blockchain. According to the ministry, the new system was developed by a team led by a professor from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

South Korea’s Emergence as an Important Player in Cryptocurrency

When it comes to cryptocurrency, North Korea tends to get most of the attention on the Korean Peninsula. Since 2017, North Korea has stolen $571 million from cryptocurrency exchanges and accounted for nearly 65 percent of all cryptocurrency stolen. Despite North Korea’s illicit activities in this burgeoning field, the recent acquisition of Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by a South Korean investment firm is just the latest sign that South Korea is developing into a significant player on the licit side of cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology.

Why Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges Make Terrible Custodians For Crypto Assets

“Today there are over 300 centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Almost all of these centralized exchanges also act as custodians,” Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network and one of the inventors of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), told me. While cryptocurrency exchanges allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies for other assets, some of the biggest exchanges in the world also act as both exchanges and custody holders.

Researchers rank cryptocurrency exchanges by how secure they are

Prominent cyber-security firm Group-IB has graded the security of online cryptocurrency exchanges, as a means of assessing insurance risk. It found long-standing platform Kraken to be the most secure, with OKEx, Huobi Pro, and CoinCheck among the riskiest.

Al Zarooni Group, Crypto Bulls launch cryptocurrency exchange

Al Zarooni Group and Crypto Bulls have joined hands to launch the Crypto Bulls Exchange, the first official cryptocurrency exchange to be registered in the UAE. The Crypto Bulls Exchange will also be the first crypto exchange in the GCC after this merger is implemented and in adherence to regulations announced by the Abu Dhabi government for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and digital assets.

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