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Coinjoker - A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Crypto Exchange Development Needs
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinjoker - A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Crypto Exchange Development Needs

Recent days, Cryptocurrencies and bitcoins have taking major playrole in digital transactions. The more number of crypto trader and investors are keeping an eye on stats and making investments in crypto markets to gain more profit. Consequently, every traders dream for cryptopreneur can be acheived by implementing bitcoin exchange script with immense features it would help your website to overcome the popular exchange website like binance.

Coinjoker - Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Exchange Development Company is an One Stop Shop for all your cryptocurrency exchange requirements to build your own crypto exchange website. We offer bitcoin exchange solutions for normal people they can kickstart their own website within blink of an eye.

What is bitcoin exchange script?

Cryptocurrency exchange script is the source of building a Cryptocurrency Exchange is an online platform used majorly by the investors to buy and sell the cryptocurrency holdings online more easily and securely.

Bitcoin exchange script allows traders are make trading throughout the world by various cryptocurrencies and need a platform where those cryptocurrencies can be managed and transacted.

How bitcoin exchange platform works?

As a newbie you need to know how our bitcoin exchange script securely operates the crypto exchange platform to make lightning crypto transactions.

1. The Crypto Exchange Script allows multiple users to perform unllimited crypto transactions across the globe to connect to a secure network.

2. When someone requests a crypto transaction, the request for a peer-to-peer connection is set up in crypto platform.

3. The individual computer involved in peer to peer connection is known as a node over crypto transmission.

4. Multiple nodes validate the user’s requested transaction based on the known set algorithm in our bitcoin exchange script. A valid cryptocurrency transaction involves transfer, record, buying or selling of cryptocurrencies in exchange platform.

5. Multiple transactions are combined to form a new block of data.

6. The next step consists of the addition of the new block to the existing blockchain for further transactions.

7. Once, the block gets added to the existing blockchain; the data is permanent and unalterable.

8. Finally, crypto transaction made by the individual in crypto exchange platform is complete.

Types of orders in crypto exchange:

Before you enter into the crypto market to start your own exchange platform with our bitcoin exchange script you need to know what are the crypto types of orders are available in crypto market.

1.Market Orders

When you implement market orders in your exchange platform, you can facilitate trade with cryptocurrencies at the market price. These orders are executed instantly at the present market price, which means that you pay the fees as a market rate.

2. Stop Orders

These stop orders are executed when the cryptocurrencies or tokens reach a specific price which was marked. Stop Orders is a place market order which is executed when a specific price condition is met in the platform. They are also referred to as Stop-loss orders.

3. P2P Trading

Instead of matching the buy and sell orders, the P2P order books directly matches the users in the exchange which facilitates crypto transactions more easier.

4. Limit Orders

A Limit Order is a record of unexecuted limit orders maintained by the security expert who maintains the exchange. When a limit order for a security is inserted, it is kept on record by the security expert.

5. Copy Orders

To guide your newbie traders, we bring about Copy orders to copy the trades of top crypto-traders to make efficient exchange.

6. Buy Stop Orders

Your users can place these types of orders when the stop orders move above or below the market price. A buy stop order is entered at a stop price above the market price.

Various Crypto Exchange Services 

If you build the cryptocurrency exchange platform with our bitcoin exchange script solutions , you can get most recquired features which are needed for security, high performance and earn more revenue in passive way.

Centralized Exchange:

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges work like a traditional stock exchange or a bank where the transactions can be connected only after the approval of a central body. Centralized exchanges will be very helpful to avoid such crises as everything is in the control of the exchange.

Decentralized Exchange:

Decentralized exchange development is where the exchange does not rely on any third party for the control/ holding of customer’s funds. Decentralized exchange occur directly peer-to-peer between two parties enhance the security for users.

Crypto Exchange App Development

Through our bitcoin exchange script you can build your bitcoin exchange platform and make your crypto exchanges even more easier with the crypto exchange mobile app for android and ios.

Blockchain Wallet Development:

Your bitcoin exchange platform is launched by integrating blockchain wallet development with multi-currency support that stores, secures and transacts the funds encrypted with multi-layered security protocols.

Token Development:

Tokens can represent all kind of assets – from goods to a brand-new cryptocurrency. They are created by following a token development process standard template on the particular platform, and distributed by ICOs, STO's and ethereum token creation aslo.

Smart Contract Development :

Our bitcoin exchange script comes with powerful, self-executing smart contract development trading various business and industries that performs credible transactions and verifies them at reduced costs.

Crypto Trading Bot:

Our bitcoin exchange script with inbuilt crypto trading bot automates crypto transactions even you are more busy work schedule. It enhances trading volume of crypto exchange platform.

Blockchain Development:

Coinjoker has a pool of qualified and highly talented Blockchain and DApp Developers, who have strong knowledge on EOS Blockchain Platform and extensive experience in developing EOS Blockchain development for various industries

ETH-Multi Sig Wallet:

Our multi-sig wallet development helps to overcome the loopholes of traditional & normal wallet. Securely store and transforms your ethereum using more than one authorization.

Smart Contract MLM Development:

Our Smart contracts MLM development employ the highest level of data encryption that is currently available, the same as what is used by cryptocurrencies. By doing this, their level of protection is among the best and the most secure on the world wide web

Our Bitcoin Exchange Script Features:

  • Secure Backend Admin Panel
  • Crypto Liquidity
  • Lightining Transactions
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multilanguage support
  • Cost-effective trading
  • Efficient Matching Engine
  • Mobile Trading Application
  • Referral Program

One Page and Single Page Bitcoin Exchange Script

Bank grade Security:

One-page exchange, like decentralized exchanges, has no intermediaries in the system via its wallet to wallet transaction mechanism.

Compelte Security

Negotiations between parties are private and involve no interference from any middleman in crypto exchange

Price Optimization

Since third-party interferance is not involved, tailgating is eliminated and ongoing negotiation knowledge is restricted.

2 Factor Authentication:

Security is one of the biggest concerns of crypto traders, thus provide your users with a highly-secure trading environment. Reinforce your crypto exchange with the best security features.  

Coinjoker - One Stop for All Crypto Exchange:

You can get end- end crypto exchange solutions from coinjoker, by the way you can start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform the scratch.

Coinjoker- Crypto Exchange Solutions helps you to disrupt the cryptocurrency space with your own feature-rich crypto exchange features in just 7 days. We offer highly-secure, functional and intuitive white label crypto exchange script that delivers high-class performance, scalable and transparency. 

Our customized bitcoin exchange is underpinned by crypto industry-leading features like multi-layer security, powerful trading engine, multi-crypto and multi-lingual support, high liquidity options, modular architecture and self-explanatory interface. Our one stop exchange solutions are geared toward businesses and individuals who want to launch their crypto exchange quickly and within budget.

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