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Beldex Clone Script - To Build Hybrid P2P Crypto Exchange Platform
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Beldex Clone Script - To Build Hybrid P2P Crypto Exchange Platform

Right now the Cryptocurrency market is financially stable and the regulations on cryptocurrencies have led to the adoption of cryptocurrency exchange/trading. Transactions in cryptocurrency continue to increase and it’s becoming difficult for people to find an exchange platform where they can get high liquidity and a large number of cryptocurrencies at reasonable fees. Beldex is one such exchange that has gained the trust of the crypto community by exhibiting great potential in its ideas and coin.

Right from Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and Malaysia Beldex has spread its wings in almost at the  Middle East and very recently in the African continent as well.

Beldex Clone Script

Beldex Clone Script is a crypto exchange clone script that helps to start your own exchange website exactly similar to Beldex that empowers cryptocurrency trading with speed and security.

This Beldex Clone script comes with all its enhanced security features and API of Beldex. Besides our customized Beldex clone script has come up with Crisp and user-friendly design by focusing enriched Whitelabel functionalities to append your platform with more features !!

However, let’s take a closer look at the Beldex exchange and its native utility token,

Beldex Exchange - Introduction

Beldex is a leading Hybrid  Cryptocurrency Exchange that combines the best of centralized and decentralized technology with high liquidity, customer support and private transactions for its users. It is a complete hybrid exchange system developed by the team of experts for facilitating fast, secure, and low-cost trading fees. 

Beldex is the world's first Shariah-compliant Kuala Lumpur-based cryptocurrency exchange. It has the vision of becoming a one-stop-shop for a variety of financial services, making it quick and easy for business people to conduct transactions with cryptocurrency, including trading and investing. The exchange has also launched its own token called Beldex Coin which will use the highest possible level of privacy protection.

Major Highlights of Beldex

  • Privacy 
  • Security
  • Transparency
  • Ecosystem development 
  • Hybrid exchange development

How Does Beldex Work?

As we already know little about the Beldex Exchange and how it works. We know that the exchange will emphasize the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges combined.

Typically, “hybrid” exchange means it offers decentralized trading with a centralized matching engine. In other words, the exchange allows you to engage in P2P trading with other users, but it matches the users through a centralized system. Some hybrid exchanges may also manage/ holds the user funds in an escrow account during the trading process.

As both centralized and decentralized exchanges have their own advantages. The possibility of taking the best characteristics of both exchanges and combining them to give birth to a new exchange system called the hybrid exchange. Beldex Exchange is one such innovative hybrid exchange system that combines the best of both exchanges, offer a highly-secure, hybrid architecture, an advanced interface, a user-friendly UI, a secure payment method that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. 

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Revenue Business Model

1. Trading fee - The trading fee is the primary revenue model for the Beldex Exchange. Beldex will work to offer the lowest trading fee and to make the exchange stand out in the competitive market thereby bringing a large volume of users. 

Traders will get a 50% discount for using beldex tokens, to increase the transaction volume of beldex coins.

2. Withdrawal fee- The withdrawal fees for both fiat currency and cryptocurrency will be charged for the users.

Beldex exchange will not charge any fees for deposits..

Beldex Ecosystem

Beldex has created an ecosystem around the Beldex privacy coin and Beldex exchange to assure a financial system that benefits all the users. Users of the Beldex ecosystem will enjoy the proximity and privacy of cash, through electronic means. The Beldex ecosystem ensures a high level of utility for the coins through a wide network of investors and commercial entities that accept the Beldex coin.  

The ecosystem includes: 

1. Beldex exchange: A hybrid centralized/decentralized exchange integrating privacy,               P2P trades, a wide range of trading pairs and coins, and integration of Beldex coin and wallet. 

2. Beldex coin: A privacy coin based on the most advanced privacy protocols used by today’s cryptocurrencies, assuring user privacy, with the structure of greater levels of privacy. 

3. Beldex wallet: Integration with eCommerce partners for use of the Beldex coin and wallet, as well as a set of APIs for the integration of the wallet and coin for the merchants wishing to accept the Beldex cryptocurrency.

Beldex Exchange

As above mentioned, Beldex exchange is a hybrid centralized/decentralized exchange that offers the widest variety of trading crypto-assets and pairings. 

The significance of Beldex Exchange are as follows,

1. Huge selection of exchange currencies and exchange pairs

2. Privacy and security -  Beldex uses a privacy coin that can be used for a variety of transactions which is completely private. Security involves biometric login for authentication assurance, and for easy login. Instead of having passwords and keys, and 2-factor authentication, people can use their retina scan, fingerprint. 

3. Liquidity of crypto assets - Beldex allows liquidity at the market rate. This type of decentralized trading provides a superior level of liquidity for all trading pairs and assets. 

4. Stake and Exchange - You can stake and exchange all in one place with no delay

5. Low transaction fees - The exchange will mainly focus on volume and conservation of operational costs in order to provide low fees for cryptocurrency transactions. Additional fee discounts for the users who are using Beldex token.

6. Customer support -  Beldex provides 24/7 customer support. Instead of chatbots or email responses, customers on the exchange can chat with a real person who will answer immediately.

Roadmap of Beldex Exchange

The Beldex exchange includes a variety of features that make it stand out from other exchanges in the market. The Beldex roadmap includes the following features: 

  • Future Markets  
  • Copy trade features: watching and following the community experts. 
  • Stop/Conditional Limit order. 
  • Algo trading 
  • Multiple Language support 
  • Peer-to-peer exchange (decentralized and private exchanges between peers) 
  • Social trading, chat, and group trading capabilities. 
  • Lending against Digital asset  
  • Multi-currency custodial wallet.  
  • Rewards for staking

Beldex Coin

Beldex Coin is a cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain technology.  The transaction of Beldex Coin is very secure.  The symbol of the Beldex Coin is BDX which acts as both a cryptocurrency and a payment method for digital transactions. 

BDX is one of the very first privacy coins to act as an in-house token. The token is cryptographically designed in such a way, that it can be easily integrated into the Beldex ecosystem. It provides better privacy and security thereby distinguishing itself from other coins.

How Does Beldex Coin Work?

Beldex Coin is based on the CryptoNight proof of work hash algorithm, which is based on the CryptoNote protocol. As a privacy-focused, Beldex Coin has benefits similar to Monero. There you cannot view the number of coins that the user holds in their wallet that is, you cannot view any user’s transaction history on the blockchain.

On the Beldex Coin network, each and every node have equal power and control. There are no nodes that have more value or less value than other nodes. The currency is not represented to an individual, the currency is decentralized across a decentralized network.

Beldex’s coin advantages 

  • Private and secure
  • Untraceable- Transactions are untraceable using stealth addresses
  • Unlinkable- Transactions are resistant to blockchain analysis
  • Discounts on exchange fees. 
  • Participation in on-chain voting. 
  • Influence on innovation and development efforts.
  • Priority for listing coins on the Beldex exchange. 
  • Access to the market with large trading volumes. 
  • Faster transaction processing. 
  • Larger commissions in referral and affiliate programs. 
  • Multilingual support. 
  • Premiere access to new products and features.

Beldex Wallet

The Beldex wallet is a gateway for private decentralized transactions and communications.   The wallet allows users to hold private keys, secure or mine BELDEX, perform P2P transactions and can purchase with any partner accepting BDX. The Beldex wallet is developed to provide a variety of services based on crypto/Digital assets.

The wallet includes multi-level security in it and its security code is tough to break at any point. The wallet will only hold the information on the stored amount and the location where it is stored is non-traceable.

How to start a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Beldex?

You can easily launch your own Exchange like Beldex with Beldex Clone Script!!!

Coinjoker- Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider

Coinjoker is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider who offers the exact platform similar to Beldex exchange in a cost-effective budget. 

We can provide you with a Beldex clone script to fulfill your desire to have a similar kind of exchange with a high user base. Our team of experts provides beldex clone website with a feasible design to make it more secure and robust. Our user-friendly UI/UX design facilitates the traders to do safe and secure transactions.

we also offer some other Exclusive Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts like,

1. Binance Clone Script
2. Localbitcoins Clone Script 
3. Remitano Clone Script 
4. Paxful Clone Script 
5. Poloniex Clone Script 
6. Wazirx Clone Script and more,..

If you are looking to start an exchange platform the same as Beldex or any other Cryptocurrency Exchanges but not sure of how to build, Our experts can assist you !!

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Disclaimer: Coinjoker never has control over the beldex and their trade mark, also we are not doing any promotional activities for them. We are using the term "beldex" for easy understanding and identification. Our products and services are not mean to harm any organization or individual.

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