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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallet Application Development

Cryptocurrency wallet is a software functionality that allows users to send and receive cryptocurrencies. It stores private and public keys and it engages with different blocks in the network. With this wallet, you can check your crypto- balance. We can only record the exchange/trade of cryptocurrency as transactions on the blockchain technology with cryptocurrency wallet, which enriches the security of digital currencies. You can have complete control over your cryptocurrency transactions with this wallet.

We are the best Cryptocurrency wallet development company, proficient in providing custom blockchain solutions to stand ahead in the marketplace. Either Bitcoin wallet or multiple cryptocurrency wallets, we make a secure and functional wallet to enhance your business. We clung on quality to take your business to the next level. Our team renders customized Cryptocurrency Wallet to our clients which helps them to get a unique place in the market. We develop a flawless cryptocurrency wallets based on your requirements to assure secure crypto coin transaction

Multi -Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services
We aim to deliver customized wallet development solutions in any form as per your requirements. It may support mobile, website, desktop and hardware. We strive to excel in crypto wallet development services via implementing new innovative strategies on each wallet type
Cryptocurrency Wallet for Website
Cryptocurrency wallet that needs web access to function is called a web wallet. It permits multiple cryptocurrency transactions and integrates directly into an exchange. Website wallet made quicker transactions and this is best for Minimal cryptocurrency savings
Cryptocurrency Wallet for Desktop
It is an effective secure storage method of cryptocurrencies than mobile and web wallets. This wallet is easier to use and the energy source is also not required. The desktop wallet doesn't take third-party servers for storage and it associates with private keys
Cryptocurrency Wallet for Hardware
Hardware wallet treats better with a fork than some other. It gives extreme secured and easy to operate as well. Hardware wallet render powerful security which safely stores crypto for long-period
Cryptocurrency wallet for Mobile
With any mobile devices, you can access your functional Cryptocurrency wallet seamlessly, is known as a mobile wallet. The mobile wallet supports hardware wallets like QR code scanning and it is much effective in sending and receiving the payment
Multi-sig Wallet Development
With Multi-sig Wallet, you can handle multiple transactions and it allows direct integration as well. We provide additional security with multi-signature authentication to conduct secure P2P transactions
Crypto Wallet Integration
This crypto wallet integration makes your bill payments easily and it supports multi-currency. We make secure third party integration such like multiple payment gateways, multi-currency support, and data masking to enhance the wallet app performance/div>
Multi cryptocurrency Wallet Features
Our expert's prime concern is to provide customized cryptocurrency wallets with advanced features and user-friendly design. We provide unrivaled security to protect your cryptocurrency incessantly

2-factor authentication & Wallet backup

We maintain a user account with 2-factor authentication for high security and the user can protect their cryptocurrency against software failure with wallet backup

Push notifications

Users get alerts on every transaction and also when there is a change in the value/price of Cryptocurrencies

Conversion rate and Security

User can view updated currency value instantly and the user account is protected with password and PIN

Auto denial of duplicate payments

We have an Auto rejection option for duplicate payments to avoid chargebacks completely

Simple to Use

It requires only a fraction of seconds for each procedure of mobile wallet with easy user interface for navigation among the users

Multi-Currency Support

Store and transfer many Cryptocurrencies limitless with a single registered account

Absolute Security

Store user's wallet information and respective balances in different currency with absolute securityWe have an Auto rejection option for duplicate payments to avoid chargebacks completely

No cost for Registration

Users need not to pay for the registration process, it's free. Each user can store currencies without any restrictions

Quicker Performance

Users can transfer their Cryptocurrencies in a fraction of second with a single click
Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Benefits
  • Multi-Currency

    Several cryptocurrencies have arrived now, each holds unique infrastructure, ecosystem, and purpose. Indeed you can access different currencies from the same/single wallet using a multi-currency wallet

  • Machine-driven Session Logout

    Your each session logs out automatically to improve the primary security process. A new login session triggers after a particular time to enhance the security of wallet address

  • Duplicate Payment Identification

    Generally, cryptocurrency systems don’t approve charge-backs which is insecure for fund distributors to draw more from nothing or specifically by acting hoax. Furthermore, private wallet keys are highly secured with a 2-factor authorization protocol

  • Inflation free investment

    Every living cryptocurrencies doesn't goes beyond certain amount, it can stay aside the inflation grid while stored in a wallet and profit in fiat value as time flies

Why Coinjoker for Crypto wallet Development?
Coinjoker has a keen eye on exploring the latest technologies and new possibilities every day and our team focus on delivering customizable and innovative solutions with extreme quality
We wish to render an unparalleled cryptocurrency wallet to bring a huge audience for your business worldwide. We can even solve complex business problems as we handled different tasks across various industries
We stand out in the market by utilizing disruptive technologies after intense research and our experts direct you until you get the product that beats your need
Coinjoker renders you the best cryptocurrency wallet at an affordable cost. We are adept to create a cryptocurrency wallet on all platforms & aspire to give bespoken crypto wallet development solutions based on your needs
Why Should You Hire Our Crypto Wallet Developers?

Our developers build efficient cryptocurrency wallets for your precious cryptocurrency business that stores valuable business transactions. We not only focus on delivery, we like to gratify our customers to an extreme level. We have a devoted team that renders excellent crypto-wallet development services to several industries that need secure business transactions. Hire our adroit developers to develop custom decentralized cryptocurrency wallets to increase your crypto coin security. Our domain experts are capable of developing crypto-currency wallet on different exchange platforms like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. We are here to serve you better than you expect

Develop secure crypto wallet with a clean interface.

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We assure you that all information received will always remain secured and 100% confidential.


We assure you that all information received will always remain secured and 100% confidential.

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