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Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

Coinjoker provides end-to-end Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions that enable you to build your secure and feature-rich cryptocurrency trading platform. We have a team of 120+ cryptocurrency developers who are ready to design, develop and deploy your projects on time.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Get the cryptocurrency exchange script to build your bitcoin exchange/trading website like popular websites like binance, bitfinex, bitstamp and poloneix.

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Decentralized Exchange Script

Decentralized Exchange Script allows to perform P2P cryptocurrency transactions without middleman. Our DEX script is more easy and cost-efficiency to make assets exchanges.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development

We build super-fast crypto trading applications which comes up with both android and iOS platform. Get our single-click mobile applications for seamless crypto trading experience.

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STO Development Company

We provide the premium range of STO development services like STO creation, STO exchange, STO marketing. We build emerging STO standards like ERC 1400, 1403, 1404. 

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Ethereum Token Development

Create your own ethereum token development by the following ERC token standards like ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, ERC721x, ERC827 and more. Hire our token developers now.

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ETH DApp Development

Our company is excellence in providing decentralized applications with the blockchain technology like TRON, ETH and EOS for peer to peer crypto exchange business.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Automates your cryptocurrency trading with the volume bot and trading bot. volume bot enhances your trade volume. Trading bot increases user profit by automation.

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Blockchain Development

We offer a customized private & public blockchain solution that allow you reliable and faster transaction. Consult our blockchain experts to build functional network platform.

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Smart Contract Development

Our smart contract offers complete solutions like smart contract development and audit for digitally facilitate to verify the security of transactions.

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Tron DApp Development

We build high scalable and secure blockchain solutions for tron development. we are experienced in building dex applications for tron wallet and API integration.

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EOS Blockchain Development

Customized EOS blockchain solutions enables your industry with more reliable and customized one. Get our robust EOS application to transform your business more decentralized.

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ICO script development

Our unique ICO business plan helps to raise your funds by various business plans like airdrop, pre-ICO sale, ICO sale and post ICO sale. Develop your own coin or token safely with us.

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ERC20 Token Creation

Create your unique ERC20 token with solidity nature, atomic swap, smart contract at minimal cost and time. Contact our experts to transform the real assets into ERC20 tokens.

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ETH multi-sig wallet development

Our multi-sig wallet development helps to overcome the loopholes of traditional & normal wallet. Securely store and transforms your ethereum using more than one authorization.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Our cryptocurrency wallet is easy to support, multicurrency support, complete registration, free registration, faster performance and backup seed. Create your secure wallet now.

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Bitcoin MLM Script Development

Our multilevel crypto business solutions increases revenue with topmost features like e-wallet, automatic update, easy payout to fine orderbook transparency.

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Centralized Exchange Development

Launch your centralized exchange platform with high liquidity, leverage trading, super-fast order matching engine, fully customized and secure features like KYC and AML.

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