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Multi-sig Wallet Development

Meet the world’s best Ethereuem Multi-sig wallet development company with years of experience in cryptocurrency wallet development and implementation.

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Coinjoker - Ethereum Multi-Signature Wallet Development Company

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Coinjoker offers you the multi-Signature wallet development service which is mainly designed to overcome the loopholes of Traditional normal wallet. This helps you to secure the Cryptocurrencies as long as the network grows. Multi-Signature wallet as the name specifies, it requires more than one key to authorize the transaction of currencies stored.

The traditional Online / Offline Wallets are built using the single signature key, where only one key can access the funds which would become high risk when the key is lost. To overcome this, many Users / Traders are interested to go with the Multi-signature wallet, which can smartly avoid this situation by allowing different modes of confirmations to access the funds.

Types of Multi-Signature Wallet
  • Web Wallet
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet
Ethereum Multi-Signature Wallet Features
Multi Platform Support

Multi- Platform Support

The Multi-Signature Wallet can be accessed and used from different devices to enhance the access of currencies irrespective of the location and the device.

Level of Security

Level of Security

Setting a high secure Password or Complex passwords alone shall not prevent the Wallet but the process of setting different levels shall keep your funds safe.

Easy Backup

Easy Backup

The Wallets created can be Backed up to the new platform the Users wish. The Backup process prevents your majority of funds in a safer platform.

Variety of Payment

Variety of Payment Option

The Cryptocurrencies stored in the Multi-Signature Wallet can be transferred using Wallet Address or QR Code Scanning option from one wallet to other.

Multiple Cryptocurrency

Multiple Cryptocurrency

The Multi-Signature Wallets can support multiple Cryptocurrencies irrespective of the growing Cryptocurrencies count

Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

The Cryptocurrencies operated in the Multi-Signature wallets can be easily customized and operated with the advanced User-friendly features.

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