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BitKub Clone Script- To Start a Crypto Exchange like Bitkub
Cryptocurrency Exchange

BitKub Clone Script- To Start a Crypto Exchange like Bitkub

Bitkub Clone Script

Bitkub is a new generation digital asset exchange platform that offers progressive cryptocurrency exchange services to people who intend to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. Bitkub exchange desires to  bridge the gap between blockchain and cryptocurrency services to “non tech users” by being the most trusted and user friendly exchange platform.

Bitkub Clone Script comes with all its enhanced security features and API of Bitkub and helps to start your own Bitkub Exchange Website that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies. This unique cryptocurrency exchange clone script provides multi cryptocurrency wallets, easy to use tools and alternative cash out options for payment processing system.

Coinjoker is the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider,  who came up with the exact platform similar to Bitkub exchange in a cost-effective budget  that comprises of all the properties and features of the crypto exchange BitKub with world-class security and performance.

Now lets have a look at Bitkub clone script, how it works and how safe and reliable it is for trading..

Introduction to Bitkub Exchange

Bitkub is the fully licensed No:1 Digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform in Thailand in terms of volume and traffic. This platform allows the traders and users of all communities, whoever is interested in trading cryptocurrencies with the aim of making the platform reachable to everyone, whether it is a beginner or expert.

This exchange platform provides traders with few different choices depending on their own needs, besides allows major currencies  like bitcoin, bitcoin cashSV or ethereum, and also several other cryptocurrencies like Omisego Coin, litecoin, Wanchain and Stellar etc..

Fully Reserved Platform

Bitkub states to be fully reserved in terms of protecting users fund, and provides 100% guarantee on funds is kept safe or never used for any other purposes. Initially a certain amount of capital will be frozen by bitkub in case of any unexpected situations arises. While it seems like a burden to the exchange , this action is reasonable as to make sure that exchanges can repay their customers.

BitKub Fees

Trading Fees

This exchange does not charge different fees for buyers and sellers. This fee model is called flat fee model which they have set their flat fee at 0.25% which is exactly with global industry average.

Withdrawal Fees

The withdrawal fees of BTC at this exchange is 0.0002BTC  which is lower than the global industry average of BTC withdrawal fee of 0.0008 BTC . The withdrawal fees is competitive accordingly.

Investment/Deposit Methods

The main deposit method of Bitkub’s is through wire transfer(especially bank accounts from Thailand banks are welcomed). The time for deposit and withdrawal  depends on the bank as well as the time of transaction, normally it ranges from 5 minutes up to 2 hours.

24/7 support services and hotline is the best feature of BitKub. This supporting system makes easy for the traders to ask questions, suggestions to solve problems as soon as possible.

How Bitkub is more secure for cryptocurrency trading?

Security always plays a significant role in any exchange. BitKub uses various technologies with different purposes to optimize its security level. Account protection and two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by preventing unauthorized access of username and passwords.

For the best security to your information Bitkub encrypts all passwords in the database, that assures that your account can only be accessed from your authorized personal devices. In terms of system’s safety and security, BitKub runs completely on encrypted SSL,DDoS protection on cloudflare.

Advantages of BitKub

  • Very simple to use for beginners
  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Selective language option(English to Thai and Thai to English)
  • Instant transfers between accounts and exchanges.
  • Highly encrypted personal data
  • Low Transaction fees
  • 24/7 support

User Interface and Mobile App

Available on iOS and Android: The Bitkub mobile app  has all the functions and of the website. You can even complete tasks like account registration and verification directly through the app. Bitkub Mobile App is all in one applicationwhere users could kickstart easily until the goal. This app includes promotions, Real time price and all functions from the website.

How coinjoker can help you with the best clone script? 

Coinjoker offers a Bitkub Clone Script for buying and selling cryptos for high volume crypto trades at a small time. You can setup your own cryptocurrency exchange platform similar to Bitkub  in a cost effective budget with the additional features and services for building a your secure crypto exchange website. Our Bitkub clone script fulfills your desire to have a similar kind of exchange with a high user base. We are glad to satisfy all our clients over the global with highend and topclass unique and attractive crypto exchange clone scripts and serving our business to next level.

Characteristics of BitKub Clone Script

  1. Scalability: The platform will enable instant settlements and low costs
  2. Accessibility: It doesn’t require a bank account – anyone can use the exchange.
  3. Strong Security: The platform provides strong securityto protect against DDoS attacks and under full data encryption. Majority of digital assets are stored in a secured offline storage.
  4. Robust Trading: The trading engine was customized to be fast and scalable. APIs can also support extensive 3rd party project.
  5. Powerful API Integration
  6. Wallet Integration -Wallets within theBitKub clone script have multiple security levels to ensure the safety of funds. 

If you wish to launch your cryptocurrency exchange fortified with features like Bitkub or you wish to develop your customized exchange, we can assist you.

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