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Want to build decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform? Tap our fully tested and developed decentralized exchange script to meet all your requirements.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software

The decentralized platform works more like Cryptocurrencies, as they are utilizing Blockchain (Distributed Ledger) Technology. Decentralized Exchange is an exchange market that does not rely on a third party services to hold the Customer's funds, instead, the actual trade happens directly between the Users (Peer to Peer) through an automated [Decentralized Algorithm] process.

  • User's can better access to their coins & Tokens
  • No user identity is taken as it is completely anonymous
  • No security breaches
  • Completely no downtime
Decentralized Features
Level of Privacy

Level of privacy

No personal details are required, as it is a high level of privacy and all the transactions are anonymous.

Legality Regulations

Legality & Regulations

Due to Distributed Ledger nature, Decentralized Exchange's Governments and Regulations are unable to interfere.

No Risk

No Risk

Hosting of Decentralized Exchange is distributed through nodes, so there is no possibility for risk and infrastructure downtime.

Safer Funds

Safer Funds

Can accept the funds from third party wallets, Etherdelta, Metamask, Ledger, Nano S, Cold Wallets, Trezor, Hardware wallets.

Customizable Contract

Customizable Contract

DEX platforms run with the programmable smart contract allowing the Market Makers to set the fee for transactions.

Fast Transaction

Fast Transaction

The Cryptos can be directly transferred without being passed to any third party wallets, so each transaction happens quickly.

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