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Equity Token Offering(ETO): Launch your Equity Token easily
Cryptocurrency Tokens

Equity Token Offering(ETO): Launch your Equity Token easily

Having an idea to launch Equity Token Offering(ETO) development to raise your funds? Congrats you just reached the leading Equity Token Development Company to convert your business dreams into reality !!

Let's take a glance over all about ICO2.0, ETO, Rules, Advantages and Benefits, Those things every thing you need to know before launch your own ETO !! 

ICO 2.0. — Equity Token Offering

What is ETO?

Equity tokens square measure a secure kind of investment within the emergent trend like blockchain technology. An equity token represents a share within the underlying company. like any stock purchase, holders virtually own their given % of the overall enterprise. They're entitled to some of the company’s profits and a right to vote on its future.

STO vs ETO :

Security Token Offerings – They represent ICOs that sell assets, depicted by cryptocurrencies over blockchain.

Equity Token Offerings – are a unit ICOs that sell “stock shares”, by issue cryptocurrencies over blockchain.

Why Choose us?

We are a global leader in Crypto Solutions provider, who are fully focusing on the Current trending technologies in Crypto Market.

ETO Road Map

  • To begin associate equity token giving, you wish to register a corporation at the securities market. A verified and honorable exchange won't list dishonest corporations whose people carry a nasty money record.
  • After registering, a corporation presents its industrial terms. data is ordered out accurately in contracts to make sure capitalist rights.
  • All data (including capitalist rights and names) is held on the blockchain.
  • After that, you get the conventional phases of pre-offers to choose investors, before going public.
  • In essence, it’s just like a public giving at any securities market. Except that during this case, you receive cryptocurrency tokens rather than stock.
  • With security token offerings, the structure is additional personnel. however rules heavily penalize people who begin ICOs, while not the proper paperwork…
  • Regardless, expect STOs to want to register at some exchange or public market before long.

Advantages of ETO:


Equity Token square measure the foremost established behavior therapy within the world. They are considered like stocks or shares. 


If this market goes to become a reality, we’ll like one thing like XBRL — the business news standard — for the corporation and comes. The ICO Monitor, Token Filings, and alternative comes can facilitate add the required transparency.


It’s easy to issue tokens as non-voting shares, so, you don’t provide out management of your company, but you are doing enable individuals to speculate safely. 

Retained Value:

  • Your tokens can retain price as long as your company is creating cash. 

Align Interests: 

  • You can align your investors’ interests together with your own. 

Fell Secure with Regulations:

  • If you undergo the equity crowdfunding model with securities, consistent with your native regulator’s rules, you'll be able to stay safe and calm.

The Future Of Equity Tokens: 

1. Equity Token Crowdfunding can modification The ICO Landscape:

Equity Token ICO’s are additional widespread within the future. More corporations can bear in mind to sell Equity Tokens through ICOs to lift funds rather than Utility Tokens.

2. Equity Tokens are additional widespread Than Utility Tokens:

Utility Tokens can lose their quality to Equity Tokens. Equity Tokens are bought and sold-out in a very high liquidity atmosphere.

3. Equity Tokens are additionally Aligned With rules within the Future:

Equity Tokens are additional sturdy within the legal side. Some regulators square measure in favor of Equity Token crowdfunding and treat the Equity Token as security.

Companies engaged on Tokenizing Equity:

  • 2030
  • CoinList
  • Gibraltar’s Crypto Harbor
  • Polymath
  • Polymath’s core equity token style
  • Gibraltar stock market
  • Securrency
  • Spice.VC
  • TZero
  • The R-token study

Current rules in Equity Tokens:


  • Currently, some regulators have recognized Equity Tokens as a kind of Securities, and have Treated them consequently.
  • Equity Tokens square measure a brand new territory for state regulators.


  • Regulated as securities beneath the SEC supervising, see you later because of the act as securities. Bitcoin did not represent this class.


  • Ought to be regulated as securities if they act per se. Even so, the CSA hasn’t proclaimed it clearly nevertheless.


  • Regulated as equity and securities.

The UK & Switzerland conjointly applied rules on equity tokens with either equity or securities functions.

You may be tired of getting these things done. That’s why we are here. Connect with us and tell us your requirements. 

Coinjoker offers an end-end services to develop your own ETO and assists you to raise your funds. We always here to guide you from the scratch to end. Talk to our experts to get free consultation about ETO launching !!

Launch your Equity Token in 2 weeks.

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